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  20-Feb-15, 05:49   #1
hitting the royal flush flop -1 

Joined: Jan '13
Location: Philippines
Age: 52 (F)
Posts: 857
when did you hit a royal flush playin poker i got some yesterday mind if i copy right it..Dealer: Hand #35287658786
Dealer: simeji has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: simeji has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: dontbluffme149 shows a Royal Flush
Dealer: dontbluffme149 wins the pot ($1.90) with a Royal Flush
Dealer: Hand #35287662835
Dealer: Stinos3 has 8 seconds left to act
Dealer: dontbluffme149 has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: anusch lini has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: dontbluffme149 shows [Qs Qd]
Dealer: anusch lini shows [8s 8h]
Dealer: dontbluffme149 shows a pair of Queens
Dealer: anusch lini shows a pair of Eights
Dealer: dontbluffme149 wins the pot ($1.68) with a pair of Queens..thats a play i like most at fulltilt...

  20-Feb-15, 08:27   #2

Joined: Feb '13
Location: Bulgaria
Age: 30 (M)
Posts: 29
it is very rate to hit it at all, I do not know what's the chance to flop it. I remember 3 times when I have such a beauty, once in Pokerstars NLH, once in Fulltilt BRM freeroll, and once again Fulltilt at PL6O.
My hands was something like AQs, all of them with clubs, I'm waiting still my Royal of spades, then I will drop dead.

  20-Feb-15, 09:29   #3
Joined: Mar '11
Location: Germany
Age: 49 (M)
Posts: 1240
Really rare to get one. Guess I had 3 or 4 during the last 4 years.
But a few days ago I hitted a Royal flush (hearts) at the river, really nice, but not easy to get a big payout from villain, because they are afraid of the flush.

  20-Feb-15, 14:07   #4
Joined: Feb '14
Location: Tunisia
Age: 30 (M)
Posts: 2089
hello there
next time try to post the hand
because all we see that you had royal flush that's it
some of us want to know how did you get paid off with this monster
i flopped once royal flush with 10h Qh , it felt good , the other guy had a flush
so needless to say ,i got his money

  20-Feb-15, 18:38   #5
Joined: Jun '13
Location: Canada
Age: 74 (M)
Posts: 3700
Its very nice to get monster hand on the flop. However its also hard to make a good pot with those hands unless you get a player that hit a very good hand but lower than yours or a real moron that will put is chips with any two cards.

And believe me there are a lot of these donks especially when playing freerolls could be very nice and also be frustrating when they it better than you. For sure not with monster flop for you. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

  20-Feb-15, 18:53   #6
Joined: Mar '12
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 39 (F)
Posts: 2249
Nice hand super t..... I have had a couple but pretty sure I didn't get much of a pay off,my best result has been with a straight flush where someone else had ace hi flush and another had straight. Smile

  21-Feb-15, 20:26   #7
Joined: Oct '14
Location: Germany
Age: 35 (M)
Posts: 429
Congratulations to your royal flush. It is something that can be seen only seldom. I have never had one so far. On some Pokersites there are even jackpot games I believe, where you can win a lot of money when bringing a royal flush to the showdown.

  9-Apr-15, 00:16   #8

Joined: Mar '14
Location: Japan
Age: 44 (M)
Posts: 7769
Just did. Nothing exciting at all.

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (Thursday, April 09, 2015 @ 00:21 GMT)

  9-Apr-15, 13:50   #9
Joined: Feb '11
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 53 (M)
Posts: 5361
Royal Flush. It's an interesting term, often associated with Kings and Queens finishing off on the toilet. Strange how it became a poker term. Maybe they (the kings and queens) were playing poker with each other on the toilet and that's how......... Too much toilet stuff going on today! Well done super thight!

  9-Apr-15, 14:59   #10
Joined: May '13
Location: Mauritius
Age: 26 (M)
Posts: 2688
Wow nice of you to win with the royal flush always good when this hand is played you feel really good and happy and you are just sure you are gonna win the hand and the pot whatever happens lol, you just have to pray that the other person calls or all in and you get stacks in the middle lol, cheers grats again i remember winning it once but it has been awhile since my last one lol, cheers anyway peace out and good luck again at the tables!

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