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2015 WSOP: William Kakon Wins Event #11 - $1,500 Limit Hold'em

Tags: William Kakon.
Posted on Monday, June 08, 2015 by "T".

William Kakon, among the top 1 percent of all real estate brokers in the United States for six consecutive years - with more than $3 billion in overall sales, earned his first bracelet and $196,055 in prize money for making it through a field of 660 entries in the $1,500 BUY-IN LIMIT HOLD'EM CHAMPIONSHIP.

"Coming out here, this is my vacation every year," he said only moments after winning the tourney. "I'm very familiar with this game, so I really do feel comfortable playing it. It's harder to find now in casinos, so I try to make an effort to play them at the WSOP."

"I'm a very competitive person," Kakon revealed, somewhat overstating the obvious given his domination of the later stages of this tournament. "If it's business or poker, I just play to win all the time."


Name: William Kakon Birthplace: Casablanca, Morocco
Age: 38 Current Residence: Miami, FL (USA)
Marital Status: Married
Children: None
Profession: Real Estate Broker / Healthcare Business
Number of WSOP Cashes: 7
Number of WSOP Final Table Appearances: 2
Number of WSOP Gold Bracelet Victories (with this tournament): 1
Best Previous WSOP Finish: 6th (2010)
Total WSOP Earnings: $324,936
Personal Facts: Has lived in Casablanca, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami

FUN FACTS: For many years during the 1980s and 1990s, $1,500 buy-in Limit Hold'em was the first event listed on the WSOP schedule. It routinely drew the biggest field sizes, even larger than the Main Event Championship during an era when Limit Hold'em was far more popular than No-Limit in public cardrooms. The popularity of this event began to decline about eight years ago, as field sizes dipped below 500 for the first time in two decades. However, each of the last two years has seen a significant increase in turnout for this event, as 657 turned out in 2014, which increased up to 660 this year.

source: WSOP.com

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5 comments for "2015 WSOP: William Kakon Wins Event #11 - $1,500 Limit Hold''em"

 bowie19846/26/2015 12:04:11 AM GMT
Funny that the first prize might be just a little pocket money for this guy after all. Always fascinates me what is dragging these rich people into gambling in the first place, if they already have the money then the adrenaline could easily be found elsewhere too...
 klash236/26/2015 5:22:26 PM GMT
It is probably an ego thing,I don't know how good this particular guy is but when you have millions in the bank then playing a tourney that costs less than a couple of grand can't be much of a gamble.....It's like me playing a $1 tournament.
 bowie19847/2/2015 1:10:37 AM GMT
The thing is when I'll have millions in the bank my recreational activites won't include anything that is related this closely to spending money. I see no point 'having fun' by risking what I already have, of course you are right this buy-in was probably like worth as much as his weekly phone bill.
 klash237/4/2015 12:04:18 PM GMT
It can't be the money that drives you if you are super rich and these investor/hedge-fund guys would probably make as much money by going to work for a couple of days.If he has got millions in the bank then the interest for the day would be covering the buy in. Smile
 bowie19847/5/2015 10:40:26 AM GMT
I don't know what drives the ones like Warren Buffet (if not money), but sure as hell I want what he's having. I read somewhere that he eats high sugar, high carb things regularly - I doubt he could benefit from those in a long run, but I can see why anybody in their 80s would not give two $hits about health.

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