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  28-Sep-12, 10:58   #1
check this hand on pokerstars, too nice ,too furious 0 

Joined: Mar '12
Location: Netherlands
Age: 43 (M)
Posts: 587
PokerStars Hand # 86841941388: Tournament # 620708302, $ 2.28 + $ 0.22 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level X (300/600) - 09/28/2012 12:51:35 CET [9/28/2012 6:51:35 ET]
Table '620708302 13 '9-max Seat # 8 is the button
Place 1: Gggaga (3077 in chips)
Insert 2: siderisd1 (5085 in chips)
Seat 3: ayoonpoker (11,543 in chips)
Insert 4: Russtt27 (2958 in chips)
Rank 5: Nudls777 (3335 in chips)
Place 6: cardraiser72 (15,771 in chips)
Rank 7: theodorrrr (12,480 in chips)
Place 8: zepadeiro174 (3707 in chips)
Rank 9: primkiller (4850 in chips)
Gggaga: put the ante 50
siderisd1: put the ante 50
ayoonpoker: put the ante 50
Russtt27: put the ante 50
Nudls777: put the ante 50
cardraiser72: put the ante 50
theodorrrr: put the ante 50
zepadeiro174: put the ante 50
primkiller: put the ante 50
primkiller: small blind 300
Gggaga: posts big blind 600
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to cardraiser72 [Td 3d]
siderisd1: folds
siderisd1 sits out
ayoonpoker: folds
Russtt27: folds
Nudls777: raises 2685 to 3285 and is all-in
siderisd1 is back
cardraiser72 by his over time
cardraiser72: folds
cardraiser72 sits out
theodorrrr: folds
zepadeiro174: folds
primkiller: folds
cardraiser72 is back
Gggaga: calls 2427 and is all-in
The non-uncalled bet (258) is returned to Nudls777
*** FLOP *** [4d Kh Kd]
*** TURN *** [4d Kh Kd] 9 of hearts
*** RIVER *** [4d 9h Kh Kd] Jack of hearts
SHOWDOWN *** ***
Gggaga: shows [Kc Tc] (three of a kind, Kings)
Nudls777: shows [4c 4h] (a full house, Fours about Kings)
Nudls777 won 6804 from pot
Gggaga is on the 35th place in the tournament ended
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 6804 | Rake 0
Board [4d 9h Kh Kd Jh]
Place 1: Gggaga (big blind) showed [Kc Tc] and lost with three of a kind, Kings
Insert 2: siderisd1 folded before Flop (did not bet)
Seat 3: ayoonpoker folded before Flop (did not bet)
Seat 4: Russtt27 folded before Flop (did not bet)
Rank 5: Nudls777 showed [4c 4h] and won (6804) with a full house, Fours on Kings
Place 6: cardraiser72 folded before Flop (did not bet)
Rank 7: theodorrrr folded before Flop (did not bet)
Place 8: zepadeiro174 (button) folded before Flop (did not bet)
Rank 9: primkiller (small blind) folded before Flop


i myself was not in the hand,,but too share my exp. with u mobbers i placed this incredible hand Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

  28-Sep-12, 11:15   #2
Joined: Jan '10
Location: Indonesia
Age: 53 (M)
Posts: 1476
I met similar hand like that lately, sometimes Kx hit Full house on board at others site ( 2 different site ).Hmmmm......MAYBE programer do that ? or trend for now ? Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile . Seldom saw it 6 month ago.
just LATELY, I am serious ! Sad

  28-Sep-12, 11:49   #3
Joined: Sep '12
Location: Romania
Age: 26 (M)
Posts: 1052
You could post my hand... Aww crap!

Hero : K Heart K Diamond vs A Spade Q Spade (68%-32%) all in pre-flop
Flop: A Heart J Club 8 Spade (8%-92%)
Turn: K Club (91%-9%)
River: T Diamond (0%-100%)
4 twists
Me pre-flop Heart
He flop Aww crap!
Me Turn Heart
He river Aww crap!

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