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  19-Dec-12, 15:43   #1
How Aced ripped me off 0 
Joined: Apr '11
Location: United States
Age: 46 (M)
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I was on PCD as az1972 and received all of my loyalty points there. I earned my way into the $500.00 exclusive and won first place where I went to cash games in an effort to earn more VIP points. PCD had promotions in the VIP program where if you earned 100 points through the week you were eligible for a the freeroll where you can win a ticket to the big Sunday. In addition, if you earned 250 or more points throughout December you could also enter two $10,000 vip freerolls and four December Value added tourneys. The value added tourneys each cost money to enter. I earned nearly 350 points and enrolled in each one as az1972 on PCD. Then they suddenly transferred us to Aced with no warning. They transferred my VIP points and what money I had in the account. However, I was still enrolled in the tourneys as az1972 and could not unregister from them or register as draconiis1972 on Aced because it said there were too many users from that IP address. I brought this up to them and told them about the situation. They removed me from each of those tourneys and did not refund any of my entry fees for the December Value added tourneys. It also then said I wasn't eligible to enter any of those tourneys anymore. I sent them email saying that it hadn't been fixed. The first two tourneys have already come and gone and they say I am not eligible for any kind of refund because the tourneys ran as scheduled. They still haven't refunded the money the stole from me and I am still not eligible for any of the VIP promotions which is WHY I played in cash games. I typically only play in tourneys but it takes too long to earn VIP points in that manner.

So now Aced has wiped my status, my eligibility, and won't return my money. I thought others might want to know this. Angry

here's the last email I sent them after a week of fighting with them:
Are you stupid or do you not read the emails? Of course you didn't have problems holding the tourneys, but that isn't what my concern was. I'm glad no one bothered to read my emails to understand what the problem was. I told you before that I had already been enrolled and YOU GUYS removed me after the transfer. You didn't refund my money for them. I couldn't enroll in them after becuase it kept saying I WASN'T ELIGIBLE EVEN THOUGH I EARNED THE 250 VIP POINTS ON PCD AND HAD BEEN ENROLLED IN THEM. So, you're going to steal my entry fees on the Dec value added tourneys I was enrolled as az1972. The one that has passed cost me $5.50 and the rest were $1.10. You're not going to fix my eligibility to enter the remaining ones I had already qualified for, the $10,000 VIP tourneys, or the Sunday big ticket (each of which I was enrolled as az1972 on PCD). So you're stealing money, ruining my VIP status and basically telling me screw you? That's great. I will make sure to post this response on the 2 plus 2, poker owned, and every other poker format I can post on. BTW - I'm a writer. It's what I do for a living. Seeming how you don't care about the concerns I brought up when you erroneously transferred me to begin with and still haven't fixed them, I'm going to cut my losses and time with ACED and ensure EVERYONE knows what you have done. I don't mind because it's YOUR reputation that will be tainted. Just in case you idiots didn't read the prior emails this is what I had sent. Try reading it.

First, I would like to say thank you for transferring over my points and my cash. I also see that my PDC avatar name (az1972) has been removed from the tournaments I was registered in prior to the transfer. During the course of being on PDC I earned enough VIP points to qualify for each of the December added tournaments, both $10,000.0 VIP tournaments, and the free seats to Sunday Big Ticket Freeroll. I pointed out that I couldn't unregister from the tournaments and it said there were too many people in the tourney from my IP address. Well, I now have been removed but there are still issues they arr as follows:

Free seats to sunday big ticket (Tournament 64257647) It says I am not eligible when I most definitely am.
December value added tournament (tournament 64210245) It says I am not eligible and the $1.10 I paid is missing.
December value added tournament (tournament 64210233) It says I am not eligible and the $1.10 I paid is missing
December value added tournament (Tournament 64210220) It says I am not eligible and the $2.20 I paid is missing
December value added tournament (tournament 64210179) It says I am not eligible and the $5.50 I paid is missing
$10K VIP freeroll (cash prize ) (tournament 64100772) It says I am not eligible
$10K VIP freeroll (coupons) (tournament 64100898) It says that I am not eligible

To become eligible for these tourneys, I had to earn the 250 VIP points for the month of December and 100 VIP points through out the week to earn you way into the Sunday big ticket freeroll. I played through over 250 dollars on ring tables specifically to earn theses points and to play in these tournaments. I have also been trying to get this resolved for a few days and two of these tournaments are scheduled for tomorrow. I am not trying to complain, but that was the whole purpose of playing at ring tables. i play much better in tournaments but it takes too long to achieve VIP points int that matter. Other members from PokerOwned forum have not had this many difficulties and I am worried that I will miss out on the opportunities that I was after in the first place. These are suppose to be my chances of rebuilding my bank roll and I met all of the requirements to do so.

I apologize if any of this has come across as rude. it is not my intention to do so. Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.


Azrael Morherudaen

So, seeming how I CLEARLY explained what was going on and I still haven't been refunded the money you STOLE from me, I believe I am wasting my time and breathe trying to get this resolved. You don't care about my problem and are not doing anything to remedy it. Apparently, Aced just doesn't care.


BTW - Notice how I send the emails to me as well as you? These emails will be posted as is. I want other poker players to realize what you have done.

Edited by draconiis72 (Wednesday, December 19, 2012 @ 15:44 GMT)

  19-Dec-12, 17:23   #2
Joined: Mar '09
Location: Greece
Age: 41 (F)
Posts: 12440
From what im reading here they should refund you for sure or either sign you up
for the tournaments you have won the entry for.
Since the tournaments exist i dont see the reason why they dont manually registering you.
Keep bugging them to do something about this.

  19-Dec-12, 23:04   #3

Joined: Apr '09
Location: Australia
Age: 34 (M)
Posts: 6471
Sounds like a mess and I hope its sorted out for you.

I hope your original emails weren't so rude though, I know it is frustrating when things go long, but take it from somebody with years of customer service / tech support experience: Being rude will get you no where. You're talking to real people and if you call them stupid and insult them, you leave very little room for any sympathy for your situation. I'm not saying that means they should still resolve your problem - but it does mean they probably no longer want to / care about it. So think about it.

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