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Doyle Brunson teams up with son Todd on New Poker Training Course

Tags: Doyle Brunson, poker books, Todd Brunson.
Posted on Friday, August 03, 2018 by "T".

credit: pokernews.comThe Brunson father-and-son tandem has launched an all-new online training course valued at $149.

Of course, there are plenty of online poker courses available, but only a few of them have the impressive poker background that the Brunsons have. The price isn't as expensive as one would expect considering the caliber of the people behind it, and the great thing about this course is that players will be able to obtain unique insight from the various strategies used by the Brunson's along with their years of professional poker experience.

Doyle Brunson, who will turn 85 years old on August 10, is a 10-time WSOP champ and Poker Hall of fame member and is pretty much considered royalty in the poker world. On the other hand, his son Todd Brunson has made a good reputation for himself in playing poker and has amassed more than $4.4 million in career winnings.

The father and son duo have now joined together to put their experience and skills in a new poker training course named Brunson Poker Pro, designed to definitely improve anyone's game. Valued at $149, the course comes with a book, 208 flash cards showing various in-play scenarios, and other helpful resources including an audio CD and several charts. They even launched a website that covers several other advanced strategies like tells, bluffs, combos & blockers, and board textures.

The Brunson Poker Pro website says, "Now you can learn the game of NL Texas Hold'em and its advanced strategies in a much shorter time and gain professional knowledge without playing for years. We are teaching poker the way your brain processes information faster by seeing, hearing, and doing."

Todd says that the purpose of this course is to take students well beyond the basics. He also explains that the course is a system that focuses on learning techniques that are tried, tested and proven to work. Teaming up with his father to make this possible is something that Todd has wanted to do for a few years now, but wasn't able to do so because of Doyle's hectic schedule.

Doyle said that he hopes the training program will be as helpful as the "Super/System: A Course in Power Poker" that he published around 40 years ago.

While Doyle Brunson announced at this summer's WSOP that he will retire, he now clarifies that he is not going to completely remove himself from playing the game. He said, "I like to have projects to keep me busy, and don't have time to do them all and still be a full-time poker player.  People took my retirement a little wrong, which was probably my fault.  I was talking about not playing any more WSOP events. I'll probably play in some capacity as long as I'm physically able."




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32 comments for "Doyle Brunson teams up with son Todd on New Poker Training Course"

 bowie19848/3/2018 11:38:27 PM GMT
Hopefully this venture will last longer than his online poker company. I mean paying 150 bucks to get coached is sounds fun but neither of them actually plays online and live poker is a bit more than just playing out situations from flashingcards or raising according to a chart.
 doubletop7778/4/2018 7:47:57 AM GMT
I can imagine that this will be a really popular venture and i can see a lot of people taking up this offer. Just to say that you have had a lesson off Doyle would justify paying the fee
 Serpang8/4/2018 8:02:23 AM GMT
Yeah, definitely I ( or we ?) need discuss poker hand we play. Coaching from expert like them should be useful. But online coaching, could we believe they will give coaching personally? or their staff. written or live talk ?
 Gerimantas8/4/2018 10:35:50 AM GMT
Of course it is super fun to have coaching from brunson, not maybe his son who i dont thini is a very good poker player. But i always read and think it is something wrong when people say that they strategy work and can maoe money and they not make money to themselves but sell the strategy
 pajalnick8/4/2018 10:49:54 AM GMT
it seems to me that this poker training course will be successful for people ..... 149 dollars is just a little money .... but to learn something is very cool and popular player is quite an interesting proposal .... and even his son ... About his son did not hear until this moment but maybe he's also cool
 Mober8/4/2018 12:49:44 PM GMT
It wasnt long ago, when er read that doyle brunson will quit playing
poker tournaments, and now this. Apparently he is addicted with the game,
and cant do anything else, that doesnt include poker related things.
From playing to teaching...
 maragatero8/5/2018 1:21:20 AM GMT
Well $ 149 is not little money for me and for what little I've seen, Doyle Brunson don´t like me as a poker player. I see him in the poker star tv show a few times and, in a table with Negrenau and others popes, Brunson was an ABC player. He only put money in the table and won with some AK, but his move was too evident so nobody called his raise. Disagree
 pochui8/5/2018 11:17:31 AM GMT
well I have to admit that I am very skeptical of such so called courses which will make a total dork into a profitable poker player ready to crush any opponent just for a mere 149$ investment... kinda sounds lie a total bullsh1t to be honest
 Mober8/5/2018 1:15:52 PM GMT
With so many videos and online books out there about poker, how to play and stuff,
i find the training courses a waste also, at least when they are paid ones Smile
You may need a little more work by yourself, but it will get you there.
 maragatero8/6/2018 12:17:28 PM GMT
Yes pochui and Mober, I think like you. The only way to make changes in our playing is a big personal commited with learn about it. There are a lot of information, that includes some tips for methodize our learning. If I would have these commitment, the only thing that I could need maybe some coaching sesion. Agree
 bowie19848/6/2018 12:40:23 PM GMT
Posted by pochui:
well I have to admit that I am very skeptical of such so called courses which will make a total dork into a profitable poker player ready to crush any opponent just for a mere 149$ investment... kinda sounds lie a total bullsh1t to be honest

Oh it cannot be bullsh#t since Doyle's name in it, right? It cannot be that he's owing the IRS some money and need a quick cashgrab, right? After all Doyle learned to play poker on this level from flashcards and bettingcharts as well sixty years ago, right?
 CALICUL8/6/2018 1:34:19 PM GMT
It's a joy to hear as Doyle Brunson and his son Todd Brunson will sell at a very good price lessons about the texas holdem poker game. Those who will buy will learn much better and these professional poker players will earn some extra money. The old man refused a fabulous offer to sell his poker room and in this way can win something but not so much of course.
 maragatero8/8/2018 1:27:29 PM GMT
I don´t know CALICUL..do you like how they are playing? I don´t like it. I asume that I only know them trought the tv show of Poker Stars and the comparaision with Negregau is too much, but I still preffer another kind of player. I going to look for some new information about their player´s lifes, and then I´ll return here...
 CALICUL8/9/2018 2:04:48 PM GMT
Any professional player who teaches strategy lessons can teach you to make money from poker. This Doyle Brunson has a very good mind at his age and i'm sure his lessons are good to play live and make some money. Online is different and for that exista some free Internet lessons. If you really want to learn lessons about online poker you must to search and to read and after that to buy a few lessons with real money to see and understand how poker is playing. Good Luck for big money my friend. Smile
 Mober8/9/2018 4:32:47 PM GMT
You may get lessons or read books, but that doesnt me you will be successful,
at paying poker, making tons of money.
If that was the case every would make money out of it.
More have failed than the ones succeeded with it Smile

I believe practice and lots of hours playing is what can make you a good poker player....
 Gerimantas8/9/2018 8:16:52 PM GMT
Yes like many people in this forum for example mober, bowie, pochui say that it is not good to pay money to this course and think you are good poker player. I think you need to play many hands and of course read a lot and watch videos, but free information is good
 bowie19848/9/2018 9:44:30 PM GMT
Posted by Gerimantas:
Yes like many people in this forum for example mober, bowie, pochui say that it is not good to pay money to this course and think you are good poker player.

I believe in coaching don't get me wrong but coaching should be about fixing the holes in your game not learning how to thrive in somebody else's system...
 CALICUL8/10/2018 2:15:58 PM GMT
If you learn strategy lessons and watch some videos you can make money easy, but not big money of course. 100 or 200 dolllars you will earn more easily, than you did before, provided you learned some of those lessons. Is you can not learn anything is bad, but if you learn, then you can play cash games and you will have satisfactions for sure. You can not learn poker well, if you play without learning strategy, because that's what i do, and poker did not bring me much satisfaction. I have to watch some videos and strategy if i want to make more money.
 maragatero8/10/2018 3:35:10 PM GMT
Yes bowie, that it is! In some moment of our learning process, when we did make a profill of playing where we feel comfortable, that a coaching make a good difference analysing your playing stage by stage for fix our holes. And CALICUL, you need to feel some raport with your master, if not the learning couldn´t be done Blink
 CALICUL8/11/2018 2:47:46 PM GMT
The truth is that these games have had a special charm in the past. I refer to Texas holdem poker. Now it's changed and no longer the pleasure of playing as i did it a few years ago. Games with blinds under 8 minutes they are also guilty. I like the blinds at 10 minutes but only in pokerstars but i quit playing there ( no confidence ). Now i play poker with small blinds and it's not so good for me. It is not easy to make a stack under these conditions. Damn
 maragatero8/11/2018 3:37:18 PM GMT
Well, when I returned to the poker online after a while without playing, I was noticed that the game has change and the "turbo", "super turbo", etc, option was the new way of play, I was confuse and unconfortable. I remember the feeling of rush and my nervious with it. But then I got used and now, when I find a game with 10 minutes blinds ....I'm getting bored! Big Smile
 CALICUL8/12/2018 2:50:11 PM GMT
The 10 minute blinds are almost the best, when you play real money, because you have time for maneuver. I have not been able to earn good money in turbo or hyper games. Honestly to be those games turbo or hyper, i do not like in real games, but in freerolls tournaments yes.
 maragatero8/12/2018 11:05:21 PM GMT
Well CALICUL my friend, I feeled this confusion in the begining of the new way of play. When the turbo and super turbo kind of game was starting I thought that these was a crazy way. How could you think a little in 3 or 4 minutes? I was really confused and unconfortable with that. But I used to play in a new way, with less thinking and more reflections, So, like you, I started to lose more frequently Disagree
 CALICUL8/13/2018 2:51:14 PM GMT
I can not play poker in this style. Players also play fast and i really do not like that. If i had played at one table, it was quite different, but when i playing at two or three tables, then a turbo game or 6 players per tables destroy me all concentration. I prefer to give up on turbo tournaments with real money. If i would buy Doyle Brunson's strategy, i will have to see how he touches this tactic.
 maragatero8/14/2018 12:26:16 AM GMT
Hahaha.. I maked the same answer (more or less) to your thread my friend CALICUL! Yesterday, I opened the first page of this thread and I thought that a rare thing was happened, because I remembered to have replied your sayings... Alzheimer is coming!! Big Smile One thing CALICUL, when I readed the news about the Brunsons I didn´t understood that they are making a training in online poker. I thought that they was doing a course of life poker Confused
 Serpang8/14/2018 5:39:05 AM GMT
I almost same character with you CALICUL, even I don't like MTT with small starting chips such as 2000 or 3000. I prefer min 5000 ,cause small starting chips give us similar pressure like turbo. But Irish opposite with us, I think Smile

of course Brunson give online training, maragatero, cause market online is bigger, unlimited place,lol
 Haymore2778/14/2018 10:31:10 AM GMT
Am so gateful to Doyle for all that he did
for poker - but this is unfortunately an outdated
attempt at generating extra revenue. Neither player
plays NL much nor can they beat online.
 pajalnick8/14/2018 10:58:35 AM GMT
of course it's just such a marketing trick and really improve the game will not work for many users of these courses ... but of course maybe someone will be able to get good information that will help in the game ..... but personally I think that this is just an attempt to make money without real benefits
 Mober8/14/2018 1:11:19 PM GMT
They are mentioning in the article that the price isnt expensive.
The truth is that the price they are charging is absolutely nothing for them.
149 USD for a lesson?
Is that even one blind for them, when they are playing ring games? Smile
 CALICUL8/14/2018 3:08:21 PM GMT
149 dollars is not too expensive but with english language is problem for me. I think it is worth paying for these lessons. Players learn poker strategy from someone who plays well at this age too but also for almost all his life. You have nothing to lose. $ 150 you recover after you learn some skills.
 maragatero8/15/2018 2:07:30 AM GMT
Posted by Mober:
They are mentioning in the article that the price isnt expensive.
The truth is that the price they are charging is absolutely nothing for them.
149 USD for a lesson?
Is that even one blind for them, when they are playing ring games? Smile

With $ 149 I could play 1490 sits and go of $ 0,10, I don´t know wich learning I prefer! Big Smile I insist that the coaching could be better. A master of poker that play with you or analyse your playing in a really cash game or tournament, and explain online what was your weakness and the holes in your sistem if you have Blink
 Gerimantas8/15/2018 6:55:09 AM GMT
I too say and think that it is a lot better to play more poker and make mistake and learn but of course there is good courses on internet and i think you can learn many new things from free information

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