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  6-May-13, 18:08   #1
replay's on Pokerstars +1 

Joined: Feb '13
Location: Netherlands
Age: 45 (M)
Posts: 505
Hello Brmers,

As I am playing my games on Pokerstars, I usually watch in the meantime some of the replays PS broadcasts as the sundaymillion and other big tournaments. U can see all cards , so its pretty interresting to watch and I think watching this eventually makes me a better player.

This week they have the replay of the red spade final table.... and its just brilliant....
not that the poker is so incredible good or so, but at one point the remaining players want a look at the numbers....last place at that moment pays 28K .... discussion goes on and on as a brazillian player wants more and more, when they give in he wants an extra 5K... till they have enough of him.... and they tell him straight take it or leave it ...he thinks a while and agrees on 92K...
First hand after that he gets KK, makes a small raise and BB calls him with A5.... flop all low cards and the Brazillian shoves his stack all in... but the low cards have givven the BB a straight, and as BB has more stack the brazillian takes home a 92000 dollar, where he wasnt accepting that a few min earlier.
Did he not change his mind at the last minute he would have gotten the 28k, still a nice price but 3 times less as he gets now....
the whole discussion is great fun to watch and becomes even more interreting if U see the result

good luck all,

Edited by mies730 (Monday, May 06, 2013 @ 18:09 GMT)

  6-May-13, 19:09   #2

Joined: May '12
Location: Belgium
Age: 26 (M)
Posts: 275
Hey mies!

I agree with you buddy - it is very interesting to watch replays of hands, if it is on Youtube or the replays that Pokerstars provide on their software.
That way you see another perspective of people playing their hands the way they do.
I also took a look at the deals made on the final table. It's fun to watch it and as u said the outcome of the tournament later.
Some people are very eager and get what they want - it's funny.
Maybe it's good to act that way if you want more guaranteed money.
There are mostly two options for a deal a chip chop or ICM. ICM is better for the short stacks on table and chip chop better for bigger stacks.

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