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Viktor Blom Wins $1.5 Million - In Just 3 Days!

Tags: full tilt poker, high stakes, isildur1, viktor blom.
Posted on Thursday, September 05, 2013 by "T".

Viktor "Isildur1" Blom is doing extremely well at the moment. According to highstakesdb, the young Swede has won $1,5 million in the past three days against SallyWoo, Kyle "PKR16" Ray, OMGClayAiker, Isaak Haxton, and other regulars at Full Tilt's nosebleed tables! The biggest chunk of the profit comes from SallWoo, who lost $716k to Blom in a few sessions of $500/$1000 CAP PLO yesterday.

The winnings will come in handy for Blom who had lost over 2 million dollars in just one week before his incredible winning streak started. He's now up $3,095,932 (289,208) this year - about 200k less than the biggest winner online, "cottonseed1".

source: highstakesdb

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20 comments for "Viktor Blom Wins $1.5 Million - In Just 3 Days! "

 mascona9/5/2013 9:52:09 AM GMT
Didn't he just lose 4 days ago exactly the same amount ???
 asowood9/5/2013 8:36:21 PM GMT
Someday I'll be this guy!!! (if only more on-line poker sites would never restrict our country!) lol
 Macubaas9/5/2013 9:21:49 PM GMT
Sick as always, if he only plays poker just for fun you would definately better understand why he plays like this.

Still it's good that from time to time he wins, it means more bullets for fun highstakes matches Big Smile
 Phisix9/5/2013 10:37:43 PM GMT
I wonder what his actually hobbies are other than Poker.
 ayaraled9/5/2013 11:37:35 PM GMT
amazing win....a roller coaster ride is on with blom always...big wins big losses big swings...
 mascona9/6/2013 2:33:16 PM GMT
Don't you still get it ? It's a play money for him.
 demodawggy9/6/2013 4:40:01 PM GMT
Maybe he inherited a TON of cash from his family,...and as a result has NO respect for money...

I mean,...this guy should take his winnings and retire from poker before he goes on a BIG downswing from which he can't recover, and subsequently has to find a nice cozy bridge to live under... Confused

He makes MORE in ONE poker game that he wins, than MOST folks make in a lifetime...

I guess he keeps the taxman happy... Big Smile
 komandant239/6/2013 5:29:53 PM GMT
... and he lost half of that to Alex" I Read Your Soul" Millar one day later.
 Macubaas9/6/2013 9:30:19 PM GMT
He did said that he plays for fun but i never heard the fact that he inherited money...

I know that his brother is a pretty respected live poker player in Sweden, i wonder if he also plays online?
 Macubaas9/9/2013 6:45:43 AM GMT
An online poker site that tracks high stakes tables reported that he had lost another 400k in a short HUNL session against Sanlker.

I guess shortly we should expect that he is up 1 mil again Big Smile Evil
 thefly1319/9/2013 7:02:36 AM GMT
well it s a way to make publicity...winning or loosing such amounts in a few days...

Most of us know how your BR can go up or down in 1 or 2 sessions , only we play for peanuts comparing to Blom and friends..

and believing that you are playing with play money instead of real money... you have no connection to the value of it
 noonlion9/9/2013 12:54:46 PM GMT
Next headline:

Viktor Blom realises he's a compulsive gambler: Decides to dedicate his life to helping vulnerable children
 mascona9/9/2013 1:02:45 PM GMT
Poker News Daly is reporting that Blom’s recent sponsorship deal with PokerStars could result in a massive bill for back taxes to the tune of nearly $150 million. Swedish law requires residents to pay taxes on any gambling winnings earned from online casinos, card rooms or sportsbooks that are not based in the European Union – a group that doesn’t include Ireland-based Full Tilt Poker, the site where Blom made most of his considerable fortune over the years.

Swedish poker players face a massive 30 percent tax rate on pots won at these casinos, and Blom is expected to have won more than $4.5 billion in pots from Full Tilt alone. Naturally, this revelation has led to a bit of an uproar in the poker community.

Big Smile Big Smile Confused
 avickter1199/15/2013 1:29:52 PM GMT
Man, Isildur1 is a freak! He can burn money faster than anyone I have ever known, but he's a great poker rockstar. m/
 Heskor9/15/2013 5:04:01 PM GMT
Its getting boring, every time he wins and then loses it and the wins, loses again and again lol

Its like picturing your swing on a larger scale though I admit Isildur1 is a sick poker player. Cheers hope he wins like 10m a day and we get another great headline lol.

Peace man

 kinogomes9/15/2013 5:06:40 PM GMT
I my opinion he should stop the playmoney!!!
 av19669/15/2013 9:08:29 PM GMT
Yeah he plays real money like others play with playmoney cause he can afford it and cause is a great player with steel nerves
 TheMachineQC9/15/2013 10:29:21 PM GMT
Posted by Phisix:
I wonder what his actually hobbies are other than Poker.

He doesn't have any. Big Smile
 doubletop77711/18/2013 1:32:13 PM GMT
This amount of money is mind boggling. How you can win so much in 3 days is frightening. I would be very tempted never to play again and just enjoy the money but Blom would never do that
 MarcWinz11/18/2013 1:38:27 PM GMT
Personally I think it is up to him if he wins or loses $1000000000000000 of dollars, just as long as he keeps giving me his full tilt points - I wish........... Perhaps I'll drop him an e-mail and see if we can arrange this - he obviously dont use them !!!!!

Good luck to him anyway Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

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