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Hallucinogenic Drugs The Reason For Johannes Strassmann's Death?

Tags: Alessandro Alviani, death, Hallucinogenic Drugs, Johannes Strassmann, Ljubjanica river, Slovenia
Posted on Thursday, July 17, 2014 by "T".
After carrying out an autopsy, Slovenian authorities reported on Wednesday that poker player Johannes Strassmann fell into the Ljubjanica river in Ljubljana, Slovenia, while under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs. The Slovenian police did not want to reveal what the drugs were but Germany's Bild reporter Alessandro Alviani, who began working on the story and put together important pieces o[...]   Read more » Hallucinogenic Drugs The Reason For Johannes Strassmann's Death?

  17-Jul-14, 14:34   #1
Hallucinogenic Drugs The Reason For Johannes Strassmann's Death? 0 
Joined: May '13
Location: Mauritius
Age: 26 (M)
Posts: 2688
Aww damn knowing the cause of death will surely brings a little re comfort to his family but dying on the drugs is always a bad thing but at least they know the truth and get get closure from that. Anyway at last we know what happened and we can see drugs are bad for the health and for the users out there, don't abuse it Sad. Cheers anyway have a nice day hope no much sad news for a while. Peace out mobsters!

  17-Jul-14, 19:21   #2
Joined: Apr '11
Location: Romania
Age: 29 (M)
Posts: 6668
It is possible that he was druged but the problem is if those drugs were ingested voluntarily or involuntarily...

Something tells me that there is a lot more to this story than the police is telling right now. I hope thta we'll find the truth someday...

  17-Jul-14, 21:27   #3
Joined: Mar '12
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 39 (F)
Posts: 2249
This really is a sad story and a tragic ending to a young guy who had the chance to do good things at the poker table.
However the situation is reported it is unlikely we'll ever know true events of that night,hopefully it was just a tragic accident and nothing sinister.

  18-Jul-14, 10:18   #4
Joined: Mar '11
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 49 (M)
Posts: 6916
This story gets more and more tragic. This guy had his whole life in front of him and to go and have a night out and never come home is just a tragedy. Rest in Peace Johannes

  19-Jul-14, 11:03   #5

Joined: May '08
Location: Lithuania
Age: 33 (M)
Posts: 10052
Hello all the wonderful mobsters out there, this is your friend flashfaust01 from Japan, somewhere in Asia writing to you, wish a good day to each and everyone of you:

fcuk magic mushrooms- soak in magic hemp

I am very happy to be a part of such a great community, wish you the best of luck at the tables, off the tables, behind the tables, under the tables and in your life in general.
Yours truly flashfaust01.

  19-Jul-14, 15:04   #6

Joined: Dec '11
Location: Canada
Age: 51 (M)
Posts: 64
He might have taken the mushrooms, but I am pretty sure it was the drowning that killed him. A guy died from a lightning strike this year after smoking marijuana, now there's a deadly drug!

  22-Jul-14, 16:57   #7

Joined: Apr '09
Location: Portugal
Age: 38 (M)
Posts: 4803
It's a bit strange for something like this to happen to someone having a normal life. We don't know if he had personal problems or big troubles recently, and that could help explaining a lot. Others may think he may have been pulled to the river, just because of the "last seen" with two strange guys, one of them a frug dealer, and having the stomach full of it. Difficult to take a conclusion out of this story. But sad, in conclusion,

  28-Jul-14, 01:21   #8

Joined: Jul '14
Location: Finland
Age: 26 (M)
Posts: 191
Oh man. He was such a nice guy. I didn't know him, but that's how i feel after watching numerous poker episodes where he's in. And reading all the nice tweets the poker community wrote about him after he passed. R.I.P.

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