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  8-Jan-15, 01:19   #1
Heads-Up 0 
Joined: Jul '13
Location: Germany
Age: 24 (M)
Posts: 228
Hey guys. Got some essential question for playing Poker.

I seriously SUCK at playing heads-up.
I like playing any kind of Poker.

The Problem is..
1. In Cash-Games you never play heads-up (like.. REALLY heads up. you know what I mean)
2. In sit-n-goes usually the blinds get so high already at the Bubble thats it's almost only Push or Fold for the last 1-2 or even 4 Places
3. Let's be honest, how often will you make it to the Heads-up of a big Tournament?... I only made it to some Turbo tournaments, where the Blinds are really High at the Final Table.

I currently play a Satelite to MiniFTOPS Event#10 which will be tomorrow.
6 Players left. 3 win a Ticket and the rest gets a lot of Full Tilt Points.
I am currently the Chip Leader

I am not sure if I should just get the 11$T instead of playing the Event.

The Event is a Heads-up Shootout.
1024 Players. I need to win 5 times in a row to get min. 16 Place with a price of a bit more then 100$. The first place gets a bit more then 1.000$

Any advices? I am really stuck...

EDIT: I just won the Ticket. I paid 75 FTP Entry. Didn't make any rebuy and neither needed an add-on

EDIT: Allright, I see that I can't get T Dollar for it. So anybody knows got videos or articles about heads up? Maybe I should watch some pros playing it

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  8-Jan-15, 04:49   #2

Joined: Mar '09
Location: Canada
Age: 31 (M)
Posts: 3175
Im no pro but do ok heads up. Can tell ya not to be affraid if u miss the flop, chances are they did too. Dont be to tight, raise in position. Hands like k8suited are alot stronger then they look. Play your aces strong. Having a pair is good, even if its bottem pair its still half decent (use decretion on how hand plays out) most HU hands are won by a single pair. Dont let your opponent see turn/river without paying if u hit flop.

  8-Jan-15, 23:33   #3
Joined: Oct '14
Location: Germany
Age: 36 (M)
Posts: 429
First of all congratulations for winning the ticket - well done. But if I understand you correctly, you are not good at playing heads-up. So if you have the possibility to change your ticket into tournament dollars I would do that.

  9-Jan-15, 00:42   #4

Joined: May '13
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 32 (M)
Posts: 2219
I used to play tight because I was used to cash games but I found out that playing looser helped me improved my HU game. Dont be afraid to steal and push(When they blinds become bigger)if need be.

  9-Jan-15, 01:24   #5
Joined: Jul '13
Location: Germany
Age: 24 (M)
Posts: 228
I had to play the Tournament.

I watched a lot of Heads-up on Youtube and played fast-paced jackpot tournaments as warm-up.

I shark-scoped my first opponent, who is a constantly winning Player (at least at Full Tilt)

The game was really tough and it seemed like we were even matched up.
He hit his higher pair once in the river. With 1.000 Chips left after 35 Mins (Starting with 3.000) it took me 20 Minutes to come back to 3.000 each player.

After 5 minutes (1 Hour) I made my first big mistake..

He raises standard 3xBB
I re-raise him with K-Q off because he got really agressive with high-blinds..

Then he pushed all-in and I was forced to either fold or call.. Since I would be back on like 1.5K with very high blinds I decided to take a Flip, since I put him on some lower pairs, hoping I would fold.

But then he showed A-K. No Flip for me and I was out..

But I'm not even mad, I played better then I knew I could.

Also it was the longest Heads-up in the whole first round

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