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Enhanced Odds on Man United & Arsenal

Posted on Wednesday, March 02, 2016 by "H".

Yesterday was very close. Unibet offered odds 3.00 on Chelsea and Leicester to win, but only Chelsea managed to win. Leicester was in front 2-1 at HT, but ended up drawing against West Bromwich Albions. Today it's time for another enhanced odds on two big favorites!

Manchester United and Arsenal played against eachother in the weekend, and now the two teams play against lower ranked teams. Arsenal is up against the welsh side, Swansea, while Manchester United is playing home against promoted, Watford United.


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Two matches where it's hard to see anything than two home victories, and that might be the reason why Unibet is enhancing the odds on these two teams.

If we take a look at the original odds, we would only get odds 2.19 if we placed a double bet on these two teams, but if we use Unibets enhanced odds, we will get odds 2.50 instead. That's a big diffrence, a difference that will add value to this bet.

We think it's going to end in a win to Man United and to Arsenal, so odds 2.50 on the Enhanced odds, is very good.

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2 comments for "Enhanced Odds on Man United & Arsenal"

 bowie19843/3/2016 1:34:48 AM GMT
It's all nice and cozy, but after the last PL round is anybody really have their true trust in the favourites? Look what happened to Arsenal against Swansea, Tottenham against West Ham, Leicester against West Brom, even MU barely won against Watford.
Dear Unibet it would be so nice for a change to have some normal promos again from you, I mean promos where you are not the only one who is winning.
 RoninHarper3/3/2016 3:28:40 AM GMT
Posted by bowie1984:

Dear Unibet it would be so nice for a change to have some normal promos again from you, I mean promos where you are not the only one who is winning.

G'day mate

I must agree with you 100%.
It is very frustrating to see all these so-called experts constantly given advice which just keeps turning out to be total crap. I got a friend who claims he is a winning online sports betting player because he just keeps betting the exact opposite of what the book makers suggest and more oftain then not he is winning.
He told me he makes all his bets $10 and that over the last 6 months he is up almost $1200.
just something to think about.
I personally know nothing about sports.

Ronin Cool

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