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  25-May-14, 16:02   #1
How to play AA UTG 0 
Joined: Jun '13
Location: Canada
Age: 74 (M)
Posts: 3700
I am playing a full tilt freeroll early in the gamme i am UTG with AA i did not know how to play it to get a good reward so i just raise 5BB i got many callers which i dont like very much however on the flop i prayed and shoved and no call. I took the chips and very happy Question Question Question Question Question Question Question

  25-May-14, 16:20   #2

Joined: May '13
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 32 (M)
Posts: 2219
4x/5x raise every time usually, maybe 3x if the table warrants it. Also depends on if the table are a bunch of scared folders for most 3X+ raises or a table of callers.

  25-May-14, 16:44   #3

Joined: May '11
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 53 (M)
Posts: 1372
Anything between 2.5X and 5X depending on blind levels (if a tournament). Just don't limp, I see that way too often.

  25-May-14, 17:35   #4
Joined: May '13
Location: Mauritius
Age: 27 (M)
Posts: 2688
Welcome mate, glad you posted this thread, for me AA can be played in different forms but you can still overplay it sometimes. My strategies with AA is too raise get called, bet bet until they fold or they raised and there fore I fold if on a dangerous board. Sometimes in zoom i limp at UTG and the reraise when faced with aggression, most of the time they dont call because limp re raise is a very intimading move. Anyway you can also slow play AA but this will come and bite your arse afterwards lol!

  25-May-14, 17:46   #5
Joined: Feb '13
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 42 (F)
Posts: 2356
in a freeroll, early, utg = flat call, then reraise all in. if no-one raises preflop, be prepared to lay it down

  25-May-14, 17:56   #6

Joined: May '11
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 53 (M)
Posts: 1372
Sorry I can't agree with people saying flat call/limp. You're just inviting everyone to limp behind (especially likely in micros or freer0lls) and you just don't want to be taking AA into a multiway limped pot where you're very likely to get sucked out on.

Better to raise to build a pot and play it with one or two players rather than five or six. If everyone folds, well so what you've won the blinds at least.

  25-May-14, 18:09   #7
Joined: Mar '12
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 40 (F)
Posts: 2249
I would just raise as normal and hope someone reraises with a big hand.If I get "many callers" I'm quite prepared to accept the fact that my aa are quite likely to have been cracked before I get to the river.
It looks like you got a favourable flop and seem to have a God who listens to your prayers. Smile

  25-May-14, 18:15   #8
Joined: Apr '11
Location: Romania
Age: 29 (M)
Posts: 6668
You did great that you raised preflop, that is essential, and your 5x raise is perfect considering the hand was played in a freeroll!

Frankly i'm pretty sursprised that you did not get any reraises, in that case the only way was to go all in for sure Blink

  26-May-14, 00:55   #9

Joined: Jan '13
Location: Canada
Age: 40 (M)
Posts: 1066
I 5x bet, then I attempt to trap by just checking or flat calling after te flop if I get trips, if someone raises then I 3x their bet, if not much action on the turn Ill hit it with a pot size bet....at that point you have the committed players remaining and then....I never seem to lose with AA playing that way unless its trips for someone else, i rarely see 2 pair beat me out.

Speaking of the devils, lol not thinking UTG though maybe of them....just now after my original reply

Pokerschool AA




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  26-May-14, 08:12   #10
Joined: Mar '11
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 49 (M)
Posts: 7065
I think the way you played it is the best way to do it. I f you limp under the gun with Aces, it always seems to go around the table with nobody raising, you limp with rags and everybody raises!! Good luck to all

  26-May-14, 09:40   #11
Joined: Aug '13
Location: Czech Republic
Age: 23 (M)
Posts: 913
It is an easy fold, there is no way you can play aces profitable from this position.
Just fold and wait for a better hand.

  26-May-14, 11:43   #12

Joined: Sep '13
Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Age: 31 (M)
Posts: 1561
play it like you would play your non AA hand, top range, and stuff? Just dont play it faceup, that helps a bit Tongue

but if you get tons of callers, just shove, no other way around it really :=) and dont try to trap people with aces, unless you can be sure how losing vs 25o wont put you on tilt, dont do it Big Smile ofc it also depends a lot on the format ur playing, stakes, ur table etc etc but generally you play aces just like you would the rest of your top range stuff

  26-May-14, 15:12   #13

Joined: May '08
Location: Lithuania
Age: 34 (M)
Posts: 10089
the perfectly balanced and mathematically resistant to the extent of 7 cubic meters height strategy would recommend to just go all-in Thumbs Up it's a freeroll, lots of idiots, fishes, strangers, north koreans and perverts- exactly the sort of public that can easily call your all-in with 36o... how fcukin +ev is that

  26-May-14, 16:47   #14
Joined: Mar '09
Location: Portugal
Age: 52 (M)
Posts: 1688
There are lots of ways to play AA UTG but you must be always aware that poker not only is a game of skill, but also lady luck plays a tremendous role.

When you play by the book, thinking you are doing the right thing, there is almost always the possibility that a donk might beat you against all odds, specially eastern europeans who Kamikaze the game.

But remember mates

It ain't luck, it's Destiny. In my case a dark destiny

  28-May-14, 11:33   #15

Joined: Apr '09
Location: Australia
Age: 34 (M)
Posts: 6471
It really depends on the table, play it any way you think you have the best chance of getting all the chips in pre flop.. Sometimes in an MTT I'll just open-shove, if I think I'll get a caller, other times - I'll limp because of the table dynamics, with the expectation to shove over a later raise and still get a call.. Sometimes it's just a standard raise. It all depends on your table - but just do whatever gets the most chips in preflop.

  29-May-14, 17:18   #16
Joined: Sep '08
Location: Russian Federation
Age: 30 (M)
Posts: 7
It is freeroll that is why there are too many fishes, and to win such a tournament is not simply. The best variant is call the somebody raise and you go all-in. and somebody will call you, cause it is freeroll, cause they are fishes.

  29-May-14, 18:21   #17

Joined: Jan '13
Location: Canada
Age: 40 (M)
Posts: 1066
Posted by history23:
It is freeroll that is why there are too many fishes, and to win such a tournament is not simply. The best variant is call the somebody raise and you go all-in. and somebody will call you, cause it is freeroll, cause they are fishes.

Says the Russian....

I couldn't resist

  29-May-14, 21:43   #18
Joined: Apr '14
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 44 (M)
Posts: 11
Depends on your stakes and your opponents low stakes with Donks play aggressive higher stakes with proper poker players you can afford to slow play. With bingo Donks you wana play aggressive to stop donks calling with Ace s**t, and hitting there s**t

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