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I know this will sounds crazy, but I think pokersites should really cut back on their no deposit bonus offers. For about 3 months now I've been running bad and was forced to go down in limits. But when I wanted to play some 10NL full ring or even 6max the tables were filled with short stacks.

They allmost all recieved a no deposit bonus (just asked in the chat on a few tables) and they all red some articles about SSS. This makes it impossible for the other players to get any value out of a hand. So from the maybe 35 tables that were offered, only 5 had like a descent amount of cash on it to play profitable.

I talked to some friends of mine who take poker much more seriously as I do, and they all agreed. It's just sick how long you have to search for a descent table with enough value on it.

Why do sites give like 10$ to a player, they know he's either gonna bust it on 10NL in 15 minutes or he will be playing sss on 10NL FL tables. On 20 and 50 NL it's an even worse scenario. there only 2 No DP tables were offred, resulting in 25 players on waiting list, and all the other tables had like 1 full stack and 5 short stacks (no more then 40bb's). I'm playing on Ipoker at the moment, so it's not like it's a small pokersite with no traffic.

What do you think about the "invasion" of SSS and how do you play against these push or fold players.

(btw I builded my bankroll with a no deposit to, but I started at 2NL and worked my way up, no all or nothing for me).

i love em ! on pokerstars anyways...already wrote a thread about it once.
ok you cant win much from them, but easy to play imo. i just avoid the tables with 2-3 or more shortstakes (you wont believe it but ive seen 9 man tables all with SSS Shock Big Smile...dummys)
but god thanks PS has also some "only bigstack" does ipoker if i remember!?
alot of them do not even push or fold some do raise 4BB, and if thats the case and u got a good hand then i just check on flop (he will fold if u show strenght and raise) because i know he thinks i got nothing and move all-in....99% of the time he will !
else...i just fold if i dont have a premium starthand. JJ-AA and AK no AQ. but it also depends on the sss player, some go all-in with Ax.

edit: at least on the lower limits (NL25 and up) they start raising 4BB because everyone folds to their all-ins.

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Personally i love the shortstacks you have an instant advantage if you can be patient you will see how they play their stack, i notice most when sitting down will get all thier chips in within 5 hands yup they may have a hand or get lucky but come on thats poker!

i think by just observing u will be able to find flaws in thier short stack strategy, i often watch a table for a few hands before i sit so i have a idea on how they play.

i dont think its an invasion as such the recent credit crunch has forced players to act diffrent,

i think you just have to be patient pick your spots and go from there, i have seen a guy take out 10 short stacks with one full buy in why? because he watched and waited and then bullied them left right and centre inducing bluffs when he had the nuts ect ect.

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