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Enhanced Odds - ODDS 19.00!!

Posted on Tuesday, February 23, 2016 by "H".

Unibet has outgone themself with the Enhanced Multiplier they have for todays Champions League matches. Usually they have two or three matches with enhanched odds around odds 3-7.00. Today they have two matches where you get astunning odds 19.00!

Of course it's not two of the biggest favorites who has to win today to get his high odds, it's the two underdogs, but still very, very high odds.


Click here to get odds 19.00 --->

Arsenal is up against FC Barcelona at home on Emirates Stadium, and currently they are at odds 4.80. The other match is between Juventus and Bayern Münich, where you'll get odds 3.65 on a home win to Juventus. Together these two odds will give odds 14.6, but Unibet is enhancing these two odds, so you'll get odds 19.00! Thats odds 4.40 more than you'd normally get on these two matches.

How to get odds 19.00!

1. Sign-up at Unibet or log-in right here

2. Go to Enhanced Multipliers under Sports

3. Choose Arsenal and Juventus to win to odds 19.00!

4. Cross your fingers!

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3 comments for "Enhanced Odds - ODDS 19.00!!"

 pochui2/23/2016 6:34:22 PM GMT
well the big secret that unibet didn't uncover yet is that if you combine the oodds for aston villa to win premier league and bolton to win the championship crown you get even better odds that 19.00 on offer here. this just proves that with enough effort put into the search department astonishing odds are there to be found.
 BRM_Henrik2/24/2016 9:15:19 AM GMT
Yes, but aslong as there is value in the high odds, it's good enough to bet on, ofc. with smaller stake.

The odds 19.00 on the double, is more than you could get comebining thoses two matches at any bookmaker. Therefor it was a value bet, even though it didn't win. This odds wins more than 1 every 19th time. Smile
 pochui2/25/2016 9:17:32 PM GMT
well when i look for value, i don't just look at the odds- even when they are better than at most of competitors. first and most importantly i look for matches in which i can see an outsider winning. combos usually suck in most cases. tbh i doubt that this particular combo would even win once in 19 times, just not sort of pairs that can make it happen.

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