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easy fold?  0   
Seat 1: DIANNE19 (22,350)
Seat 2: Catfang (25,501)
Seat 3: vkmike (9,667)
Seat 4: Puertorico13 (42,570)
Seat 5: hero (16,981)
Seat 7: onetheim (26,479)
Seat 8: str8fake (36,888)
Seat 9: AceEvasive (10,805)
DIANNE19 antes 75
Catfang antes 75
vkmike antes 75
Puertorico13 antes 75
hero antes 75
onetheim antes 75
str8fake antes 75
AceEvasive antes 75
hero posts the small blind of 300
onetheim posts the big blind of 600
The button is in seat #4
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to hero [Jh Th]
str8fake folds
AceEvasive folds
DIANNE19 calls 600
Catfang folds
vkmike folds
Puertorico13 folds
hero calls 300
onetheim raises to 1,200
DIANNE19 calls 600
hero calls 600
*** FLOP *** [2h Jd 9h]
hero bets 4,200
onetheim raises to 8,400
DIANNE19 calls 8,400

its already in the money on a low stakes. about 30 people left with 45 paid. i figured even if im not behind or i hit since your in the money on a low stakes game most people pretty much give up and push too much making it easier to get higher in the game. but then again maybe its worth a risk to double up and make it to the final table

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Are u crazy Big Smile ??

I think is an easy push. You got TP + FD and have invested about 40% of your stack already.
I wouldn't have folded there althuogh it seems pretty obviuos that onetheim has an over pair.

Let's put him on AA or KK. You still had 9 FD outs + 3 T for doble pair + 2 J for trips and maybe you will get more outs on the river for a OESD or gut shot. That give you around 55% of winning, and against 2 players if for sure a EV+ move.

So I'd say easy push.

How did the hand end?

Easy shove in my opinion. You have so many outs against any hands. Having already invested a lot of your chips in, you should push.

Folding here would just cripple you and you're already in the money, but you'd be so short stacked that having a shot to win the whole thing will be unlikely. Aim to win after bubble is over Big Smile

I usually play tight in the beginning and when blinds increase and in later stages of tourney, dont be afraid to start shoving etc. Waiting for premium hands will just make you lose your blinds to any blind steals

If you want to fold for a simple minraise, why did you donk the flop?

TP + flushdraw + backdoor straightdraw. I can't find a fold here.

Its def. an easy push! I would never fold that! Maybe at the bubble...but just maybe. You are in the money, got toppair plus flushdraw. So: PUSH! Blink

I agree with everyone else since both the other players have more chips than you. If you folded you wouldn't be crippled as someone said but you'd have lost more than a third of your stack. You can't call because the turn could be a horrible card for you and you're already committed. If you raise all in and get called you don't have to worry about being short stack at the end of the hand like they do. If you win you've just made a killing.

There really was no better flop you could wish for with 10 J suited. easy push.

i don't find a fold there with top pair and flush draw, if you were so careful about reaching higher by folding there why bet on flop? you have to makeup your mind whether u want to be passive or be aggressive and try to win the tournament

i folded. leaving myself about 19 big blinds, still around the average tourney level.

BB made a set of 9s
and other guy had AJ

a heart came on the turn but the river paired the board giving him a full house.

incidently i figured at least one of them has either a set or a high flush draw, drastically lowering my outs and knowing that im behind if they both call.

in the end i came 10th losing jj vs aa

Ok Seriously, calling of 2/5 of your stack with JTh PF is a serious leak. Open Raise/fold are your only options imo.

Let's go over this:

SB with JTh, you complete, good. You can raise here, but that won't accomplish much. BB min raises? wtg is that? ohh pp9! Not sure what that accomplishes either, but, ok?? You gotta call. 1 or 2 come along, this is good.

Flop: [2h Jd 9h]

Who's your dealer? That just about creams you, kinda sorta.... Why bet here? Yet you bet fold, which is a little weird? Why bet here? Never bet this spot, iffin you can't call the reraise, period.

Bad bet, even worse, bet fold, check call....

Nevermind. Bad flop bet with a real trappy hand. You out of position, with a cracker, and you throw it away. guess that's poker.

I can't understand folding there...
Unless you were betting to steal the pot with top pair and flush draw Confused

You don't need to push or anything.. you could be beat at that point, but IMOl with those pot odds + implied odds its a calling spot.. although i guess you are pretty much committing yourself to the hand with a call..
I think that this is a nitty fold that i wouldn't make.. TBH i would probably push here depending on my mood. Nevertheless i think committing to that pot isn't the easiest decision in the world, and given that you thought you could finish higher by simply waiting, its a reasonable fold.

I do think you bet too much though. especially if you were going to fold to a min raise... if your going to feeler bet, I wouldn't recommend raising close the whole pot lol. Closer to half (personally i would have bet 1/3 pot or - maybe just pushed if i felt i was beat - but that's probably just me Tongue)

EDIT: wowww huge bump.. man i should really look at the time of last post with these threads Tongue

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