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  24-Jan-12, 04:55   #1
Isildur1 losing over 100k in heads up 0 
Joined: Apr '10
Location: Serbia
Age: 27 (M)
Posts: 92
If you are looking for great poker action its happening right now on Poker Stars where Viktor Blom ak Isildur1 is playing heads up PLO $100/$200 vs Berndsen12 from Nederlands. So far Isildur1 is over $100,000 down and 15 minutes ago they started 3 new tables where Berndsen12 already make $40,000 profit.

Last big pot for $80000 started with Isildur1 raise to $600 and just a flat call from Berndsen12. Flop came 10h, 5h, 6s. Berndsen12 check raised on flop, and Isildur1 re-raised pot to $9600, Berndsen12 called. Turn card was Jc, Berndsen12 checked and Isildur1 bet $20000 leaving just $10000 behind, Berndsen12 gone all-in with Q, 8, 10, 5 in his hands, and Isildur called with 7h, Ah, 7c, 3c. River card came another 10 and another big pot Berndsen12.

A lot of action, there is over $400000 on 3 tables and Isildur1 take a huge pot of $120000. Flop with Qc, 3h, Jh bring a lot of fire. Isuldur1 start with a small bet, Berndsen12 pot raised, Isildu1 re-raised to $26395 and Berndsen12 re-raise to $80000 with 9, 8, J, J, Isildur called all in with 9, 10, J, K, turn card was 10, river A and Isildur1 is back in the game! Smile

On table where he won a pot of $120000 Isildur1 managed to lose it in 10 minutes, and was sitout after that when he wrote "3 new", and stood up from the rest tables too. Final count of last 3 table session, Bernsden12 $380000, Isildur1 $200000 and Bernsden12 buy-in was no more then $250000, its a quarter of million profit for him so far.

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BankrollMob Forum » Off-Topic » Isildur1 losing over 100k in heads up

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