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  7-Nov-12, 04:49   #1
Trying make some free money!!! 0 

Joined: Nov '12
Location: Bangladesh
Age: 25 (F)
Posts: 29
I'm pretty sure Thread like this existed before me, but let me start one for myself.
I want to make free money absolutely without any deposit in Pokerstars.Just for the record want to see how hard is it.
And During my process I will share the experience everyday and the success and not's.
Please Feel free to advice me

Day -1 November 07 - So, been looking all over the freeroll tournaments,but there are actuallly very freerolls which you can play.

1 Pokerschool open skrill Leage its open for everyone and that's messed up a huge bunch of player's and noted it's filled with donkey's.If you're a good player then you will find it hard cause you have to sit with patience for hour's and then you can get your skill and luck together and if everything works on you're side you may earn some dollar's so far didn't win yet.

2.There are some Forum Games on the private section of tourney, Like the one we are in BRM 25. BRM 25 is pretty cool, but only problem is the passowrd get revealed and lot's of ameature Zynga players participate and makes it hell for real poker players but if eveyrthing works on you side , you can earn some dollar's there awell.But keep in mind the last few tables are very tough and bad beat's are quite inevitable so you need a whole bag of lucks along with skills.EVen if you go pot with Monster cards some Dude with Speculative Cards will Beat the crap out of you. But hold you emotions it's just a bad beat so yeah never give up

3. For females poker star's has satellite tourney called women's poker league which is pretty decent and if you can survive the odd's you can make it up top 40 with a ticket token to Womens poker League 10cents diviion buy-in. Girls can try their luck there .

4.Hubbles is always there.Make a good stand be top 72 get a seat at weekly round 2 with a prize pool of 2000 USD

And last not least Join Bankrollmob and make post's and make it up to 5000 mob point's . They will provide you 50 dollar, which is a good deal. And here I am posting for it lol.

Anyhow My journey Start's from today and I will be playing a lot of BRM 25 and many post's and HUbbles always and sometimes some pokerschoo open skrill . Sharing my experience all through the month . Peace Love Empathy

BankrollMob Forum » Off-Topic » Trying make some free money!!!

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