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Elderly lady followed, attacked with tire iron on way home from casino

Tags: Massachusetts, Michael Mahone, Patsy Whitten, tire iron.
Posted on Friday, March 31, 2017 by "T".

A male individual accused of following, robbing and beating a 71-year-old woman is now behind bars. Michael Mahone, age 39, was arrested on Wednesday morning at the Resorts Casino in Tunica, Massachusetts right after the Shelby County Sheriff's Office (SCSO) received a tip that he was spotted there.

The attack occurred last Friday morning after the elderly woman named Patsy Whitten pulled into her driveway in southeast Shelby County, Tennessee. She stated she had won $400 at Southland Park Gaming and Racing, and noticed she was being followed on her way home.

She said, "I saw the vehicle, but my husband has a friend that drives one that looks like it, so I didn't think anything about it."

All of a sudden, "He ran up to my truck just as my left foot hit the ground and jerked his jacket back and grabbed this tire tool."

The elderly woman said the man's face was covered with a dusk mask and hit her multiple times with a tire iron and even shoved his fingers down her throat.

Whitten recalled her horrible experience, "I said, 'I cannot believe you're doing this to a 71-year-old woman' and he said, 'I don't give a f*** how old you are, I'm going to kill you,' and I really thought he was."
Eventually, he fled with the cash as well as her and her husband's IDs.

SCSO was being assisted in the case by the Tunica County Sheriff's Office and West Memphis Police.
Mahone was tagged as a suspect with the aid of a surveillance video that showed him observing and following the victim.

Currently, he is in the Tunica County Jail with a $2 million bond and is pending to be extradited back to Shelby County.

SCSO at the moment is not sure if he committed other past robberies similar to the incident, and police are investigating.

SCSO advised the public that if you think you are being followed while you are driving, go somewhere safe like a police station or a fire station.



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14 comments for "Elderly lady followed, attacked with tire iron on way home from casino"

 doubletop7773/31/2017 8:10:59 AM GMT
This is a particularly nasty and vile assault and i am very glad that they caught this guy. This poor woman must have been terrified and i hope she can overcome this traumatic experience
 pochui3/31/2017 1:20:31 PM GMT
ah well by the looks of things this elderly woman wasn't too badly injured so i guess even though she is stilled in shock and doesn't feel too fond of this incident, with some time passed she will have a laugh or two with her lady friends at the poker home game...
 damosk3/31/2017 4:10:26 PM GMT
Another example of what a crazy world we live in. Why oh why would this crazy assailant even think it was a good idea to put his fingers down this old ladies throat? What benefit or advantage would that give him? Was he hoping to walk away with a set of false teeth attached to his fingers when he pulled away?
 Mober3/31/2017 7:16:29 PM GMT
Good thing the got him.
Attacking with that iron a 71 year old woman, to get what?
Some people will do anything, with the brains they carry.
And yet another incident, that is related to winning money in casinos.
 pajalnick4/1/2017 12:08:34 AM GMT
Any crime is bad, but when robbers attack old people using their helplessness and weakness it is especially disgusting .... in prison such people will be punished by criminals themselves as there is a line of reasonable even for criminals Aww crap!
 Gerimantas4/1/2017 7:50:27 AM GMT
I think it is no surprise that helpless people are attacked, old people, children, drunk people- they all are easy to attract and steal from. They will not give you any problems and will not know how to defend themselves, cruminals like these types of victims
 dule-vu4/1/2017 3:55:02 PM GMT
what to say about this news!at least once per week we have news like this,that somebody is attacked or in casino or in front of casino or they follow person when he/she go form casino!its not normal,but alomost every case is in america,so nothing strange that this happend there!
 pochui4/1/2017 4:44:10 PM GMT
well if you put it this way damosk: why the hell would the thief put his fingers into the throat of old lady? then the answer might lay somewhere else than just plain old stinky set of false teeth... me ponders that this dude was after some gold teeth, and was left disappointed by some second hand set of falsies.
 bowie19844/2/2017 12:28:08 AM GMT
The north-east states in the USA have a heroin epidemic right now, mainly among the lower middle class, middle class white population so I would not be suprised if we learn that this guy was a junkie.
 Tony_MON7ANA4/2/2017 3:45:29 AM GMT
This is a horrific and despicable crime. The incident certainly shocked and enraged members of the community. It is a relief that the law enforcement officers have captured Michael Mahone, the attacker, and brought him to justice.
 Gerimantas4/2/2017 8:11:28 AM GMT
I think that he probabky was a guy addicted to drugs like bowie1984 writes, also it can be that he was out if money with no job, or maybe a gambler himself with all money list and even borrowed some money and lost it too, there will always be such people, that is the reality
 dule-vu4/3/2017 9:42:40 AM GMT
when country like usa have 320 million people,you must expect that you will have all kind of people,bigger problems and everything that go with that!but some of worst thing come from america and I am not suprise that we have crimes like this one!
 DaCapo714/3/2017 9:51:35 AM GMT
That´s a good nws that the robber was arrested verry fast. The old woman had a shock after her happiness about her winnings i think. Better she meets some girlfriends next time to have fun in the casino or she used a taxi for some bucks...
 NennyDeeJay4/4/2017 6:15:29 PM GMT
These are very terrible thing, and I hope to arrest criminals and judge him according to the law. But he says this guy, not me is not surprising considering that all these things happen in America, because it really often hear from people who live there and work that must be kept so they have to open four eyes before you leave any where out of his house ...

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