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  24-Dec-14, 10:50   #1
Your Worst Downswing(s) 0 
Joined: Jul '13
Location: Germany
Age: 24 (M)
Posts: 228
Soo, I am currently on a 70-80 BB downswing and it keeps on going and there is no end in sight.
I just lost a 45 Player tournament as a Big-Stack running 2 times with pairs into Aces and to a donk chasing his Flush. So I was forced to shove as a short-stack and lost the Coinflip. Before I go on Tilt again I decided to just write this Thread.

For me this is just getting unreal, so I want to get an overall look about other players..
Feel free to write whatever you want Smile

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  24-Dec-14, 11:30   #2

Joined: Sep '10
Location: Netherlands
Age: 50 (M)
Posts: 1646
I think you mean 70-80 Buy-in downswing (80 BB is not a downswing, that happens every day)?

80 buy-ins is however a lot, unless it's MTTs. This is one of the reasons I don't particularly like MTTs; it's hard to know where you are at. If you're doing well or bad, becomes only apparent after a lot of games, so it's hard to know if your play needs adjusting.

One thing to do is review your sessions, to see if you could have done things differently. Try to see if maybe you are not already tilting, rather than being on the verge of it.

When you identify the spots where things have gone wrong, post the hand histories to the forum. There are a lot of players here that could give you insight into leaks you may not even realize you have...

Good luck!

  24-Dec-14, 11:51   #3
Joined: Jul '13
Location: Germany
Age: 24 (M)
Posts: 228
Of course I meant Buy-ins.
90% of my Games are Sit-n-goes.

What I do know is that I should play more Value Betting against the donks.
But I do make the Bubble 9/10 times and when it comes to flips I managed to lose A LOT of them in last time and mostly I only made it in the money by letting the donks bust each other out, resulting in only ending up 3. Place because I was short-stack.

Everytime I am behind in an all-in situation I would either lose 8/10 flips or lose every hand I was behind with. When I was favorite they would suck me out like 50% of all hands.

I didn't even lost that much money when I started playing Poker. And I was REALLY bad, lol.

  24-Dec-14, 15:16   #4
Joined: May '13
Location: Mauritius
Age: 27 (M)
Posts: 2688
Well my worst one was alone month back it was badass never seen before busted my roll in the end because i could not control the poker swings and also used seem of the funds to gamble on sports, so lost all the money i got from BRM, sad poor bastard going into the holidays with no roll to play poker and make some money due to my carelessness . And i miss the holidays as it is the fishiest time ever to make money on holidays!

  24-Dec-14, 16:30   #5

Joined: Oct '14
Location: Serbia
Age: 28 (M)
Posts: 4272
Take a break, and clear your mind...than come fresh and ready to play, it just temorary but alltough take a break Blink wish you all the best luck on poker and your life, and hope you will make your money back on your bankroll

  24-Dec-14, 16:46   #6

Joined: May '13
Location: Russian Federation
Age: 30 (M)
Posts: 541
Posted by LebronHEAT:
...I only made it in the money by letting the donks bust each other out, resulting in only ending up 3. Place because I was short-stack. ..

Short stack is not a problem if you're in the money. Fear and tilt is a problem.
Sometimes I play heads up SnGs on playmoney tables as warm-up. It helps me, try it too

  25-Dec-14, 09:30   #7
Joined: Feb '11
Location: Germany
Age: 25 (M)
Posts: 1859
It all depends on the format.
If you mainly play 9 mans then this is a way too big swing that indicates something mudt be wrong with your gameplan and everything involved, I'd say up to 50BI can happen easily in 9 mans (turbos), anything more one should question their game rather than blaming their unluck.
If you'd play MTSNGs this would be a normal swing. It all depends on your edge. In my example in $3.50 18 mans my biggest downer in almost 8K games was about 60 BIs. In $15s on the other hand I had various 100BI+ swings, like dropping 100BI in 300 or so games, then over the course of the next days (next few hundred games) Winning back 100BI. The bigger your edge is, the lower your downswings will be. That's why it's all individual. But overall I'd say unless one doesn't have a very big edge: 35BI at 9 man non turbos, 50-60BI for 9 man turbos, 100BI for 18/45 mans,are swings that will happen to everyone sooner or later, and the only way to overcome it is to grind through it

  25-Dec-14, 10:26   #8
Joined: Jul '13
Location: Germany
Age: 24 (M)
Posts: 228
Well I am usually a break even player with my upswing every now and then leading to amounts of like 50$ to withdraw (my biggest was 100$).

I also of course had a lot of downswings for about 20-30 Buy-ins, thats why I would call me a break even player on the lower stakes.

I will just keep on playing, if it won't get better I will just start reviewing my sessions.

so, I just deposited again.

Played 10 sit-n-goes

Number 1: Middle Phase. Lost Straight to a Flush (went all-in)

The next are all all-in situations at the Bubble or with 5 players left with high blinds

Number 2: lost 10-10 to A-10. Hits Ace
Number 3: run with Q-Q into A-A
Number 4: 3. Place by folding myself into the money (wanted the donks to bust each other out)
Number 5: run with K-K into A-A
Number 6: 2. Place won with 10-10 against J-2 donk all-in. Lost flip heads up
Number 7: Lost A-8 to A-2 (river was a street)
Number 8: Lost K-10 (had 5 BBs left) to Q-J. Hits Q

the other 2 are running right now, both in middle phase with under average stack.

Meaning another 5 Buy-ins lost so far.
This is basically how I lost all the other 80 Buy-ins.

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  26-Dec-14, 16:04   #9

Joined: May '08
Location: Lithuania
Age: 34 (M)
Posts: 10089
i play freerolls and i have no downswing to worry about. but whenever i am on steroids (booze, cannabis or a combinations of both) perpetual downswing is my constant state. one tip i have to share with you that can stop any downswing 100% sure: when your account reaches $0 all downswings are stopped, i have no idea why, but it works.

Posted by LebronHEAT:
Feel free to write whatever you want


Hello all the wonderful mobsters out there, this is your friend flashfaust01 from Japan, somewhere in Asia writing to you, wish a good day to each and everyone of you:

I am very happy to be a part of such a great community, wish you the best of luck at the tables, off the tables, behind the tables, under the tables and in your life in general.
Yours truly flashfaust01.

  26-Dec-14, 16:58   #10
Joined: Mar '09
Location: Greece
Age: 41 (F)
Posts: 13205
Every one has bad days, or even more like weeks some times.
the thing is to be able and control it and not letting it dragging you down, by keep thinking of it
while you play.
Regular breaks in such occasions are good and helps your mind clear.

  27-Dec-14, 12:57   #11
Joined: Feb '11
Location: Germany
Age: 25 (M)
Posts: 1859
If you lost the other 80BI almost always as underdog then you're definitely way too tight.
Seeing that you described J2 HU as "donk all in" by the guy shows this. In a HU in a SNG chances are blinds were high enough that shoving J2 is correct.
If you were playing even close to correct then you would bust as underdog probably at least 40% of the time (because shoving ranges are always much wider than calling ranges). A good SNG player makes his money with deadmoney won (by shoving and all others folding), as well as calling shoves correctly. If you shove yourself as good SNG player you will often be heind. This is however not the case as per xour description of every single sng

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