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  30-Nov-13, 01:50   #1
Full Tilt Poker - Buil Up Your Bonus 0 
Joined: Aug '09
Location: Chile
Age: 32 (M)
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Full tilt has just launched a new promo for build up a bonus:

From Friday, November 29th, opt in to Build Your Bonus via your My Promotions page, accessible from within the game software. The last day to opt in is Saturday, December 14th.

After opting in, you must earn at least one Full Tilt Point per day on at least five separate days during the Build Your Bonus qualifying period to get your bonus. The qualifying period runs from Monday, December 9th through Wednesday, December 18th.

A total of five bonus targets are available, and the more points you earn during the qualifying period the higher the bonus you’ll qualify for:

Bonus Targets

Total Full Tilt Points Total Bonus
100 $5
1,000 $50
2,000 $100
5,000 $200
10,000 $400

After you qualify and reach your Build Your Bonus target, 40% of your total bonus will be awarded as cash and automatically credited to your account, while the other 60% will be added to your account as you earn Full Tilt Points.

Build Your Bonus Rewards

Total Bonus Instant Cash Bonus Cash
$5 $2 $3
$50 $20 $30
$100 $40 $60
$200 $80 $120
$400 $160 $240

Bonus cash will be released incrementally in three equal chunks as you play real-money games and accumulate Full Tilt Points at a rate of $1 for every 25 Full Tilt Points earned

Because 10 FT points are 1 dollar rake, it means that for the $50 dollars bonus you need to rake $100 (1000 FTP) to get the bonus and the instant $20, and then $75 more (750 FTP) to get the remaning $30. This means $175 in rake to get 50 (28.5% rakeback) which looks not bad at all.

I think I will try to get $50 dollar bonus.

Big Smile

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