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  12-Mar-12, 15:37   #1
What will you do ? - continuation 0 
Joined: Jan '10
Location: Indonesia
Age: 54 (M)
Posts: 1526
Here complete video and hand histoy. Majority opinion is bet pot or more. but personally, I choose FOLD pre-flop is the best, 2nd just call and fold when didn't hit straight on turn or there is flush tendency .
My reason is : Theory and experience, this video is an example

This is copy from Doyle Brunson : Super system. So I will play JJ like I play small pair, Not always of course. Next time I will post my video where I broke my principle.

Thanks for all of you who gave your opinion, It's very useful for me. Hope one day I will show you how i play base on your sharing . Good luck all, hope this discuss useful for you, too.


An important qualification you must be aware of before reading what follows is that the recommendations I make are how you should generally play the hands discussed. That's the way I generally play them. But, you should never fall into a pattern playing Poker. I don't. I always vary my play ... I try to mix it up as much as I can. I never consistently repeat my action on any4hand. I don't play like a computer that's programmed to do the same routine over and over again. The high-quality of players I play against on a regular basis would easily detect a pattern to my play if there was any. So I never do the same thing with the same hand from the same position against the same player. I'm always changing speeds during the course of a game.
However, for your purposes, my playing recommendations for a particular hand are a good way for you to play them ... until your opponents learn your style. When they do ... you start shifting gears — up and down continuously — until there is no noticeable pattern.
I'm going to break the game down into four major — and very broad — categories as follows:
How to play your hand when you have a Pair in the pocket is going to be discussed first. That category will be sub-divided and discussed as follows:
a. Big Pairs — A-A, K-K and A-K
b. Q-Q
c. J-J down to 2-2

Game #50926056-157: Micro Hero NL $30 Guarantee - No Limit Holdem Tournament - 300.00/600.00
Seat #0: gnomze70 (SB), $2356.00
Seat #1: chopoff (BB), $29895.00
Seat #2: duckbuttz2, $808.00
Seat #4: yanksrule23, $23341.00
Seat #5: BuckO6, $10718.00
Seat #7: Dunhills2, $3892.00
Seat #8: aca3447, $23366.00
Seat #9: kbDogman (D), $24244.00
*** Blinds ***
gnomze70 posts the small blind of 300.00
chopoff posts the big blind of 600.00
*** Pre-Flop ***
chopoff got hole cards [ J :dia: J :hea: ]
duckbuttz2 goes all-in with 808.00
yanksrule23 raises with 2306.00
BuckO6 folds
Dunhills2 folds
aca3447 calls 2306.00
kbDogman folds
gnomze70 folds
chopoff calls 1706.00
*** Flop *** Pot: 8026
[ T :clu: 8 :clu: 9 :dia: ]
chopoff checks
yanksrule23 bets 2400.00
aca3447 calls 2400.00
chopoff calls 2400.00
*** Turn *** Pot: 15226
[ T :clu: 8 :clu: 9 :dia: ] [ 5 :hea: ]
chopoff checks
yanksrule23 bets 3600.00
aca3447 calls 3600.00
chopoff calls 3600.00
*** River *** Pot: 26026
[ T :clu: 8 :clu: 9 :dia: ] [ 5 :hea: ] [ A :spade: ]
chopoff checks
yanksrule23 bets 7800.00
aca3447 folds
chopoff folds
*** Showdown *** Pot: 33826
yanksrule23 shows [ T :spade: A :hea: ]
duckbuttz2 shows [ T :dia: J :spade: ]
duckbuttz2 is out
yanksrule23 wins 4012.00
yanksrule23 wins 30294.00

Edited by Serpang (Monday, March 12, 2012 @ 15:39 GMT)

  12-Mar-12, 17:01   #2

Joined: Aug '08
Location: Canada
Age: 37 (M)
Posts: 657
You think he would have folded to an allin raise? I think watching the video makes me curious about how they played up till that point. I dunno that was a tough spot even knowing what they had.

  12-Mar-12, 17:36   #3

Joined: May '08
Location: Lithuania
Age: 33 (M)
Posts: 9943
in the end in poker the only thing is important to have a winning performance in the long run- as far as strategy goes- you can look at it several ways: some people just go for same decisions over and over again (like in given example go all in/fold, call etc.) others try to "feel" the moment- they might go with one decision one time and other next time- as long as you win in the long term you rock Dollar

  15-Mar-12, 04:59   #4
Joined: Jan '10
Location: Indonesia
Age: 54 (M)
Posts: 1526
Posted by MicroMachina:
You think he would have folded to an allin raise? I think watching the video makes me curious about how they played up till that point. I dunno that was a tough spot even knowing what they had.

That spot just for show our hand cos my recording very bad and I couldn't edit better .I thought possibly he would fold if I go all-in ( I did before ) but not sure he ever call, too. Confused Confused

  15-Mar-12, 05:07   #5

Joined: Apr '10
Location: Canada
Age: 29 (M)
Posts: 2576
With that river, in a 3 way pot, I would've folded too. But I would NEVER slow play my jacks on the turn there, and I would've probably check raised on the flop to protect my hand. The thing is, it's easy to try to represent the nuts there (QJ) because you have J-J, and if the players against you are good they might fold to a big bet.

Anyways, the guy with top pair top kicker would've probably called whatever you do (unless he's really tight/skilled maybe), so in the end I think you lost the minimum. Smile

  15-Mar-12, 05:12   #6

Joined: Nov '10
Location: Serbia
Age: 31 (M)
Posts: 2077
HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Just saw it has continuation. My option of check and when one raises and other calls was to go all in. I dont know would A10 or 10j call, my guess at least one would, but that would give you chance to double or triple up as huge favorite. A on river should not be concidered at all since it doesnt matter. Only that matters is to put chips in good.
So, I think I was right Cool Big Smile

  15-Mar-12, 09:39   #7
Joined: May '09
Location: Spain
Age: 43 (M)
Posts: 1261
I posted in the no-continuation post and now see this one!!!!!!!!

A good raise preflop with the JJ make the hand more easy to play. As the push of the short is like a limp, if one of the other two players call we have a pot big enough to continue beting to finally allin with our overpair and OESD.

  15-Mar-12, 13:21   #8

Joined: Apr '09
Location: Portugal
Age: 38 (M)
Posts: 4802
You fold because you saw an ace, that is always the big question. I think you did well, I would have done the same, even if I had KK. That’s the problem of aces at the table when we don’t have them in the hand. Either we are playing for anything else, a draw, straight or flush, or the ace will always disarm our hands. I only needed one time loosing big money ($5, to me is a lot in a poker game) to see pocket kings aren’t enough to beat any pair of aces, and all because of an A that comes to the table.

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