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3,000 Lose Their Jobs As Trump Taj Mahal Closes

Tags: Atlantic City, Carl Icahn, Donald Trump, Trump Taj Mahal.
Posted on Wednesday, October 12, 2016 by "T".

Following a more than 100 days strike by union members over no health and pensions benifits, Trump Taj Mahal closed down on Monday. The casino, which costed nearly 1 billion dollars and opened 26 years ago, was once called "the eighth wonder of the world" by former owner and republican president candidate Donald Trump.

"There's no reason for this," Trump told The Associated Press in a recent interview while his friend and current Taj Mahal owner Carl Icahn made preparations to close down the casino. Trump, who took his casinos in Atlantic City through bankruptcy four times, said that it would be too expensive to ever reopen it once it closed. However, many striking workers and the union's president Bob McDevitt suspect that the casino will be opened again in the near future.

"There's a strong possibility that Icahn will keep the casino closed over the winter while conducting renovations and capital improvements, then attempt to reopen it in the spring as a non-union facility, "McDevitt said. "Union job actions including picketing and a campaign to get convention groups to patronize other Atlantic City casinos would immediately resume if the Taj attempts to reopen without a union contract."

Many striking workers interviewed on Monday told reporters that they did the right thing standing up to a billionaire to restore health insurance and pension benefits that were terminated two years ago in bankruptcy court.

Taj Mahal is the fifth Atlantic City casino to close its doors since 2014. Approximately 11,000 workers, including the 3,000 workers at Taj Mahal, have lost their jobs due to the "casino crisis" in Atlantic City.


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12 comments for "3,000 Lose Their Jobs As Trump Taj Mahal Closes"

 doubletop77710/12/2016 8:45:30 AM GMT
I never thought i would see the day that this colossus closed down. Back in the day, this was the largest and most famous casino in the world and it is a shame to see it closing down
 pochui10/13/2016 8:07:22 AM GMT
well me ponders that no one closes such colossal piece of real estate for the reason that bricks are falling from the ceiling onto blackjack players heads. this looks like more of a paper bankruptcy. they will re-open when they reshuffle their main costs and open when ready to do business and actually make some money for the owners instead of generating losses all the time.
 pajalnick10/13/2016 10:15:40 AM GMT
most likely it is just another financial transaction ... will destroy the building and in its place are structured new ... many people earn on this good money ... and the people who get fired from work let employed on the construction site of the new building)) Of course this is only my guess is, but everything can be ...
 dule-vu10/13/2016 3:21:17 PM GMT
its strange when we read information like this and that casino are in crisis anywehre in the world,especially when is some big city!and who know what is behind this things in trump casino,maybe something about president elections!
 Tony_MON7ANA10/13/2016 3:23:56 PM GMT
Let's hope the Trump Taj Mahal will reopen someday, like others that have recently gone under. Showboat, which closed its doors two years ago, has reopened as a hotel. And the new owner of the Revel, which also stopped operating in 2014, hopes to launch a new property in Atlantic City soon.
 Mober10/13/2016 4:56:46 PM GMT
We have heard the news about it in the recent past.
No wonder it ended up there.
Still amazing as i have said again the number of people working in this hotel casinos.

The gambling section has taken a hit worldwide with all the governments asking more and
Economic crisis is also a reason.
 vaci3810/13/2016 5:18:04 PM GMT

Perhaps not in accordance with the law to the president candidate has business relations with casinos or gambling,surely his advisers have given such instructions
I do not believe that they had no customers, such a large casino can not be in the negative balance
too bad for workers, many people lost their jobs, everyone is family, no money how will feed
I think that there is no economic crisis is concerned, it is a political deal
 Ingrind3310/13/2016 6:54:43 PM GMT
One of the reasons casinos are having difficulties is that people can now play at home, online in front of their computers.
another one is that now a days it is harder to have black money, back in the days a lot of people had a double administration, one for white and one for black money. Casinos made a lot of profit because there were a lot of people spending their black money in casinos.
New times and people will loose their jobs, people need to find work in new fields and keep learning new skills.
 DaCapo7110/14/2016 4:57:59 PM GMT
Why he don´t sell this great Casino, it seems that he closed the Casino definetly forever. It seems, that he do that for his political career, but in the past he did what he want and gives nothing about the People can thinking.
 bowie198410/15/2016 5:16:49 PM GMT
Makes sense. They were on strike to re-establish their gutted benefits, now they have no jobs to return to whatsoever. Looks like everybody got what they wanted.
Including the owner who could file a bankruptcy claim 4 the casino and then just manage off the net losses - which come from closing down - from his own tax report.
Good con.
 damosk10/15/2016 9:57:53 PM GMT
So! Whole I don't profess to have any great affiliation towards 'The Donald' I just wonder whether this is news that is news for a reason? If it's one of a number of casinos closing down then it's just anot her casino, but the way the headline is written sounds like it's Mr Trumps fault! Bad news making bad news.
 trasher500010/16/2016 2:38:10 AM GMT
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