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Todays Betting tip - C'mon Wimbledon

Tags: bet365, Betting Tip.
Posted on Monday, May 30, 2016 by "H".

We are back with todays betting tip, and today we are taking a lot at the Play-off final between Wimbledon AFC and Plymouth. One of these teams are going to play in League 1 next year, and odds indicates it will be Plymouth.

We do not disagree. Plymouth should be favorites, they have been the better team all season and the finished higher. But anyway we are going to place our bet on Wimbledon tonight. The odds is a bit to high on Wimbledon, who has gotten control over their defence again.


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The defence was one of the biggest problems for Wimbledon this season, but in the last part of the season they managed to get more control of it. They will certainly try to hold away Plymouth.

In the attack Wimbledon has ths strongest striker in the world. Akinfenwa. He can bench an Elephant (not really, but almost) and he is a beast. He will together with Lyle Taylor be troubleing for Plymouth and they could make an upset.

Bet on Wimbledon. Odds 3.20 at bet365.

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8 comments for "Todays Betting tip - C''mon Wimbledon"

 pochui5/30/2016 7:30:38 PM GMT
well nice tip as it turned out, this dude akinfenwa has caught my eye and some part of my degenerated due to excessive amounts of vodka memory, therefore i had to google him down and what do you know- he played for "klaipedos atlantas"... sh1t i coudl've seen this fella with my own eyes if i bothered to go to our crappy stadium and spend 2 boring hours there.
 vaci385/30/2016 9:11:26 PM GMT

Congratulations on a good analysis of the match and the result , too bad I did not see before I'd bet on it , Wimbledon is one of my favorite clubs , I'm so happy to have won and I wish them good luck next year in the higher level league 2
 doubletop7775/31/2016 8:36:05 AM GMT
I watched this game and even though it was 0-0 late into the game, i thought Wimbledon looked in total control and i thought it was only a matter of time before they scored. Great tip again, keep them coming!!
 vaci385/31/2016 10:59:25 AM GMT

I watched this game because I wimbledon favorite team from the time it played in the premier league , they were called crazy family , I loved to watch was the team madman like Vinnie Jones who was a record for a red card , later become a good actor he made several films , doubletop777 is watching you then premier league , then I loved to watch , has a good documentary for them
 dule-vu5/31/2016 2:48:10 PM GMT
its nice to see this team in league 1!from lowest league too League 1 in few years,its incredible!but dont know reason why they fired up Akinfenwa!this was his last game,he scored from penalty in 101 minute,so he is like legend there,but he will not play in next season for Wimbledon!
 vaci385/31/2016 3:54:43 PM GMT

that a good player is Akinfenwa has a lot of experience in football has given a lot of goals , but has a lot of weight over the 120-130 will not be able to this quality league that plays a lot that can not race , otherwise fiery player with his head , certainly will sign in any other club in the minor leagues
 DaCapo715/31/2016 7:59:48 PM GMT
It was verry interesting to see this year, that a lot of teams are qualify for the next league against a better normal season team in England. And this Play Offs are not really a good Thing in my opinion, because some team only a have a good run for some games and won the Play Offs against better Teams.
 vaci385/31/2016 11:09:35 PM GMT

you're right Plymouth is the whole season was a good team , had the result but at the and fell in shape , now stay back in the same division , were from the beginning on top of the table do not know what happened but they fell , though I'm glad that my crazy family Wimbledon goes to the second division

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