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  16-Jun-12, 20:59   #1
Poker Stars Half Time tournaments 0 

Joined: Mar '11
Location: Canada
Age: 38 (M)
Posts: 1490
So a little ad popped up in the client of PS while I was playing, advertising half time tourneys.

The concept is rather simple, blinds work like this:

Starting stacks: 1500 chips

Level 1 50/100 10 ante - 5 minutes
Level 2 100/200 20 ante - 5 minutes
Level 3 150/300 30 ante - 5 minutes

Oh, and a 5 second time bank. I love that they did that, because it totally kills anyones ability to try and cheat by running down the clock every hand.

Once the 3rd level is over, prize pool is divided based on ICM to the remaining players.

I railed one, since it was only 15 minutes, and as I figured, everyone was playing basically shove/fold poker on the tables I watched. I've played a lot of STT supers, where you're 10BB deep pretty much the entire tourney, so this kind of play wasn't shocking at all. There were a few people who tried open limping, and I laughed when someone in LP shoved and they folded lol.

The thing I found weird is, after the tourney was over, top spot only got around 10x their buyin back. Mind you, the field was relatively small, having only 229 players, with only 88 remaining at the end.

Seems like given the HUGE variance that comes not only from this being a MTT, but also effectively a super turbo, these don't seem like they'd be beatable given such a low payout in proportion to the buy-in. Especially since the prize pool is raked at 10%.

Any thoughts?

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  16-Jun-12, 21:17   #2
Joined: Feb '11
Location: Germany
Age: 25 (M)
Posts: 1854
Those are jus tthe normal time-tourneys,theyve been around for months now Blink
What's advertised is half buy in tourneys,half buy in for SM,SWU etc. this sunday Blink
Anyways,about the time tourneys,they are surely beatable,similar to fity-fifty 10 player SNGs,just with the opposition being weaker and your possible win/ROI being greater.
Obv. your longterm ROI will be smaller than in proper MTTs,but yeah,they are surely worth playing

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