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Fridays Betting Tip - Five wins in a row!?

Posted on Friday, March 04, 2016 by "H".

Winner winner, Chicken dinner. Is it possible to make it five wins in a row? - It most certainly is. The first four bets in a row has been winners, and by quite some distance. All four bets has also been from the danish football leagues, but now we are thinking out of the box and betting on a talent-show!

X-Factor is in the live-shows in Denmark, and it has been quite easy to predict the two first eliminations. The third one should also be obvious, but ofc. there can be sometimes where the underdog has a very good performance. Although it's very hard to see the boy group "The Competition" to win anything at all.

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The group ended thrid last (spot before elimination) in the first live-show, and that was duo to two absolutely redicilous acts. Honestly. I have no idea how they got that far. No disrespects at all for people in wheel-chairs, but the girl Sarah, didn't have a tone in her life, and the only reason why she came that far, is because her "Man in charge" Thomas Blachmann, is a bit special and look for the special acts. It has worked before, but this time it collapsed totally, and he is without two of three singers after the two first live-shows.

The competition nearly got in Elimination-zone in the first program, but in the second they couldn't avoid it. It's a two man boy group, but they have no charm, no voice and they just look like fools. I expect them to 100 % be in the elimination-zone once more, and it would probably be with either Mads Christian or Clifforth & Hein. Both of these two is better than the competetion, and if it would be Clifforth & Hein who is in elimination-zone with The Competition, it's their own "Man in charge" who has to pick who has to leave the show. It's Remee and there is no doubt, that he will choose The Competition, since he knows, that he could never win the show with team.

Tonight the acts are going to sing songs from their own birth-year, and that could be the only thing going against this bet, because The Competition are singing, Green Day Basket Case, which is a really good song, with high tempo, and lot of back-ground noise, where you can't really hear their voices, and that's a + for them. Mads Christian is singing Trouble with Coldplay, which is a much more slow song, so there is plenty more room for mistakes

We get odds 1.70 on The Competition to exit X-factor tonight, and that odds is brilliant. They almost left last week, but they can't stay for one week more. Good luck with odds 1.70 at bet365!

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3 comments for "Fridays Betting Tip - Five wins in a row!?"

 BRM_Henrik3/4/2016 9:18:11 PM GMT
Another winner.

The Competition has been eliminated from X-factor ! Five wins in a row!
 ivanjkp3/4/2016 9:27:14 PM GMT
Very nice i play 3 from 5
Thanks Smile
 bowie19843/5/2016 8:23:00 PM GMT
Posted by BRM_Henrik:
Another winner.
The Competition has been eliminated from X-factor ! Five wins in a row!

Nice, congrats Henrik! Even though my entertainment themed bets are fullfilled this year with the oscar's so I skipped this one.

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