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2015 WSOP: Joe McKeehen Not The Biggest Winner Of This Year's Final Table

Tags: 2015 November Nine, IRS, Joe McKeehen, Pierre Neuville.
Posted on Thursday, November 19, 2015 by "T".

Although American poker pro Joe McKeehen won this year's WSOP Main Event for $7.6 million, the biggest winner of all was the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)! According to a report by taxabletalk.com' s Russ Fox, 34.13 percent of the final table's $24,806,976 prize money will go to the IRS. That's $8,467,091!

Fox on McKeehen's winnings, "As a professional poker player, he'll owe self-employment tax along with his federal income tax ($3,073,240), Pennsylvania state income tax ($235,879), and the local township (North Wales Boro) Earned Income Tax ($76,833), a total of $3,385,952 (44.07%). He'll get to keep an estimated $4,297,394 of his winnings."

Pierre Neuville, who finished in 7th place, is the only player that will get to keep all his winnings thanks to an agreement between his home country Belgium and the United States. Neuville, 72, won't have to pay tax in Belgium either as he's not a full-time poker player.

Here's what this year's November Nine players will get after paying the taxman. 

Winner Before Tax After Tax
Joe McKeehen  $7,683,346 $4,297,394
Josh Beckley  $4,470,896 $2,389,177
Neil Blumenfield $3,398,298 $1,805,764
Max Steinberg $2,615,361 $1,543,306
Ofer Zvi Stern  $1,911,423 $1,011,317
Tom Cannuli $1,426,283 $785,996
Pierre Neuville $1,203,293 $1,203,293
Federico Butteroni $1,097,056 $571,566
Patrick Chan  $1,001,020 $545,614
Totals  $24,806,976 $14,153,427

source: www.taxabletalk.com

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2 comments for "2015 WSOP: Joe McKeehen Not The Biggest Winner Of This Year''s Final Table"

 pochui11/19/2015 9:52:53 AM GMT
ha ha ha... i love taxes, no wait i meant i love taxis and hate taxes. isn't this funny Pierre Neuville finished in 7th place but won more than the dude who finished in 5th place... and without making any deals at the table. Joe McKeehen paid ~3.3 millions in taxes- wow is this a lot or what, considering that they had time till november 9 nonsense started i would have considered taking the nationality of some small country where my winnings would not be taxed in exchange for investing some money in real estate or creating a small business and a few job places with that... or using some other scheme that is on offer.
 tarik2011/19/2015 10:35:42 PM GMT
they must prade, because that mans donating american economy Smile
I have seen live translation, there was nothing interesting, just a luck of winner and bad bluff from Blumenfield.

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