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BankrollMob Christmas Calendar: Over $15,000 In Prizes!

Tags: christmas calendar.
Posted on Thursday, December 01, 2016 by "T".

We are glad to present the 2016 edition of our annual Christmas Calendar! From December 1st until December 24th, 2016, BankrollMob members have 5 chances each day to win one or several gifts - including Poker Tournament Tickets and Freeroll entries; Mob Points; Freespins for casino; Free Bets for sports betting.

There are over 1,000 free gifts available with a value of more than $15,000! If that's not convincing enough, members who open 100 doors or more throughout the Christmas Calendar will get entry to a $1,000 Freeroll at partypoker on January 29th at 20:00 CET.

Final notes:

You can exchange gifts/prizes won for lottery tickets (example: a gift with a $10 value can be exchanged for 10 lottery tickets). About 1 week after the Christmas Calendar ends, we will randomly pick 50 winners of the following prizes:

• 2 x 4,000 MobPoints
• 3 x 3,000 MobPoints
• 5 x 2,000 MobPoints
• 15 x 500 MobDraw tickets
• 10 x 100 MobSafe "shots"
• 15 x 50 MobSafe "shots"

Gifts/prizes* might not be credited to your account(s) until January 2017, so please don't contact our support unless you haven't received your gifts/prizes by the first week of February, 2017. Also, please don't contact the sites you have won gifts from. BankrollMob support will handle everything!

*Some gifts will have play-through requirements before you can make a withdrawal.

This Christmas Calendar wouldn't have been possible without all free gifts from our generous partners/sponsors. We would really appreciate if you support these sites by making deposits and playing there so they want to continue providing great prizes for future BankrollMob Exclusive promotions.


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bet365: 100% up to €50

888poker: $88 Free / 100% up to $800

partypoker: $10 Free / $500 deposit bonus

Energy Casino: Up To 115 Free Spins

Titan Poker: $150 No deposit bonus

24hBet Poker: €5 no deposit bonus

Europa Casino: €10 no deposit bonus

LeoVegas: 20-25 Free Spins

DeucesCracked: Poker coaching

PokerMira: $100 no deposit bonus

BetMira: Cashback up to 20%

CasinoMira: 20 Free Spins (no deposit required)

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82 comments for "BankrollMob Christmas Calendar: Over $15,000 In Prizes!"

Displaying only the 50 latest comments. To view all comments, please visit the forum thread:
» BankrollMob Christmas Calendar: Over $15,000 In Prizes!

 pochui12/2/2016 9:59:24 PM GMT
well all that i can say is [size=5]big fat thanks[/size] to brm and all of it's partners for making it happen, each december is definitely a month worth waiting for 11 months.
oh and in case if you wonder if this xmas calendar is rigged- yes it is, i won 250 mobpoints with my first door.
 monster198312/3/2016 4:01:52 AM GMT
 wolfydan12/3/2016 5:05:41 AM GMT
1 euro fishmarket at 24hbet poker for me i opened 6 doors so far
 Winstunt12/3/2016 5:52:50 AM GMT
0/15 lol. Definitely not running good at the moment. Darn bad beats Aww crap!
 saft_suse12/3/2016 11:52:08 AM GMT
WHERE is the calender? cant find it !!
 shoh117712/3/2016 12:03:56 PM GMT
super! 200 points 1E and 24 poker. Good luck everyone!
 thefly13112/3/2016 1:00:06 PM GMT
well also won my first price today

Received 100 mobdrawtickets

Now I hope i ll be lucky tomorrow with the mobdraw.

Well lets hope there will be lots of more pices behind those doors..

and a big TY for Bankrollmob...

 dule-vu12/3/2016 2:51:29 PM GMT
it would be nice that all of us write in one thread about christmas calendar!for all of you who cant finda calendar,its on your mob account,in section mob games!
today I didnt get any prize,so waiting for tomorrow!already use my 5 doors!but still I am satisfied,from first two days I have 45 lottery tickets and I have 21 day to collect lot more!
 vaci3812/3/2016 10:27:29 PM GMT
0/15 so far, I think I will not win anything from this Christmas calendar, black series have a few months I do not have any awards, are gonna be no reward to the end of this month Aww crap! Angry certainly not Smile Christmas calendar, please give me an award Sad
 jomull5712/3/2016 10:36:11 PM GMT
I have had two wins so far. Tickets for a site I don't use but so I just traded them for lottery tickets. I will try hard this time to open all the doors on the calendar and see what else I can win Smile
 sammybeyo12/4/2016 7:44:42 AM GMT
Well officially after 4 days in I am 1 for 20 on the calendar winning a prize on door #7 my lucky number those 100 mob draw tickets coincidence perhaps Blink Big Smile
 damosk12/4/2016 8:08:38 AM GMT
So, on my 12th door I was aware that the new window was taking. A little longer than usual to appear with it's very more than usual, Auch, you did not win...... loser...come back another time and try and lose again, however, to my absolute joy and delight, when it opened I WAS A WINNER!!!!!!! yay! A $3 bet on bet something! Unfortunately, I don't and won't be having an account at bet something or other any day soon, so I selected the option to gain three raffle tickets. Plenty of time to go! Keep opening them windows!
 doubletop77712/4/2016 11:02:50 AM GMT
So far so good in the calendar for me, i have won two prizes in the last two days and have six lottery tickets for the draw. Its always a very nice feeling when you see 'Congratulations' at the top of the window and long may it continue!!
 pochui12/4/2016 1:04:57 PM GMT
well not really complaining with the results so far as well as a few of other mobbits, won a few mobpoints and a free dollaro bet in betmira or something like that, converted this into 1 ticket to the xmas draw and i'm sure i will win some free tickets to the draw there, and nothing in the draw as usual, but hey at least i'm in the game.
 leosam1812/4/2016 1:43:26 PM GMT
i won a prize 2 days in a row my 1st prize is $3 for pokermira and just now i got a $20 tournament dollar for party poker..thank you BRM for the prize...just wish the prizes are also instantly credited,,,,Thank You
 Winstunt12/4/2016 2:26:56 PM GMT
im 0/20 so far. anyone else this unlucky as well? lol
 dule-vu12/4/2016 3:30:39 PM GMT
today again nothing,but still have one door to open today and will see when I will use that guess!I cant complain on this years calendar,just hope that will continue like this and will lots of prizes and lottery tickets for me!good luck to all!
 sammybeyo12/5/2016 4:47:26 AM GMT
Well I am 1/25 on the calendar so far only prize is 100 mob draw tickets but had no luck in the draw lets hope the other 19 days go better Big Smile Worship Thumbs Up Smile
 Calmplay12/5/2016 5:16:22 AM GMT
won 2 prizes so far since day 1 but I had to request the lottery tickets instead as I'm not ready to create a new account at the gaming site to get the prizes...
 ivanjkp12/5/2016 7:45:43 AM GMT
Very nice promotions from bankrollmob with this Christmas Calendar and very nice price can get in this one.For now i dont won any price but i will try it until end will be hard fight Smile
Gl to all and hope soon will get some price Dollar Dollar Dollar
 vaci3812/5/2016 9:17:39 AM GMT
What about my calendar for sure something is wrong, five days no rewards, I tried on a mobile phone still nothing, is it possible that I will not get any reward Sad Sad I have so much bad luck Sad I'll get at least a consolation prize participation in the tournament, surely I will open all 120 Sad
 sdzorik12/5/2016 1:35:17 PM GMT
 Winstunt12/5/2016 2:10:40 PM GMT
0/25 hopefully i get some luck soon Smile
 dule-vu12/5/2016 3:53:13 PM GMT
still on this prizes from first two days,but hope that will be better!its not bad how I am doing till today,when I see how many members didnt win anything!hope that will collect more of lottery tickets and that will be many prizes till 24.!love to see message,congratulations,you are winner!
 Winstunt12/6/2016 6:11:31 AM GMT
1/30. WON 100 tickets. wish me luck Thumbs Up

 vaci3812/6/2016 10:28:02 AM GMT
0/30 until now, hahaha I can not believe, I will be first in the history of the Christmas calendar, which was not rewarded Sad Sad Sad whether there is now someone else who has not won prize ?I think not Sad I have to do something, some magic Smile
 dule-vu12/6/2016 4:06:17 PM GMT
another reward for me and again good prize!250 mob points at early morning or late night,depend how you look on this!so if this winnings continue,like it was this first 6 days,it would be grat and this will be best christmas calendar at BRM for me,since when I am member here!
 sammybeyo12/6/2016 4:39:34 PM GMT
1/30 the calendar is 25% complete and so far let's hope the next 90 doors go better Blink Big Smile Worship Thumbs Up Smile
 ivanjkp12/7/2016 8:06:02 AM GMT
Haha i see we all use lotery tickets...Today i opened my first box and i won ticket for 500$ freeroll on poker mira and i exchange for 4 ticket the i opened again and in next box was 3$ sport bet also on poker mira and also i exchange for 3 tickets so far i have 7 ticket... Smile
That will be masive drawn Smile
 shoh117712/7/2016 9:29:09 AM GMT
today is a very good day. $ 3 poker mira . thank you BankrollMob Big Smile Cool Smile
 arsenej112/7/2016 11:24:49 AM GMT
ive won 100 mob tickets, 100$ nordic bet sports bet and 1month poker training so far Smile traded all in for tickets though so sitting with about 145 tickets
 mirexxx12/7/2016 11:54:43 AM GMT
10 eur bonus slots on energycasino
1 sng fish on 24h bet
500 Dollar free.roll on pokermira
good for now but i need points Dollar Worship
 vaci3812/7/2016 12:11:01 PM GMT
I finally got an award, I thought I will not get any awards, I do not have much luck in the draw, but it would be too much that I do not get any reward from the Christmas calendar Big Smile I received a $ 3 bet at poker Mira, but I replaced the award for tickets for drawing Smile
 sammybeyo12/7/2016 12:23:43 PM GMT
1 for 35 like a boss jk hopefully luck gets better on the calendar good luck mobsters Worship Thumbs Up Big Smile
 dule-vu12/7/2016 4:13:36 PM GMT
today nothing for me,already used all of 5 doors and it was all in bad time!and I didnt expect that will win at that hours,but cant resist not to open them Big Smile !its like drug,so if I have option for 24 of them,for every hour in day,I still would open them all!
 damosk12/7/2016 8:24:55 PM GMT
So, I've now had the great fortune to win 3 times in seven days. The problem is that each win involved a site which I am not and have no intention of being a member of even simply signing up to, so I exchanged my wins for tickets to the post calendar raffle, and now have something like 13 tickets to play with. Good luck to you all as the month progresses.
 arsenej112/7/2016 11:15:26 PM GMT
Posted by damosk:
So, I've now had the great fortune to win 3 times in seven days. The problem is that each win involved a site which I am not and have no intention of being a member of even simply signing up to, so I exchanged my wins for tickets to the post calendar raffle, and now have something like 13 tickets to play with. Good luck to you all as the month progresses.

i had the same problem would have loved a free 100$ partybet or something but wasnt looking to make another account at another site. and the training i won would be a waste of the sites time, itll take alot more then a month to beat the gambler out of me
 Rijckenborg12/8/2016 1:20:38 AM GMT
What a great promotion Smile
This calendar is far better than calendar with chocolate that my parents buy me when I was young Smile
I will open the 5 doors each day for sure Smile
Thank you BRM Smile
 Winstunt12/8/2016 3:03:20 AM GMT
Just won $20 Tournament dollars to partypoker.com. Right on, my 4th prize now Smile
 ivanjkp12/8/2016 9:32:34 AM GMT
Posted by Winstunt:
Just won $20 Tournament dollars to partypoker.com. Right on, my 4th prize now Smile

The best prise you can get is this 20$ tournament dollars for part.y poker and i can only took that any other prise i will exchange for special drawn siting with 10 ticket now
GL all
 dule-vu12/8/2016 4:37:50 PM GMT
another great day for me at christmas calendar and everything in early start of new day,early hours got 2 prizes!first I got 3 $ free bet at bet mira,so I didnt want this offer and just changed for more tickets and now have 48 tickets for lottery!
and then on next door,I got 250 mob points!great day!so some tickets for draw,some points on account Big Smile
 pochui12/8/2016 8:33:33 PM GMT
well to be honest me is not liking all of these crazy prizes on offer, sure no one can complain about free whatevers, but still... massively disappointed not seeing a premium pornhub subscription or all-inclusive psychotropic drugs bundle on the prizes list... ah well maybe next year.
 thefly13112/8/2016 10:17:31 PM GMT
Well had the luck of finding some prices behind those doors.
As I took the tickets , I think I still have a chance to win some of the proces that Pochui mentioned above .
a premium pornhub subscription or all-inclusive psychotropic drugs bundle on the prizes list

Or am I wrong ... future will tell and a happy thought is also something
 Davydave12/9/2016 3:11:34 AM GMT
Still haven't hit anything in 42 shots... need to lube those doors... Big Smile
 damosk12/9/2016 7:57:39 AM GMT
So, yesterday I managed somehow to win for the fourth time on the BankRollMob Christmas advent calendar! Once again though it was a prize for a site where I do not and will not be having an account so I elected to exchange my prize for raffle tickets, so now have 14 raffle tickets to the post calendar raffle. Thank you BRM.
 dule-vu12/9/2016 4:58:05 PM GMT
today I got only 24hBet poker: €1 Fish Party Ticket,so again dont want to use that,what I have from one small ticket,so for me its better to change this prize for one lottery ticket and to have more chances in draw!so now have 49 tickets for draw and still 15 days of calendar to win more prize!
 ouThhiTus12/9/2016 9:03:07 PM GMT
our shitty regulator restricted 99.8% of all online casinos so i have opted for lottery tickets. pity!

 drcarlos12/10/2016 12:58:00 AM GMT
no Christmas Calendar to open? where?
 sdzorik12/10/2016 5:00:22 AM GMT
4/49 ^^
 ouThhiTus12/10/2016 5:56:00 AM GMT
again... LOL
gonna take at least a lottery prize with 214 tickets so far Dollar Thumbs Up

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