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Seniors Kidnapped & Robbed After Casino Visit

Tags: Detroit, Michigan, robbery.
Posted on Friday, October 07, 2016 by "T".

A male suspect has been arrested by police after a case of two elderly casino players were kidnapped from a parking area in downtown Detroit and then were robbed.

This Monday, state police said that on the wee hours of September 23, Friday, the victims were leaving Greektown Casino when the suspect appeared, pointing a gun at them, ordered them to get into the car and drive around. The suspect escaped after getting their money.

Surveillance footage taken in the casino premises showed a man talking with the two victims on several occasions as they gambled.

The suspect was identified later on as a parole absconder and was arrested last Thursday, September 29. He was then turned over to the Michigan Department of Corrections.

The case is still under investigation.

Source: http://www.chron.com/news/crime/article/2-people-kidnapped-robbed-after-leaving-Detroit-9646657.php


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12 comments for "Seniors Kidnapped & Robbed After Casino Visit "

 pochui10/7/2016 8:48:42 PM GMT
well i guess it's a lesson for the seniors- no not win at a casino, just leave empty handed and your life is not at risk. and everyone's happy- casino is happy because you invested your lifetime savings into their business, you can leave the casino and do not worry of your money being taken away from you, well maybe poor robber is not happy, since he has no one to borrow money from.
 bowie198410/7/2016 9:20:56 PM GMT
Posted by pochui:
well i guess it's a lesson for the seniors- no not win at a casino, just leave empty handed and your life is not at risk. and everyone's happy...

No, it's a lesson for the seniors of Detroit.
That place never stops teaching all kinds of awesome stuff 2 everybody.
 doubletop77710/8/2016 9:14:47 AM GMT
This must have been terrifying for these two poor people and i am glad that they have caught the person responsible for this. I hope that this guy is put away for a long time so that he cannot do this to anyone else
 pajalnick10/8/2016 12:30:49 PM GMT
the most important thing that the criminal released them unharmed ... that means he is not entirely horrible person ... and if he was a monster that would kill them ... I still wonder how it is possible to decide on the offense near the casino ??? do not they know about the cameras everywhere ??? escape is impossible ....
 Mober10/8/2016 8:29:28 PM GMT
On after another with these incidents.
It has become quite popular hitting casinos, where you know there is money for sure.
And by just watching some players paying, it is very easy to see if they have their pockets full,
or not.
You need to be extra cautious when leaving these places.
The sure thing is that the losers wont have such problems Smile
 bowie198410/9/2016 12:30:18 AM GMT
Posted by pajalnick:
I still wonder how it is possible to decide on the offense near the casino ??? do not they know about the cameras everywhere ??? escape is impossible ....

Well, theres probably a great chance that he is a drug fiend so all he cared about is some quick money for affording another shot. Who knows. Or he just went after them cuz saw them in the casino winning.
 pochui10/9/2016 8:36:48 AM GMT
the fact that there are cameras everywhere is exactly what drives him on- this is the only chance for the dude to get onto mainsream tv, to become a star of a moment. and all he has to do is to grab a couple of old fellas. only in us of a it is so easy to become a star! long live the queen, no wait that's from another opera....
 DaCapo7110/9/2016 8:37:46 AM GMT
Is that male a employee of the Casino and brang back the winning money from the elder guys? Jeanny has a gun? Big Smile Ok it was not really funny, but because they make a new Hollywood film about this Story...
 damosk10/9/2016 3:19:27 PM GMT
Is no one safe anywhere from anyone at all anywhere near a casino in the US? Who needs to play casino when you can just hang around outside and pick the winnings from unlucky punters just like picking windfalls from an apple tree. I'm kinda glad how I live my life and hope the good lord resolves it all in the end.
 bowie198410/11/2016 11:57:32 PM GMT
Kinda thinking that in most of the states where gambling still illegal these casinos are operating on a native-american tribal territory, where many of the US authorities has no jurisdiction since everything goes through the tribal council, tribal police etc.
So probably this makes crimes more 'easy' to commit, or at least more intriguing in someones eyes...
 Tony_MON7ANA10/15/2016 3:57:27 PM GMT
It is deplorable to exploit and hurt the elderly because they are frail and vulnerable.
Now he is going to back to prison again. Some people never learn from their mistakes. The police did a very good job!
 trasher500010/16/2016 2:53:20 AM GMT
En vivo también pasan esas cosas, pero con menor frecuencia. No es que pasen con menor frecuencia, sino que a UNO le pasan menos veces, porque jugamos menos manos. Hay vídeos de manos increíbles en torneos en vivo, el mismo tipo de manos que ocurren online, pero el factor comentado de la velocidad de juego y el número de manos por hora, hacen que online podamos verlo más a menudo. Finalmente, hay un factor que personalmente también incluiría, y es que online la gente que es mala, es muchísimo más mala que en vivo. Gente que ve el juego, quiere probarlo y se descarga el software. Ese tipo de gente no iría a un casino a jugar un torneo de 200€ de inscripción. Pero en cambio sí que puede jugar desde su casa, de forma anónima, para que cuando la gente vea lo malo que es, al menos no le vean la cara (yo sí, yo tengo mi cara en la foto de perfil en las salas). Como la gente es más mala, sobrevaloran sus manos y tienden más a ir all-in. Y como van más all-in se ven más showdowns y piensan aquello de "me ha ganado un 4 y un 5 a mi pareja de AA", una mano que de haber visto el flop y las cartas comunitarias, el de 4 5 seguramente se hubiera retirado.

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