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Bet on HSV vs Karlsruhe - Will Hamburger SV relegate for the first time in 51 years?

Tags: Bundesliga. HSV, Karlsruhe, Relegation.
Posted on Thursday, May 28, 2015 by "H".

Will Hamburger SV relegate? That is the big question.

On the German Bundesliga club, Hamburger SV's homepage there is a ticker at the bottom of their page. Right now it says: 51 years 276 days and 18 hours. That's how much time the club has been in the best league in Germany.

Place a bet on the relegation match tonight --->

That ticker might have to be reset, because Hamburger SV is very close to relegation. They ended on the third last spot in the league, and that spot can end up saving them. They have to play two matches against Karlsruhe from the 2nd Bundesliga who ended 3rd. One of these teams will play in the 1. Bundesliga next year and one of them will be in the 2. Bundesliga next year.

Tonight the first match between the two teams will be played and Hamburger SV is only small favorites against the 2. Bundesliga club. As of right now, you'll get odds 2.00 on Hamburger SV, while you'll get odds 3.80 on Karlsruhe. If you think the match will end in a draw you'll get 3.30 in return.

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3 comments for "Bet on HSV vs Karlsruhe - Will Hamburger SV relegate for the first time in 51 years?"

 bowie19845/28/2015 3:38:08 PM GMT
I am not sure I care about Hamburg being relegated or not but sure as hell tonight I am going to eat a hamburger.
If I have to bet I would go with Karlsruhe though. Always bet on the team who wants to move up badly...
 klash235/29/2015 1:27:12 PM GMT
I am always amused when I see it in print as Hamburger SV,in the UK we always see it as only Hamburg and they are quite well known because of the English great Kevin Keegan.
If they cannot beat Karlsruhe though they do not deserve their place in the league.
 bowie19845/29/2015 5:02:23 PM GMT
Kek, I thought Hamburg - as a city and port - is well known in UK because 1. their major role during the formal years of The Beatles; 2. their world-famous red lamp district. Keegan never crossed my mind, ever.

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