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888casino Makes $50K Donation To Charity

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Posted on 05 January 2016 by "T".

888casino, an online casino established in 1997, has pledged a Christmas donation worth $50,000 to the International Medical Corps UK, a charitable institution which provides health services in various places around the world that is affected by disease, conflict, or natural disasters.

International Medical Corps UK was first supported by 888casino in the year 2013, which was actually initiated by customers who asked the online casino operator to partner with the charitable institution in order to help people in the Philippines affected by super typhoon Haiyan.

After supporting victims affected by the typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines as much as they can, the International Medical Corps UK decided to continue on their advocacy. Therefore, they also helped in other aspects such as: they treated Ebola-afflicted patients in West Africa, and they also have recently supported refugees who fled away from the war in Syria.

Now, thanks to this generous donation, it will reinforce their ability to respond faster to emergency situations.
The $50K donation from 888casino shall specifically support the charity's program "Further and Faster Fund", thereby enabling the International Medical Corps to act immediately as soon as crisis situations occur, instead of having to wait to be able to raise money first. In an emergency situation, a speedy response significantly saves lives and of course, time is too precious to waste at those critical moments, especially for the ones directly affected. The donation will also make it possible for the staff of International Medical Corps to stay in communities long enough to help educate and train local residents, as well as to create robust healthcare procedures that enable them to cope well should any dire circumstances arise in the future.

The global marketing director of 888casino Sivan Finn said, "The donation has been made possible by the loyalty and support of our customers during the festive period. Our hope is that the money helps International Media Corps to relieve the suffering of those affected by war and natural disasters, through the provision of essential health services."

According to Director of Resource Development and Communications at International Medical Corps UK named Kerry-Jane Kingsmill, "We are very excited about being chosen for the 888casino 2015 Christmas Campaign.  Natural disasters such as droughts and floods affect nearly 250 million people worldwide each year. In addition, there are more people displaced by conflict around the world than ever before. This means that our work has never been more in demand.

This Christmas Appeal's support means that 888casino's customers are enabling International Medical Corps to deploy immediately. Speed saves lives in an emergency - the initial hours are critical for those affected. International Medical Corps will be able to deploy right away, and stay, making the lasting difference."
For more information on the "Further and Faster Fund" campaign, visit the 888casino blog.


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3 comments on "888casino Makes $50K Donation To Charity"

 Fakiry05/01/2016 13:53:54 GMT
I believe these type of social responsability activities made by companies such as casinos and gambling rooms will help themselves to gain credibility, even more if they are well advertised. I guess that isn't the purpose of BRM in leting us know this news through this site, but eventualy turns to be very positive for the image of 888 and will for sure give more more confidence on those who think about giving it a try. I personally didn't need this news to trust in 888, once i already do, but for those who are more sceptical, here is another proof of their integrity!
 dee697709/01/2016 12:14:49 GMT
Massive casino which advertises everywhere. They have any players and an huge following. They target not only casino players but also poker and bingo players. Its good that they contribute some of these earnings to a worthy cause. They send me emails on many occasions to join but even though they have links for south african players, we are unable to is restricted. besides this hiccup they are a reputable site and highly considered in all countries. Some other sites could use this a s an example and perhaps also do the same for the community and those suffering in any way. Well Done 888
 bowie198411/01/2016 03:53:18 GMT
Posted by Fakiry:
I believe these type of social responsability activities made by companies such as casinos and gambling rooms will help themselves to gain credibility, even more if they are well advertised.

Nah it's just cheaper than paying for real advertisements and they realized that with these so called 'feelgood' stories they could get into media outlets where otherwise their adverts would not be welcomed. That is pretty much all.

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