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A Record-Breaking win at BitStarz - Player wins $1,376,221.80!

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Posted on 11 March 2019 by "T".

On Friday, March 8, 2019 there has been yet another record-breaking win at BitStarz Casino as a player wins $1,376,221.80!

Over the past few weeks, there has been a constant stream of big winners coming from Bitstarz. At the beginning of February, a player won a cool $65,000 from a single spin on Fantasy Park and then another player won a massive $350,000 only a couple of days later! This time around, the win is enormous as one lucky player scooped a BitStarz record-breaking $1,376,221.80 million from a single spin on Slotomon Go!

Big Wins Galore

Slotomon Go has been a fan favorite ever since it launched, drawing in players from all around the globe. If you're a fan of the Pokémon Go adventure game, you will simply love Slotomon Go. Your objective is to hunt down a group of monsters that are plaguing the reels. Every time you capture a set of monsters, their mug shots will appear in a digital display along with the bounty for capturing them! Played over 5 reels with 40 paylines, the wins just keep on coming! With a Fabled for its huge 12,500 max win, it's no wonder one lucky player scooped a huge $1.35 million win!

More Games and Promotions Than you Can Count!

While it's Slotomon Go stealing the headlines this month, it's far from being the only game on offer. BitStarz boats a huge collection of over 2,200 of the latest, hottest and very best casino games around. You will be left spoilt for choice when it comes for searching for the next game to earn your massive payday!

On top of this incredible selection of games, you will uncover the very best in customer service at BitStarz. With live chat teams ready and waiting to take your questions 24/7 in a plethora of languages, you will never be waiting long to get the answers to your questions. If this customer service wasn't enough, the cashout times at BitStarz are second to none. The lucky winner who took home a life changing $1.35 million was able to enjoy his winnings in under 10 minutes thanks to the BitStarz lightning fast cashouts! Even cashouts in Las Vegas take longer than that!

Finally, when you register at BitStarz you can then get up to 5 BTC/€500 and 180 free spins across your first 4 deposits - one of the most generous welcome offers around.

Will You Be the Next Big Winner?

Speaking on the record breaking $1,376,221.80 win at BitStarz, Srdjan Kapor - BitStarz Marketing Manager - said:

"I'm totally lost for words with this mammoth win, the lucky player is must be ecstatic right now. Imagine winning $1,376,221.80 from a single spin, that's a win to tell the grandkids about! Nothing brings me more joy than to announce this life changing win and to see another one of our players winning huge sums of money. A massive congratulations to the player, keep the party going!"


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11 comments on "A Record-Breaking win at BitStarz - Player wins $1,376,221.80!"

 Gerimantas11/03/2019 15:29:30 GMT
Of course it is very big win to get playing slot machines in one spin but i personally think that it is not all situation we read ij this article because we not know many spins player make before and what stakes and how much he lose in casino befire win this money
 Nightkid11/03/2019 15:47:25 GMT
Buuueeee also do not know if I take some money haha in my fucking dream can win a similar sum and at least one that said it was a good amount to be happy with the prize but good congratulations to the winner and hopefully more people like this including me as much as possible hahaha Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 bowie198411/03/2019 19:07:24 GMT
Slotomon Go... Jesus Christ almighty - naming a simple slot game really took a nosedive since I have started to play casino games a dozen or so years ago. I mean I get it, they want some recognition to be free to associate, but it's still bad.
 bashko6911/03/2019 19:27:50 GMT
It's all setup. People are setting it up and making it look real. I done believe it one bit
 dule-vu11/03/2019 21:42:23 GMT
another news from bitstarz casino about big win on their site!we all know that we have at least one of this kind of news from this site on BRM forum and that they payed some big winnings!its always some word from srdjan kapor and that he cant believe!dont say that every news is fake,but there are to many of them!
 doubletop77712/03/2019 08:37:51 GMT
I can only dream about winning this amount but i will keep on trying until i do!! It must be a tremendous feeling when you realise the sheer magnitude of what you have won and we all live in hope that one day it will be our turn
 CALICUL12/03/2019 10:51:47 GMT
It is unbelievable what prizes are won at this casino BitStarz. In the last year there have been many big gains but in other casinos you do not hear that too often. Probably BitStarz is the most generous casino and surely they have attracted many gamblers. Success comes faster when you offer more money for customers. Smile
 pajalnick12/03/2019 12:25:20 GMT
Of course, casinos need huge winnings to attract customers for the game .... and of course these winners are reported in all the news so that people think that this is really realistic ..... to win about one and a half million dollars .... of course this is possible in theory
 Nightkid12/03/2019 20:45:10 GMT
And the truth is that if they do not attract people, it all melts hahaha but good to see how much they also spend because it only shows the winners but not the players who go to play and lose badly as you saw many times until they kick the machines or more hahahaha Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
 bowie198412/03/2019 23:28:09 GMT
Posted by bashko69:
It's all setup. People are setting it up and making it look real. I done believe it one bit

It's a marketing device for sure, but as far as I am concerned if some places keep 'scamming' their way through their own promotions they won't last long on the market.
 dule-vu14/03/2019 09:07:21 GMT
its hard to find out is this false information or not and is this only for promotion things!they cant write name of some person or nickname which that person use on site,but we cant know did anybody win this big amount for real or not!but too many big jackpots are given on this site and that is strange for me!

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