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  29-Apr-13, 22:33   #1
What do you think about NordicBet? 0 

Joined: Dec '12
Location: Bulgaria
Age: 42 (M)
Posts: 1022
Hello Mobsters,

I am just wondering to open a NordicBet account or not? What do you think about NordicBet? Is it good playing there? I don't have a NordicBet account, but I need your advice!

BRM has a good deposit offer. But it is very strange that BRM offers 50% instant deposit bonus up to 25 euro. If I register a NordicBet account through BRM link I will get this 50% deposit offer. I said strange because I entered at the site of NordicBet without using the BRM link and it appeared 100% instant deposit bonus offer up to 25 euro. It says if I deposit 20 euro I will get 20 euro instant. Fantastic! But if I use BRM link for registration, and if I deposit 20 euro I will get 10 euro instant! Why is that? Very strange, isn't it?

So my general question is: Do you like playing at NordicBet or not? And second what would you do? Deposit 20 euro at NordicBet and receive 20 instant bonus or play at the Full Tilt Poker MiniFTOPS XXII, Event 26 with $11 buy in? What would you do if you were me? Or may be deposit at LuckyAcePoker? I still didn't deposited there. They have also instant bonuses.

Thanks in advance! Smile

Good luck at the tables!

Best regards,

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  29-Apr-13, 23:05   #2
Joined: Dec '10
Location: Finland
Age: 26 (M)
Posts: 429
I liked playing there a while ago .. but I only played cashgames there...lots of weak players on micro stakes ( as on all sites I guess)... but then I blew my bankroll on some sports betting Big Smile Cool Big Smile

  30-Apr-13, 09:50   #3
Joined: Dec '08
Location: Netherlands
Age: 37 (M)
Posts: 579
Dont know about the poker but if you want to get the first deposit bonus on the casino then you have to watch out because its only for scandinavian players.And thats only mentioned in the term and conditions..

So if you deposit on the casino and you not Scandinavian you WONT get the welcome bonus i found out the hard way Aww crap!

  30-Apr-13, 10:08   #4

Joined: Dec '12
Location: Bulgaria
Age: 42 (M)
Posts: 1022
I am talking about the NordicBet poker. It is allowed to play from Bulgaria. I checked it.
I am not interested into casinos. I never make casino deposits. Smile

Finally I decided to play at midnight EET, MiniFTOPS XXII, 26 Event, not to open NordicBet account. Smile I would like to try, but its a turbo tournament, max players 10 000, only one rebuy available and one add on, 2000 starting chips, the levels increase every 5 min, buy in $11, prize-$50 000. Late registration through level 12.

Definately, it will be difficult! Anyone will play there? It starts tonight on Full Tilt Poker 0:00 EET. the registered players now are 92. What do you think, to register at the beginning of the tournament or at level 12?

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  30-Apr-13, 14:50   #5

Joined: Sep '11
Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Age: 35 (M)
Posts: 3008

Most of them may be shady but I think Nordicbet is a reliable company. I played there long ago and got the impression that they were very professional.
In one instance I emailed them about disconnecting during a game and they quickly refunded my tourney fee..
Later I found out the problem was about my internet connection. Big Smile Maybe Scans around here may tell us better I doubt they're thieves. Big Smile

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