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StarGames: Battle of Slots

Tags: StarGames.
Posted on Monday, February 06, 2017 by "T".

Between February 6th and February 12th, 2017, StarGames will run a Battle of Slots promotion in which you can win bonus money and vouchers. Simply stake €50, €250 or more on Football Gladiators or Spartus during the promotion period and be in the chance to win a €25 bonus, a €300 bonus and a €50 bonus voucher. The slot with the higher stakes throughout the promotional period shall be declared the winner.

  • Stake at least 50 euro or more on the winning game and you will receive a 25 euro bonus credited to your account after this promotion.
  • Stake more than 250 euros on the winning game and you may be one of the 5 randomly selected players to receive 300 euro in bonus money!
  • Those who stake more than 250 euro on the losing game also have something to look forward to: You may be drawn as one of the lucky few who'll receive a 50 euro bonus voucher.

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8 comments for "StarGames: Battle of Slots"

 pochui2/6/2017 9:05:48 AM GMT
well this is nice, although no word on the possible strings attached to this voucher... if there are none, then it is a truly great promo, ok you can easily win nothing and actually even lose some dollaros out of your pocket trying to win sth in this promo, but you have 1/3 odds of hitting quite a big reward for just playing the slot of your choice.
 Mober2/6/2017 7:53:36 PM GMT
All i see here is bonus. Which means that if you manage to win something out of it,
either getting the standard with the 50 euro play, you will still have wager requirements.
Why gambling in slots, chasing a draw, to get awarded with bonus money?
 bowie19842/6/2017 7:53:40 PM GMT
Since they practicaly giving away air (as most casinos usually do it with bonusmoney) I don't think even for a minute that the voucher is something of a 'string free operation'.
You could never go wrong reading the fine print under these promos.
 Gerimantas2/7/2017 9:08:46 AM GMT
Not a big fan of playing slots i sometimes play slots in a casino, when get bored bu roulette or blackjack, but all of this in a real casino and i don't see many fun from playing some virtual machine, but if you like to play virtual slots then this is a great promotion that can help you to win extra money.
 Mober2/7/2017 8:50:10 PM GMT
Slots is my favorite game Smile
When in a casino i even enjoy having a drink and watching other players play.
The ones that dont get annoyed of course.
Cause some are getting very angry, if you are watching them play.
I have even seen a couple of instances, where they are calling for casino staff,
to remove all the people watching them. And the staff actually asks you to leave Smile
 pajalnick2/8/2017 12:52:01 AM GMT
when I was playing slots I absolutely do not interfere with people looking at my game .. on the contrary, I often went with friends that they support me and if I win my party shared in the honor of the victory))
 bowie19842/8/2017 1:59:29 PM GMT
When I play with sluts, I usually do that thing which makes them... Big Smile Ooops, wrong word.
So I usually play - when I play - slots online, but even then it could be bothering if somebody looking at you let alone dealing with all those pop-ups about bonus offers from the casino staff.
 pochui2/8/2017 2:57:11 PM GMT
well when i am playing with sluts i don't mind at all when someone's watching all the hot action, afterall that's what orgies are all about- someone's playing, someone's watching, someone's having a break after playing, someone can decide whether to keep watching or to start playing.

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