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  8-Jun-13, 17:33   #1
New movie: Runner Runner +1 

Joined: May '12
Location: Belgium
Age: 27 (M)
Posts: 275
Brian Koppleman and David Levien's cult film Rounders has been credited as the catalyst for many poker careers and, with the release of their latest effort just around the corner, hopes are high that it will enjoy the same appeal.

Runner, Runner, is set for release in September and in the last few days the official trailer for the movie has been released.

The new trailer features Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck and gives viewers a glimpse into a world of money, lies and deceit.

According to the teaser on IMDB, Runner, Runner is about "a businessman who owns an offshore gambling operation finds his relationship with his protégé reaching a boiling point."

For the trailer:

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  8-Jun-13, 17:41   #2
Joined: Apr '11
Location: Romania
Age: 30 (M)
Posts: 6668
At a first impression it doesn't look that bad but of course you need to see the entire movie first Smile

The good thing is that more and more movie producers decide to inspire heir movies from the poker world which is good.

  8-Jun-13, 17:49   #3
Joined: Mar '09
Location: Greece
Age: 42 (F)
Posts: 13388
Just watched the clip. It doesnt look bad.
But i have to admit, i cant stand timberlake at all lol.
So while i like afleck i will probably pass on that movie.

So many actors out there, and they gave a job to timberlake wth.

  8-Jun-13, 19:04   #4
Joined: Sep '12
Location: Romania
Age: 28 (M)
Posts: 1052
Wow a movie with Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck is an awesome movie and i can't miss, is about gambling so i'll watch when will appear on Romania and i think all gambler need to saw it, i think is a great life to live on a yacht and play poker around the world Big Smile

  8-Jun-13, 22:56   #5

Joined: Jan '11
Location: United States
Age: 55 (M)
Posts: 3361
Sounds like something of interest since I'm not the big movie goer nor am I a Justin Timberlake fan, but to be honest the last movie he was in that I seen, (Race Against Time) was actually very good so I may go see this at the big screen.

No matter what I'm with Mober here, I can't stand any of those Justin's. You know Bieber, Timberlaker, Justintime, etc. The last one 's a joke!

  8-Jun-13, 22:59   #6

Joined: Jun '08
Location: Poland
Age: 79 (M)
Posts: 545
GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK Absolute Poker CHEATERS !!!!!!!!!!

  9-Jun-13, 00:36   #7

Joined: Feb '11
Location: Romania
Age: 29 (M)
Posts: 414
Posted by mascona:
GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK Absolute Poker CHEATERS !!!!!!!!!!

wtf is a movie scene or what?anywai i must see this movie ,does any1 know when it will be relesed on the big screen?i didn t wached i new good movie for months

  9-Jun-13, 04:09   #8

Joined: Feb '12
Location: Canada
Age: 59 (M)
Posts: 5989
Just for the fact that Justin Timberlake is in it, will most likely do good at the box office!

I was never a fan of that boy band s**t he used to do,...but he is one heckuva good actor,....and can be pretty damn funny if you've ever seen him on Saturday Night Live... Thumbs Up

  9-Jun-13, 04:17   #9
Joined: Apr '13
Location: Canada
Age: 31 (M)
Posts: 333
Just can't wait to see that movie Smile Rounders is surely one of my favorite if not ''the one'' poker movie so I'm having big hope for that movie wich make me believe that it can only disapoint me :S plus I'm clearly not a fan of Justin Timberlake so... better be a very nice story

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