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Time zone and GMT

BankrollMob follows the GMT time zone, which is short for "Greenwich Mean Time". GMT does not have daylight saving, which means the time is the same all year round, no one hour ahead or one hour back.

While this may be complicated at first, considering that some of our members might be in CET, some might be in EST etc., it's just a matter of finding out how many hours you are usually ahead/behind of GMT and then adjust accordingly.

Example: If we have a freeroll scheduled for 20:00 GMT sometime during the Winter, and you are located somewhere in Central Europe (CET timezone), then the 20:00 GMT freeroll would be played at 21:00 CET, your time.

However, if the same freeroll was played during Summer, when daylight saving is active, the 20:00 GMT freeroll would instead be played at 22:00 CET, your local time.

What time is GMT right now?
Here on BankrollMob we list the time in several places. All pages will have the GMT displayed in the top left corner of our site. Also on the freerolls page, there's a clock shown in the upper right corner of the content. Note that the clock does not update live, as you are looking at it, it only shows the time when your browser downloaded the page. Simply refresh the page to get the updated GMT time.

Can I get the times in my local time zone instead of GMT?
No, not at this time, unfortunately. We recommend using a free service such as WorldTimeBuddy or TimeZoneConverter, if you have problems finding out how your local time relates to GMT.

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