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  13-Apr-13, 16:12   #1
one week to the mini masters 0 

Joined: Nov '11
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 34 (M)
Posts: 744
im like a child, but ths is my favourite tournament by far, its on PKR it cost $12 to play ($6 to enter + 1 addon) will not be playing any poker tilll then but will defo be having a go on ths as i have cashed whenever i have played it. would like to see more mobsters playing it (or any to be fair), limited to 4000 runners and t is always maxed out so if you ever thought about giving PKR a try this would be the best time to get involved.
anyways good luck on off and under the tables, i will now wait to hear from pochui's lawyer.

Edited by takingdrugs (Saturday, April 13, 2013 @ 16:20 GMT)

  13-Apr-13, 16:35   #2
Joined: Feb '11
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 53 (M)
Posts: 5334
I have to agree with Taking Drugs in relation to the Mini Masters on PKR..... has usually been very profitable for me and always nice to see Taking playing along and doing really well. On the point, PKR is a cool site and worth anybody's time giving it a go.

Good Luck Taking! Hope to see you there.

  13-Apr-13, 20:09   #3

Joined: Nov '11
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 34 (M)
Posts: 744
your always in a good position if your prepared to make the rebuy/addon. what i do is play knowing i can double up and know if i lose i got another shot, if my stack falls to half the starting stack i take the extra chips then. if not i take the extra chips at the addon period no matter what

  13-Apr-13, 21:47   #4

Joined: Feb '12
Location: Canada
Age: 57 (M)
Posts: 5860
They're playing the Masters' Golf tournament THIS week,....so I figured your thread was going to be about some 'Mini Golf' tournament NEXT week for either kids or midgets.... Big Smile

It appears I was totally wrong about THAT one...

So now I'm thinking they're playing some poker tournament with one of those novelty miniature deck of cards.... yes/no...??? Confused

  14-Apr-13, 03:07   #5

Joined: Apr '09
Location: Australia
Age: 33 (M)
Posts: 6471
Yeah, its a fantastic tourney for PKR, when their servers handle it Evil

I'll definitely have a crack, if I'm able too. I still have my masters ticket to play as well, wanted to play April, but I was awake all night and it began at 6am and I thought the better of it, was not in a good state to start a 10hour game lol.

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