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  14-Aug-14, 06:19   #1
Biggest weakness 0 
Joined: Feb '13
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 42 (F)
Posts: 2355
My three biggest weaknesses:

1) Putting someone on a range, then fine tuning it to a closer range. Then knowing I am behind but still calling anyway 'just to see if I was right'.

2) Not putting in a bet on the turn. I seem to be doing this a lot. I will bet preflop. Miss the flop and bet. Miss the turn and check, giving them a free card. Then calling a river bet with air, knowing the chances are they hit on the river.

3) Not seeing my overall BR as my overall BR. For example, I keep my money in skrill and see this as my BR. But if I have say $100 profit on party, $100 loss on 888, I don't see this as being evens but as being $100 down on 888. I note how much I have on each site and the 'high points' and see it as a personal slight if I don't get back up to those high points. Means sometimes I don't play where the best games are because I am too busy winning back losses on other sites. (That said, I am in profit on 14 sites this year, and a small negative on one so maybe that's a good side, what do you think?)

The first two I am working hard on to eliminate from my game but it is tough. The third I am unsure about. Thoughts on this?

Whats the biggest weakness in your game?

  14-Aug-14, 08:20   #2
Joined: Mar '11
Location: Germany
Age: 49 (M)
Posts: 1240
Wow, you are playing on 15 different rooms ? I thought I am playing a lot rooms with my 7 or 8 rooms I play.
I totally agree with Number 1 as my biggest weakness and I am very angry about myself that I am still doing things like calling villains bet on the river even though I am 99% sure what he holds and I know I am beat, just to see if I am right. Really hurts the bankroll.

  14-Aug-14, 08:30   #3
Joined: Feb '13
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 42 (F)
Posts: 2355
Posted by MIGO14:
Wow, you are playing on 15 different rooms ? I thought I am playing a lot rooms with my 7 or 8 rooms I play.

Actually I guess that is a bit misleading. I play almost solely on 888/party/sky.
I use Full tilt/stars as promotions.
Betfair I use for trading. That's my only 'regular sites'.

Bet365/coral I use for trading and promotions.
Pokerheaven/genting/titan/betfred24h etc I use because every so often you get an email saying you have free spins added to your account and you can win easily with em.
BWIN I used just for the missions.
And several others (I am on about 30 actively) that I haven't won anything with on promo's/free spins that I don't log.
I don't log until I make a deposit/withdrawal in my profit/loss section.
I do have a section just for an 'online BR log' as it is hard to keep track of all the little $1-$5 here and there that I have dotted around.

  14-Aug-14, 12:21   #4
Joined: Jul '14
Location: Australia
Age: 23 (M)
Posts: 218
I really hate doing #1, although you have to admit it is a little ego boost when you were 100% right, but 'curiosity is a poker players biggest weakness'.

My biggest weakness would probably be playing for deception rather than value. Betting 3/4 of pot and upwards I lose a lot of value with made hands on the turn/river. Granted it is rare to see yourself all in and called with the nuts on a cash table when you are 100BB+ deep, betting for value seems far more profitable than confusing your opponent who will quite often fold TP or bottom two. It also minimises your losses if you are having a bad session, as the extra 6 BB you pick from a value bet compared to betting 12 will see people like us hero call with 2nd pair.

Also, the river.

  16-Aug-14, 08:37   #5
Joined: Apr '11
Location: Romania
Age: 29 (M)
Posts: 6668
First weakness is that i do not have the spare time i used to have some years ago to play and to learn poker lol

Tonespoker, i do not think that the river is your personal weakness if you mean that you always get unlucky on the river, you can blaim the poker site for that
Evil Evil Evil

  16-Aug-14, 13:50   #6

Joined: Sep '13
Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Age: 31 (M)
Posts: 1561
1) playing poker when not focused, which happens more often than i would like to admit Sad

  16-Aug-14, 14:40   #7
Joined: May '13
Location: Mauritius
Age: 26 (M)
Posts: 2688
Yeah putting somebody on a range is hard, and it is also hard if you do put it on a range and do not know if your range is weak or strong against them, you can either win the hand and bet as your hand range is strong regardless of the outcome. But if you play safe when your hand range is strong then something is wrong with you. You need to learn more!

Anyway my weakness is that i play lots of tables and have tilt issues and try to chase loses most of the time, and i end up losing my bankroll on the way!

  16-Aug-14, 14:53   #8
Joined: Feb '14
Location: Tunisia
Age: 29 (M)
Posts: 2089
My biggest weakness is tilt , if i lose in a bad beat i become so angry that i end up playing bad and eventually losing more money
just the other day i was playing cash game ,preflop raise reraise all in i called , me and 2 players , i was about to win almost 300$ in this pot with my AA against AK and QQ , and he hit a queen on the river , i was angry that i ended up losing more than 300$ in the next 2 hours , i just lost my focus and my game

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