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Im just curious about those package tournaments that if you win u get like a 10,000 package to join APT macau or something. How does it works ? i mean after u win it how are they going to give you the goods ? like the ticket the allowance and stuff ?

no first they contact u directly get u'r number and address then they send a recruit who escorts u to the live event and volia u'r there (why mate won a seat in the WSOP of pokerstars Smile

I just came fourth in a 2$ buy in qualifier for a "$100K bounty" on bwin poker. I don't usually enter qualifiers but because this paid the top five with a guaranteed prize pool worth $500 and only 60 ppl entered I decided it was worth it. But I figured the 100K bounty would pay out cash prizes.

All i can find though is $100K Estoril and Riga Bounty final which pays out two packages. One for 2500 (rigged in riga) and one for 3600 (Estoril live) . But I don't think I'll be able to make it if i win a place cos I have uni commitments. Plus I don't have much money and I what if I use all the spending money. I know it's premature and perhaps over-confident to be thinking about if I win but the tourney is tomorrow. I have a $100 ticket and I don't want to waste it if there is a better tourney to spend it on. It says to look on the bwin website for a full list of bounties and information but I can't find anything. Does anyone know about these?

So no one can help me out? Do people not know or is just no one reading this thread?
Maybe it's my fault for hijacking someone else's thread to ask my own question. I just thought they were similar topics and maybe someone can answer both out questions.

To clarify my previous post:

I was wondering if you have a ticket for a $100K bounty on Bwin poker, which expires 31st october, can you use it any tourney other than the Estoril and Riga bounty final, preferably one that doesn't offer a package prize.

I also noticed that since only top five are paid, the value of the tourney isn't actually 100K so do you think there's money prizes as well? Or do you think I should just go for the package prizes? The ticket is worth $100, more than my entire bankroll at Bwin so advice would be appreciated.

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