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  25-Mar-13, 15:48   #1
Sharing 2 hands from past 0 

Joined: Aug '12
Location: Canada
Age: 28 (M)
Posts: 94
The memories have just arisen of past hands in my experience i just wanted to share because theyre kinda cool lol.
One was just a few days ago, I witnessed an ABSOLUTE ROBBERY on Titan Poker at my table. I don't know exact cards in exact place but i will try to make it accurate. There was 2 people in the hand not including me (Btw the guy raged after the hand this was also real money). The flop comes out Blank, 5c, 6c. Guy holding Kc 2c bets other dude calls. A 9c hits the turn so the K2 guy checks, slowplaying. Other dude bets and then calls a big raise from the player holding K2 (So ALOT of chips are in now it was a turbo). River is 7c and insant shove from they player against K2. Guy with Kc 2c makes the call and the other player had nothing the whole way. But had 8c so rivered a straight flush to defeat the flush King High.
Another i figured to share is a crazy hand i was involved in about 1 year ago on pokerstars. I called a min raise post-flop on SB or BB can't remember but there was 3 other ppl in the hand i had 6/4 suited in spades. I flop a flush draw, i remember from the flop: blank, 3s, 7s i flopped a flush draw. A bet from a player after my check. 1 call, 1 fold, and a call from me 3 handed now. Turn is a Q or K of spades (cant remember). I bet so another spade doesn't fall to ruin my flush without their payment but they both stuck around with calls. River was a spade, the correct spade though 5s giving me a straight flush, 4 spades on the board. I check, I see Dude 1 bet, then Dude 2 raise, I re raise, then Dude 1 shoves, Dude 2 re shoves me all in, I call holding the nuts and show them the bad news. Dude 1 was aggressive only holding Js but DUde 2 had As. SO he had the Ace high flush and i rivered the perfect card to get big value out of them both.

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