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  15-Sep-12, 20:06   #1
Joined: Sep '12
Location: Romania
Age: 27 (M)
Posts: 1052
Hello START WITH APOLOGIES IF I MADE ADVERTISING OF CASINO X (X = classy coin casino) i've got a bonus of $25 from casino and after i rulate almost $1500 i've made $198.. can somebody tell me if this site is trust ? i really want to withdraw but i don't want risk my banking details.

Ask a moderator to edit the name of the casino if I'm wrong, but I do not want to advertise.

Here is the discussion

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Chad'

Chad: Welcome to x casino..., my name is Chad. May I have your username and how can I help you ?

Scarpinici: Hello chad

Scarpinici: Can you tell me

Chad: Hello

Scarpinici: What should i do for withdraw my 180$?

Scarpinici: You must have a faxback form on file to perform a transaction - please contact customer service

Chad: May I have your username, please?

Scarpinici: Scarpinici

Chad: Just a moment please. Thank you.

Scarpinici: Okay

Chad: For security purposes, x casino... requires its players to verify their identities in order to withdraw. You will first need to fill out a form. You will also need to attach a copy of your photo ID, two utility bill copies OR official document containing your full name, your address and a copy of the credit card that you have used to deposit with. x casino..

Chad: Also you need to place at least one deposit before you can withdraw

Scarpinici: Wait one moment

Chad: No, problem, take your time

Chad: Please send all this information to x.casino..
Scarpinici: Okay

Scarpinici: Then i can withdraw ?

Scarpinici: What's the minim of deposit ?

Chad: The minimum deposit is $21 and as you played with free money there is a maximum cash out of $125+your deposit amount

Scarpinici: Hm

Scarpinici: Minim deposit 21$

Chad: Yes, correct

Scarpinici: + 189 on account = 210$

Scarpinici: How much i can withdraw ?

Scarpinici: 125+21 = 146?

Scarpinici: 146$?

Scarpinici: And the rest of 54 when i can withdraw ?

Chad: No, you can withdraw the $125+$21 if you deposit $21

Scarpinici: But how much?

Chad: You can withdraw $146 in case you deposit $21

Scarpinici: I understand that

Scarpinici: And the rest of $54

Scarpinici: When i can withdraw ?

Chad: It will be taken out by the system when you request for withdrawal

Scarpinici: Ooo

Scarpinici: I understand now

Scarpinici: So all i have to do for withdraw my money is : complete the form , a copy of my ID and a copy of official document containing contain my name

Scarpinici: And the credit card

Scarpinici: right ?

Chad: Just a moment please. Thank you.

Scarpinici: Okay

Chad: Yes, you need to deposit a minimum of $21 first so that the financial department can check the information sent accordingly

Chad: Also if you choose to deposit by Neteller you can withdraw to Neteller account

Chad: In that case you do not need to send the credit card details

Scarpinici: I think i deposit from my credit card

Scarpinici: Thank you chad

Chad: Ok

Scarpinici: For all

Chad: YOu're welcome "
Next day another moderator

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Kelly'

Kelly: Welcome to X Casino, my name is kelly. May I have your username and how can I help you ?

Scarpinici: Scarpinici

Scarpinici: Hello

Kelly: Hi Andrei, how can I help you?

Scarpinici: Can you tell me

Scarpinici: What i need to do for withdraw ?

Scarpinici: I understand i must deposit minim of $21

Scarpinici: After i deposit i need to rulate or something like that?

Scarpinici: Or i deposit and next second i can withdraw ?

Kelly: Just a moment please. Thank you.

Scarpinici: Okay

Kelly: First you need to place at least a minimum deposit of $21 to your account

Kelly: Second, you need to send us some verification documents. They are:

Kelly: filled out and signed faxback form (you can find it by following this link x.casino )

Kelly: copy of the credit card (back and front, colored), you will use to deposit

Kelly: copy of photo ID (back and front, colored)

Kelly: 2 utility bills or any official document containing your full name and address

Kelly: OR if you deposit with Neteller, you can withdraw to Neteller account. In this case there's no need to send copy of You can send all the documents to xcasino or to x@casino and we will forward your email to finance

Kelly: It will take 2 business days to approve your documents

Kelly: After your documents are approved, you will be able to request a withdrawal

Kelly: Also please mention that mac cashout from your bonus that you played with is $125

Kelly: *max

Scarpinici: I understand that

Scarpinici: And i don't need to play after i deposit 21$ ?

Kelly: Yes, correct

Scarpinici: I understand

Scarpinici: Thank you

Scarpinici: For all

Kelly: You're welcome

Kelly: Can I assist you with anything else at this time?

Scarpinici: No, thank you.

  15-Sep-12, 20:58   #2
Joined: Mar '09
Location: Greece
Age: 41 (F)
Posts: 12435
havent heard of this casino before but its pretty much standard procedure in order to cash out.
From a quick look at the net its an RTG casino and most of them use the exact method
But its also the Casino Network with the most rogue casino's so far, so do a little search
before you give away your details.

  16-Sep-12, 10:58   #3
Joined: Oct '10
Location: Malta
Age: 37 (M)
Posts: 44
Already answered you here http://www.bankrollmob.com/forum.asp?mode=thread&id... . Why start another thread? You have been warned it is a dodgy company (search yourself on google). I'm sure you already have and found the same answers I have on different forums and rating sites with user comments. You just seem like you are trying to find a single person who will say they are ok but you can't. Take it as a sign. Either that or risk your finances and let us know if they have changed their business conduct.

  16-Sep-12, 11:22   #4

Joined: May '08
Location: Lithuania
Age: 33 (M)
Posts: 10052
first of all if any suspicions arise go and google the company/name whatever else- you will see what the search results look like, browse through the negative ones, see what you are up against- most of the time this simple method is more than enough- btw, when providing most of your documents usually you are allowed to cover bits of sensitive personal data- ask support for this, tell the that you cannot trust strangers/ it's against you local law or any other reason...

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