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  3-Apr-13, 04:28   #1
Just how active would these forums be if.... -2 

Joined: Mar '11
Location: Canada
Age: 39 (M)
Posts: 1490
Members didn't get points for posting. I'll be honest, this thread: http://www.bankrollmob.com/forum.asp?mode=thread&id...

got me to thinking about it. I'm wondering myself, if the forums would be active at all if people didn't get points for posting.

I know lot's of people here don't post for points, and in fact just post to help etc, but there are many others who we ALL know post because they are getting "paid".

My theory is, the forums would be filled with nothing but "I didn't get my NDB" type threads, and would likely be a ghost town otherwise.

  3-Apr-13, 04:35   #2

Joined: Apr '09
Location: Australia
Age: 35 (M)
Posts: 6482
I doubt it would make that much difference to be honest, as far as 'good' posts were concerned. I think most people who get the bright idea to post for points make a few rubbish posts (just crap, or copy & paste jobs) and then realise it's going to take them forever to build enough points from posting to cash out and give up.

My guess is there would be almost no reduction in 'quality' posts and a small reduction in rubbish posts.

  3-Apr-13, 04:40   #3

Joined: Nov '12
Location: Canada
Age: 50 (M)
Posts: 4587
G'day mate

Well I think we would lose a lot of the idiot type posting.
People like the true regulars would still keep posting and helping, and supporting each other.
There are several of us who post more than 5 post every day. I am certain that the admin could double the amount of message points possible and many of us would not even need to increase our regular amount of post to make up the difference.
You are probably correct that many posters would just go away though.
I like this how they are now for the most part.

Be cool and bext of luck at the tables.

Ronin Cool

  3-Apr-13, 04:42   #4
Joined: Feb '13
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 42 (F)
Posts: 2358
I think I could name 5 active-ish posters that would stay, I think the rest would be off and yes, like you say it would be filled with a load of 'nbd request' nonsence

For me though, the forum keeps me here, keeps me using with NDB's and keeps me playing on sites where I am guessing BRM get some kind of rakeback deal with the sites. Without the forum I would probably be elsewhere by now

  3-Apr-13, 05:44   #5

Joined: Apr '11
Location: Canada
Age: 63 (M)
Posts: 1222
Do more reading here than posting....everyday the entertainment value of coming here is priceless.
Points, come as they may...not keeping score. Must admit some of the dumb posts are funny and sometimes find myself waiting to see what bumbo is gonna post next. Going by the premiss that 'there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers...then, some posts here meet and/or exceed this criteria. Big Smile BTW this is only because of my morbid sense of humor.

  3-Apr-13, 08:23   #6

Joined: Aug '07
Location: Malta
Age: 36 (M)
Posts: 8045
rbdflyboy, are you referring to the so called epic "bingo" thread? Smile People seems to love that one!

  3-Apr-13, 08:50   #7
Joined: May '11
Location: Netherlands
Age: 45 (M)
Posts: 198
Ok, I am gonna say it straight forward; I am sure that if everyone would be honest here, more people would tell you they post for points. Without any doubt.

And why not? The points are there to be given. The system exists for a reason. But ofcourse, as long as they are serious posts. I surely agree with that.

I see many posts where people just copy some text from another website about some tourney going on somewhere for example. Like they really sincerely want everyone to inform us about who one in a WPT tourney and how many chips everyone had. Look around the net for other forums. People do not take the initiave to create threads like those there.

  3-Apr-13, 10:27   #8

Joined: Feb '10
Location: Portugal
Age: 38 (M)
Posts: 998
Th is is my favourite poker site but the forum structure is not my favourite! But still because i really like the site iam still active in the forum, the points are just a bonus, i think the BRMaholics doesnt put much atention on that!

  3-Apr-13, 13:14   #9

Joined: Apr '11
Location: Canada
Age: 63 (M)
Posts: 1222
Posted by Administrator:
rbdflyboy, are you referring to the so called epic "bingo" thread? Smile People seems to love that one!

That's one of them...the others are when someone goes off on another and makes absolutely no sense. Those as well get me rollin. Blink Have said this before...may quit poker some day but never, ever this forum

  3-Apr-13, 13:37   #10

Joined: Apr '09
Location: Portugal
Age: 39 (M)
Posts: 4814
People love money. People love to win it. That's why online poker moves such amounts of money. Many people go to the internet just to find ways to win or spend money. Money rules people's lifes. This said, i think BRM had a genius idea in paying people for posting. This way they will attract more people to the site, having more people writing and using the site and all it have to offer, and will have people clicking on the banners generating money to BRM and to the banners owners and companies advertised there. Looks a win-win process. It is. If i come here everyday to win money? Yes! Do i think about what i read and write here before i do it? Yes! Because it's about something i love. There must exist paid forums about cosmetics on the net, sites that pay people to write their opinion about certain cosmetic products from certain trademarks. Am i registered in one of those just to win money? No! Why? Because i can't imagine myself writing about how nice a cream feels in my skin, or how sticky is that hair gel.

  4-Apr-13, 02:15   #11
Joined: Sep '10
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 53 (M)
Posts: 73
im with you there mate...log on quite regular VERY RARELY POST ANYTHING!!...but i enjoy reading whats going off and maybe pick a few tips up or take advantage of the latest offer...good crack on here and freindly ( most of the time ) Blink

  4-Apr-13, 21:51   #12

Joined: Dec '12
Location: Bulgaria
Age: 42 (M)
Posts: 1022
Hi retribution,

To be honest, I think most of the members here post, to help others, or to share their poker problems, and happy moments of the game. Do you really think that the main purpose of posting is to get some Mob Points. I think it is very hard to post 6 months to get $50. Can you live with $100 per year, through posting? Of course not.

Last night I posted more than 10 posts I think, but I get paid 5. I mean, that I red one post of a guy from Lithuania, an excellent idea, about entering a BRM Freerolls through Mob Points, so I decided to create 4 polls. I thought, this is important for the MOB members and I did it, realising that I will be NOT paid.

Many of us have experiences who can share, to help others. I don't want to make advertisements, but there is a huge poker forum: poker strategy . c o m You can find huge posts from around the whole globe. Nobody is getting paid there. I also use this forum and post there without getting paid.

Second, somehow I think may be I could be pleasant for some new players, because I have worked few years ago like Customer Support Agent in the Spanish Department of Party Poker and Titan Poker.

This is my answer.
Good luck with the poker. Smile


  4-Apr-13, 22:59   #13
Joined: Apr '13
Location: Estonia
Age: 32 (M)
Posts: 1
Smile Ma atvan ,et see ei ole päris nii !

  4-Apr-13, 23:37   #14

Joined: Feb '12
Location: Canada
Age: 58 (M)
Posts: 5982
I for one would be still active here! I've found this site to be full of information and of immense help to me so far,...whether it be info on the various sites, the depositing thing,...playing hands...,...and a little entertaining when folks are bitching at each other....lol...

...and sure,....the points are great to get too,....but I tend to babble so much anyway,...the points are just a consequence of that. But who doesn't want free money anyhow?..., although, it DOES take forever to get...

It was the leaderboard that drew me here in the first place. I just saw something on the BrM tourney lobby about the leaderboad,...and signed up,....contrary to those 1000s of bingo playing facebook freerolling cheating COCKROACHES....lol... Smile

  4-Apr-13, 23:43   #15

Joined: Jan '11
Location: United States
Age: 54 (M)
Posts: 3361
I'm thinking there would be less posts, but mainly as Ronin stated, the posts that are pretty much about nothing,
I do think that initially some of the Mobsters start out posting to collect points, but the few that post for points only quit due to the amount of time it will take to acquire 5000 Mobpoints. Others that start out for the points start to see there's a lot of good, fun and educational posts so they become a part of the forum and stick around.

Just an opinion!

  5-Apr-13, 00:02   #16
Joined: Nov '11
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 61 (M)
Posts: 3327
aye there would probably be less people posting if it did happen,the regular guys and gals though would still come on as i don't think it's all about the points to us. (although they are a welcome bonus)
i like reading about mobsters and their poker achievements also you get a good laugh with some of the crazy threads and replies. Big Smile

  5-Apr-13, 00:17   #17

Joined: Feb '12
Location: Canada
Age: 58 (M)
Posts: 5982
Oh,....I ALSO meant to say,..... I really dig the Mob Calender thing. It reminds me of those Christmas calenders where you open the little door each day leading up to Christmas and get a chocolate....except with THIS calender,....you don't always get a chocolate...lol... Smile

  5-Apr-13, 02:51   #18
Joined: Oct '11
Location: Sweden
Age: 27 (M)
Posts: 1261
Haha, I must say that this thought has crossed my mind. This forum is a great one and it has lots of active members but without the points rewarded for posting, I think the quality of the forums would be a heck of a lot worse.

To be perfectly honest, I started posting here for the points. But I've come to love this little community and I don't really think about the points.

So great idea there BRM! Thanks to you, I can find a lot more joy in poker! Smile

  5-Apr-13, 06:24   #19

Joined: Jan '09
Location: Italy
Age: 48 (M)
Posts: 3842
Posted by Administrator:
rbdflyboy, are you referring to the so called epic "bingo" thread? Smile People seems to love that one!

I love it and its talented creator...don't you?

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