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  24-Apr-15, 20:03   #1
Playing a couple freerolls to start the day 0 
Joined: Feb '13
Location: Canada
Age: 40 (M)
Posts: 1087
Felt a bit sluggish this afternoon and didn't feel like risking any BR after a successful couple of days. Smart move on my part I feel but I'm playing really well at the moment. I know there just freerolls and I shouldn't care but I'm running well in the only two I've played all day and should cash in both of them!

Brm on PS 1pm Sitting 117 of 505 runners Bubble boy for now

100K Privilege on PS 3 pm Sitting 847 of 3591 runners 2700 pay out.

Wish me luck

  24-Apr-15, 20:49   #2

Joined: Feb '12
Location: Canada
Age: 58 (M)
Posts: 5915

...is that 'Start the Day' as in....: ...a new day of poker that you have just started,....?


...'Start the Day' as in...: ...You just got out of bed,...??? Sleepy Shock Smile Big Smile Tongue

...anyhow,....good luck wit dat....! Thumbs Up

I went deep in the 100K last night for about $1.50,...only THAT amount for THAT depth... Confused Dollar

  24-Apr-15, 21:00   #3
Joined: Feb '13
Location: Canada
Age: 40 (M)
Posts: 1087
Woke up early this morning around 8:30 ran some errands that needed taking care of and just started to play at 3pm. Started with these two freerolls to warm up and now am playing the sit & go's.

My usual wake up time is around 11 though so you were actually pretty close! lol

Just hit the second break Demo and am sitting 454 of 1095 with a 22k stack. Just under the average.

Need some hands very shortly or will need to do some pushing with some mediocre hands.

now sitting 145 of 462 currently and have a healthy stack to go wit hit. Average is 56k I'm at 62k.

here we go!

Just hit the third break and have been card dead since last updated other than one AK combo so far.

Sitting 180 of 217 runners remaining. Demo where did you finish top 90-100 last night ?

Anyways hope to get some luck down the stretch and catch some break along the way. maybe a double up soon ?

Later boys and girls.

Just went out in 144th place out of 18733 runners this afternoon.

This was a tough way to go out, thought I was good till both players flipped over better hands. That's poker for you.


Edited by TheIrish77 (Friday, April 24, 2015 @ 22:24 GMT)

  24-Apr-15, 23:31   #4

Joined: Jan '12
Location: Portugal
Age: 26 (M)
Posts: 405
Hi mate.

Like you said, this couple a days you are run really good, and make this stop or rest in your poker, and play some freerolls is a good idea.
But when i read your post in this thread i just read the position of you in the tournaments, and you talk about two freerolls, and before my post you didn't said if you have rich the money in that two freerolls or not, because beside de fact of you go well and be nice position in the tournament, we want to know to if that move of play this tournaments pay off.

Enjoy sun and life, keep playing safe.

  25-Apr-15, 12:46   #5

Joined: Jan '13
Location: Philippines
Age: 52 (F)
Posts: 857
yes,absolutely agree.freerolls is a good way to start a bankroll but aside from that u need to choose a comfortable game so your time wont waste with nothin in the end.i have my own fav.sites too with some extra internet job .time is money so always take care mobsters Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

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