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  19-Dec-17, 06:59   #1
Chip Leader ITM Hyper Turbo MTT Stars ! +1 
Joined: Feb '13
Location: Canada
Age: 41 (M)
Posts: 1204
that's right your boy TheIrish77 is back at it once again and am currently leading a 1.10$ 6-max Hyper-turbo on Stars with over 921$ up top for the win. I must admit the gods have been very good too me and i've gotten very lucky on multiple occasions. But hey you certainly need some luck in Hyper's to run deep and i giess i've had it so far.

Here are some of the hands that have gotten me some of my chips.

I'll be back with update once closer to final tbale if that occurs.

Wish me luck

4th out of 28 remaining now.

Out in 11th for a payout of 7.71$. decent profit but kindsa made some mistakes i probably shouldn't have at this point.

Another good run though and more for the BR to play around with.

Good night mobsters see you later today!

Edited by TheIrish77 (Tuesday, December 19, 2017 @ 07:26 GMT)

  19-Dec-17, 08:12   #2
Joined: Aug '10
Location: Germany
Age: 47 (M)
Posts: 2196
Gratz for another cash at Stars! It seems, that the hyper turbos their have a nice structure, 1:30 hours playing time for a solid cash are verry nice and i´m sure your next tourney winning was not so far away Blink Gl and rock the hypers!

  19-Dec-17, 09:00   #3
Joined: Mar '11
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 50 (M)
Posts: 7371
Another nice payday for you and you must be building a nice healthy bankroll with your recent results. The pocket Kings was a nice hand but i don't think i would have been calling an all-in with just pocket sixes

  19-Dec-17, 10:58   #4
Joined: Jan '14
Location: Romania
Age: 40 (M)
Posts: 4172
Now i am convinced that you are a very good player at the six-player tables. I think i should study this game more because it is extremely important and can bring money. Unfortunately this time is extremely important for all. I hope i will be able to learn a little more strategy. Congratulations for your success. Thumbs Up

  19-Dec-17, 11:20   #5

Joined: Mar '11
Location: Russian Federation
Age: 47 (M)
Posts: 6095
as I see you often play in such tournaments .... and often get a profit from this game ..... I congratulate you on the wonderful game and wish to receive more and more prizes .... a small win is good but you always want to become a winner .... good luck playing in these tournaments

  19-Dec-17, 20:16   #6
Joined: Mar '09
Location: Greece
Age: 42 (F)
Posts: 13759
Another good hit. You almost final tabled another one, with a profit.
You must have made a nice profit, for a nice cash out this period of the year Smile
And you still have time to hit a few final tables before the 2017 is gone Smile
Good luck. Thumbs Up

  22-Dec-17, 00:47   #7

Joined: Mar '14
Location: Japan
Age: 45 (M)
Posts: 8926
Congratulations on finishing the $400 guaranteed tournament in 7th place and receiving US$7.71. US$7.71 is more than 7 buy-ins. We are looking forward to hearing more success stories very soon.

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