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  11-Oct-13, 11:29   #1
Go Wild casino cheetings 0 
Joined: Feb '12
Location: Bulgaria
Age: 50 (M)
Posts: 1
Here i encolse the conversation for free spins.
Find out if there is something cheating in ths offer .

You are now chatting with Mika

Mika: Hello and welcome ti Gowild Smile

Me: Hello Mika

Me: I install casino from bankroll

Me: must i enter a promo code for 40 spins ?

Mika: Nice to hear that and I am sure you will have Wild fun here

Mika: There is no need for any promo code, you should just simply register an account and should you respected all the procedure

Mika: Everything will be marked on your account

Mika: You can stay with me during the process and we will see it together right after the registration Smile

Me: Thanks Mika

Me: Where are you from ?

Mika: I am from Malta, same as casino is

Mika: And may I know your name please ?

Mika: You are saying my name all the time and I also want to meet you

Me: Antonio Parvanov Smile

Mika: Then we can more easy go throughout this

Mika: Nice meeting you Antonio

Mika: you have kind of Italian name, right?

Me: Yes

Me: but nothing with Italia

Mika: hehehe same as Mika has nothing to do with Malta

Mika: So we are same Smile

Me: i created an acc

Me: tooo poor username Tongue

Mika: My mom liked that name for her girl and only later I found out this is actually guy's name in Finland

Mika: Well, its important that I see it and I can check everything for you

Me: vgwr0006718129 i think

Mika: Is this your fist time in Microgaming casino?

Mika: yes, exactly that one

Me: deposit now or deposit later ?

Me: i will not deposit now

Mika: Let me check everything till the end and I will tell you about all the promotions I can assist you with

Me: thanks Mika

Me: waiting ...

Mika: Anotnio I see that you have an older account with us already

Mika: And since we allow only one account per person, may I ask you do you remember that one

Mika: Or you want me to leave this new one to be used

Mika: ?

Me: may be i forgot it

Mika: Its been some time since you registered it with us, so its possible you forget about it

Mika: So I will leave this new one opened, ok?

Me: yes

Me: ty

Mika: My pleasure

Mika: And since I checked now both of them I see that you can claim amazing offers with us, however they will be on your first deposit

Mika: And this is not something you can get everywhere

Mika: May I tell you more about these?

Me: just a second

Me: i am on the phone

Mika: Do you prefer huge bonus percentages or a lot of free spins to play with?

Mika: No worries, I am here ,take your time

Me: Smile

Me: thanks i am back

Me: what i must do

Me: deposit later ?

Me: i prefer now free spins

Me: i work hard on pokerstars Smile

Me: if it is good i will deposit in you sitw later

Me: site

Mika: I understand, however to show you a sing of good will I will add 40 free spins on top of your first deposit bonus

Mika: And in that way , for example

Mika: You will play with 440 free spins even with minimal investment with us Smile

Mika: What do you say about this?

Me: whats the amount ?

Me: minimum ?

Mika: Amazing thing to take the best advantage, to play with no limits and to take all your winnings you make !

Mika: The minimum deposit is 20

Me: o no

Me: i will depo 10 in pokerstars ....

Mika: Well, I can tell you that the choice is only up to you, however I am sure I can beat the deal here and give you more play time

Mika: Also, if you like, I can combine for example bonus together with free spins

Me: for beggining only free spins

Mika: I can give you also 100% bonus together with 190 free spins on 20 only

Me: let me to believe you after my free spins

Me: i am affraid of deposit just now

Mika: Well, the thing is that I can assist you with first deposit bonus only, however there is one amazing thing in that

Mika: Something that noone will mention

Mika: And that is- while you are playing with free spins only you have maximum cashout and like this, by combining them- sky is the limit!

Mika: Everything you win you will be able to take

Mika: Isn't this amazing thing? Imagine you planing your next vacation on Hawaii right now? Smile)

Me: Smile

Me: let me try now

Me: next step will be malta or hawai Blink

Me: where to find the free spins i am inn the game

Mika: I will add any of these deals as soon as your deposit is in

Mika: And Malta is also good destination - you will love it!

Me: please explain me this text

Me: in bankroll

Me: Create an account and contact GoWild Casino support to receive your free 40 Free spins no deposit bonus.

Mika: You already had an account with us and as a part of good will I want to make an exception and leave this one opened and add your free spins on top

Mika: Otherwise, you are eligible for first deposit bonus only

Mika: However, since here in GoWild we want everyone to enjoy big time, I decided to make a nice exception add them on top of your deposit bonus

Mika: One friendly advice for you if I may- I wouldn't miss this offer because I am sure that with it, not just that you will feel our games in the best way,

Mika: but you will also have a chance to hit the sky with your balance Smile

Me: sorry Mika

Me: i dont remmmember that i used my previous acc

Mika: No worries, however this is the policy in our casino

Mika: I am able to assist you with your first deposit bonus now

Me: i think this is a trade trick

Me: ok i am leaving the casino

Mika: And in case you want to take the advantage of it, I will be more than glad to assist

Me: sure i will uninstall it

Mika: I am sorry to hear this

Me: so do i

Mika: However in case you change your mind

Mika: You know where to find me and ask for the best deals on line Smile

Me: i will change when i see the free spins

Me: bye have a nice tima

Me: time Smile

Me: i will write to bankroll mobile with all the conversation to axplain

Me: ok ?

Mika: I have nothing against that

Mika: And I wish you same great time Antonio

Mika: And all the best!

Mika: I surely hope I will see you soon again

Me: Sure whe you get me to the free spins your boss offers through bankroll

Mika: I am also sure you understand policy and my position to offer deposit bonus as the best deal at the moment

Me: ok

Me: i understand

Mika: Thank you for your understanding Antonio

Me: please let the boss know that i will copy the conversation in bankroll forum

Mika: This is strictly your decision to do

Mika: However I still wish you all the best and a great day

Me: so do i

Me: let forget it

Me: bye and all the best

Mika: Thank you Antonio Smile

Mika: bye bye



  11-Oct-13, 11:39   #2

Joined: Oct '12
Location: Netherlands
Age: 24 (M)
Posts: 152
Basicly they mean you already had an account. That's why they can't give you the no deposit offer, they want you to deposit and as a gesture they will give you extra spins.

Have a nice day.

  11-Oct-13, 20:20   #3
Joined: Apr '11
Location: Romania
Age: 29 (M)
Posts: 6668
They say that you have an account already so as i'm sure as you know this is a big no-no for any no deposit bonus...

Basically the deal that proposed you was to make a deposit and they would give you those spins as bonus.

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