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UEFA Champions League Quarter-Finals draw

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Posted on Friday, March 18, 2016 by "H".

It's time to find the teams who has to meet eachother in the Champions League quarter finals. The draws have been made, and we have some very exciting matches ahead of us.

Today we witnessed the draws for the Champions League quarter-finals, and we have some very good matches ahead of us. Some teams ended up with a weaker opponenet, but especially PSG and FC Barcelonas games will be interesting.


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The draws has been made, and the following teams are going to play eachother:

Champions League quarter finals draw:

Wolfsburg vs Real Madrid

Bayern Münich vs Benfica

FC Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid

Paris St. Germain vs Manchester City.

The first quarter final matches will take place next month, with the final being played in May.

See the full draw here, at the official Champions League website.

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3 comments for "UEFA Champions League Quarter-Finals draw"

 pochui3/19/2016 8:22:11 PM GMT
well according to my very meaningful opinion there are only two pairs that are worth attention: barca- atletico and psg-sh1tty, but then again i based on recent matches atletico are probably gonna park the bus and play it rough to get the result, so not many goals are expected in this tie, which leaves us with only one potentially interesting duel: psg-sh1tty.
 Heskor3/20/2016 5:06:40 PM GMT
PSG will win against City those are the odds i think Zlatan will tear them a new one lol, anyway good luck football is reaching the end of the season and it is going to have some good matches all around lots of final and all , so have fun hope you guys enjoy the football and also place some bets to get your going and all, cheers going to watch Spurs wins now lol!
 bowie19843/21/2016 1:49:58 PM GMT
Posted by pochui:
well according to my very meaningful opinion there are only two pairs that are worth attention: barca- atletico and psg-sh1tty...

I think all the favs gonna have easy-peasy field days getting into the final four, PSG will have the easiest obviously, cuz' $hitty is not much of a team nowadays.

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