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  8-Dec-14, 18:30   #1
from the bottem to the top. 0 

Joined: Mar '09
Location: Canada
Age: 31 (M)
Posts: 3171
Nice little win. Loose table to begin with. Put reraiser on over pair but my qq held up. Would u have called with the overpair and open ended?

********** # 3 **************
PokerStars Hand #126507913273:  Hold'em No Limit ($0.02/$0.05 USD) - 2014/12/08 13:23:28ET
Table 'Waterman II' 9-max Seat #3 is the button
Seat 1: arsenej1 ($3.76 in chips) 
Seat 2: Matiman320 ($5.32 in chips) 
Seat 3: 4Kakty3 ($5.38 in chips) 
Seat 4: A Besta 666 ($7.07 in chips) 
Seat 5: SittingHund ($5 in chips) 
Seat 6: timedgar ($6.74 in chips) 
Seat 7: jack517 ($4 in chips) 
Seat 8: Chiki-Puki70 ($5.70 in chips) 
Seat 9: H4NGOV3R ($3.69 in chips) 
A Besta 666: posts small blind $0.02
SittingHund: posts big blind $0.05
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to arsenej1 [Qc Qd]
timedgar: raises $0.10 to $0.15
jack517: calls $0.15
Chiki-Puki70: folds 
H4NGOV3R: raises $0.45 to $0.60
arsenej1: calls $0.60
Matiman320: folds 
4Kakty3: folds 
A Besta 666: folds 
SittingHund: folds 
timedgar: calls $0.45
jack517: calls $0.45
*** FLOP *** [Tc Jc 9h]
timedgar: checks 
jack517: bets $1.85
H4NGOV3R: raises $1.24 to $3.09 and is all-in
arsenej1: raises $0.07 to $3.16 and is all-in
timedgar: folds 
jack517: calls $1.31
*** TURN *** [Tc Jc 9h] 5 of hearts
*** RIVER *** [Tc Jc 9h 5h] King of spades
*** SHOW DOWN ***
jack517: shows [9c 9s] (three of a kind, Nines)
arsenej1: shows [Qc Qd] (a straight, Nine to King)
arsenej1 collected $0.14 from side pot
H4NGOV3R: shows [Jh Jd] (three of a kind, Jacks)
arsenej1 collected $11.25 from main pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $11.88 Main pot $11.25. Side pot $0.14. | Rake $0.49 
Board [Tc Jc 9h 5h Ks]
Seat 1: arsenej1 showed [Qc Qd] and won ($11.39) with a straight, Nine to King
Seat 2: Matiman320 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 3: 4Kakty3 (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 4: A Besta 666 (small blind) folded before Flop
Seat 5: SittingHund (big blind) folded before Flop
Seat 6: timedgar folded on the Flop
Seat 7: jack517 showed [9c 9s] and lost with three of a kind, Nines
Seat 8: Chiki-Puki70 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 9: H4NGOV3R showed [Jh Jd] and lost with three of a kind, Jacks

Trip nines, trip jacks and the qq for the win. Definitely got lucky but for 4$ and a chance to triple up it was a chance id take over n over agin.

Edited by arsenej1 (Monday, December 08, 2014 @ 18:33 GMT)

  8-Dec-14, 18:49   #2
Joined: Jun '13
Location: Canada
Age: 75 (M)
Posts: 3700
Very nice win you took a risk and it paid the board was very risky for a a straight on flop but it was not the case and you got it. Nice again and a lot more like this. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

  8-Dec-14, 19:12   #3

Joined: Apr '10
Location: Canada
Age: 29 (M)
Posts: 2604
I would've shoved pre flop or 4bet I think but the smooth call isn't bad if you're willing to give it up if flop brings K or A. Smile

9 10 J is a great flop for QQ, you know you're never folding but you know it's highly likely for one of them to have a set there considering the pre flop action ^^

NH sir.

  11-Dec-14, 00:28   #4
Joined: Oct '14
Location: Germany
Age: 36 (M)
Posts: 429
I would also have gone all in pre flop, be cause you should have the best hand then. I mean on that flop QQ is really not bad, but the flop is dangerous and you can not be sure to still hold the best hand. But it worked.

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