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Summer Leaderboard Starts Tonight at 20:00 CEST

Tags: partypoker.
Posted on Friday, July 01, 2016 by "T".

Today marks the beginning of yet another Leaderboard with Daily Freerolls at partypoker. You heard right! Make a note in your calendar and inform your family and friends that you won't be able to make it to any barbecues and beach parties from July 1 until September 10 as you will be busy competing for great prizes! 

Everyone (no need to be tracked to BankrollMob) will be able to compete in our daily freerolls at partypoker and earn points for the leaderboard with T$1,000 + entries to a special freeroll at stake! 

Register for the leaderboard here!

Passwords will be released on this page 5 minutes before each freeroll begin. 

May the flop be with you this summer!

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17 comments for "Summer Leaderboard Starts Tonight at 20:00 CEST"

 crankmuppet7/1/2016 3:56:40 PM GMT
Thank you partypoker and BankrollMob for another great promotion!
 vsemoje7/1/2016 4:12:09 PM GMT
too bad i cant play on party Sad
 Ingrind337/1/2016 4:25:36 PM GMT
Yee Hah!! Party Time!!!!!

Thank you Bankrollmob staff and I would like to say that freerolls like this (with a leaderboard of course) are the most exciting things on your website. Just like the Euro Championship leaderboard, it's always cool to compete with the people who visit the forum regularly.
And of course the other games. Smile

Good Luck to all mobsters!

 marqis7/1/2016 4:36:40 PM GMT
It looks like it's a rebuy/addon format...?

I doubt this is intended to be a rebuy tournament for $1...
 Ingrind337/1/2016 5:05:16 PM GMT
and no prizepool Disagree
 dule-vu7/1/2016 5:14:02 PM GMT
yeah,I comment in other thread that they solved problem,but didnt look that ther is nothing for play for,so this is big problem!they have 45 min to solve this!I thought that everything is good,when registration is open,but there are still many problems!
 marqis7/1/2016 5:21:45 PM GMT
Posted by Ingrind33:
and no prizepool Disagree

I noticed that too, but when you click "Register now" you'll see that there is a prize pool, so I did not mention it...
 LION_KG7/1/2016 6:31:33 PM GMT
$1 rebuy/addon ?? I see no reason to rebuy when prize pool $50 for first 30 players and 28-30players get $0.37. i cant see reason that anyone rebuys at this structure? Question Question
 Tony_MON7ANA7/1/2016 7:32:52 PM GMT
The prizes, including tournament dollar worth over $1,000 and entries to a special freeroll sound good. Best of luck to those who will be participating in this event at PartyPoker that lasts for roughly 70 days from today until Semptember 10th, 2016.
 pinotte7/1/2016 9:12:31 PM GMT
I usually don't play rebuy/addon tournament except the PSO tickets but never use one or the other.

However today i used the addon but i hope it is a mistake and that the other freerolls won't have them.

Because if it is always these kind of tournament i am not sure if i will play them.

On my table we were three using addon and i am the only one that make ITM for $0.74. Confused Confused Confused
 doubletop7777/2/2016 8:35:15 AM GMT
These promotions are always a great idea and good luck to all the regulars who are playing in it. Unfortunately, due to family commitments, i am unable to play in these but good luck to all again
 DaCapo717/2/2016 10:55:25 AM GMT
I think i tried some freerolls this time, but i have not enough time too play many of this freerolls and so i have no chance to reach a place on the leaderboard. But i wish all mobsters good luck in this new series!
 vaci387/2/2016 4:30:58 PM GMT

BankrollMob thanks to this tournament , when he finished last leaderboard asked whether there will be more of these freerolls because I came later did not have the chance to win some points , I never thought that so soon start a new , good luck to all
 dule-vu7/2/2016 5:20:47 PM GMT
I lost with 7 7!lost some chips,had this one,somebody raise before flop,I payed that,on flop was Q and some low card,I pushed all in,but he payed me,he had that Q and I lost in after 30 minutes!today will see what happen!will play,but dont know how much time will I have!its still saturday night Big Smile
 bowie19847/3/2016 12:10:05 AM GMT
Yeah, saturday night is not exactly my 'go to clean up some tables on an online pokersite' time to be honest nor does any other day when I have to go to work because my shift usually ends somewhere between ten and eleven PM - so much EURO'16 games been missed as well...
Good luck to others though.
 pochui7/3/2016 1:27:48 PM GMT
yes indeed we will not be able to live our regular beachy, not b1tchy lives since it's the time of partypoker leaderboard with a whooping 5K prizepool, that is just mindblowing and spetacular that we regular mobbits are given such amazing opportunity to change our dull lives and make them rosy or blueish.
 dule-vu7/3/2016 5:34:39 PM GMT
this will be a long fight for points at leaderboard and every have more then two months to collect points and it can be changed in last 10 days!so from first days of competition we cant now anything!dont know how much will play,but will try to play more then last leaderboard!

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