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Ziigmund: gus
Gus Hansen: yes
Ziigmund: just say for me u cant be always lucky
thebrowny5 (Observer): gus is a champ
Ziigmund: thats your opinion f retrad
Ziigmund: never seen as bad as u
Gus Hansen: I thought you played OK Ziggy but you also got
very lucky
Ziigmund: ty f retard
Gus Hansen: Smile
Ziigmund: dont know anything
Ziigmund: hey gus
Ziigmund: hey mr retard
Ziigmund: im back in 6min ok?
Ziigmund: ok?
Ziigmund: answer retard
Ziigmund: no hit run
Gus Hansen: lol
Ziigmund: just say r u here in 6min
Gus Hansen: ???
Ziigmund: brb 6min
Ziigmund: r u it so difficult monkey?
Gus Hansen: what do you mean am I here
Ziigmund: ok
Gus Hansen: im sitting right in front of you
Ziigmund: brb 6min

Ziigmund: why did u play then3 hand
Ziigmund: f monkey
RENZEE (Observer): i hope u die gus
Ziigmund: he is just f piece of sh it so np
Ziigmund: gl moron
Ziigmund: muppet
Ziigmund: lol
Ziigmund: here u play
Ziigmund: whatta muppet
Ziigmund: gl
Gus Hansen: it is you you are the best I'm only second best

Ziigmund: wp f idiot
trex313: shut up crybaby
Ziigmund: fu
trex313: go rebuy
trex313: before i spank you gus style
Ziigmund: i will
Ziigmund: u r f retard
Ziigmund: 99qq
Ziigmund: f retard
trex313: hey zig
trex313: i'll play you HU
Ziigmund: it was funny to look when trex thought 45 sec and decided to move in with his hand
Ziigmund: f moron
trex313: HU anytime
Ziigmund: ok im waiting
Ziigmund: im waiting f retard
trex313: 1NL 1PLO
Ziigmund: muppet
Ziigmund: f u
Ziigmund: just well played
Ziigmund: i cant eat kebab anymore
Ziigmund: u f muppet
Ziigmund: trex
Ziigmund: by the way
Ziigmund: nh trex
Ziigmund: f muppet
Ziigmund: lets play 300 600
Ziigmund: HA trex
trex313: PLO is for &%&$&es
trex313: bit.ches
trex313: let's play NL
Ziigmund: HA 300 600 yes or no ,smurf?
Ziigmund: lol
Ziigmund: kill yourself f retard american
trex313: i'll play you 1 3/6NL and 1 2/4 PLO
Ziigmund: ¨lets just play 3 6 HA?
Ziigmund: whats your problem ah?
trex313: i don't even play this game
trex313: you muppet
trex313: thank you rail
trex313: tell this clown to go home
Ziigmund: u should be your countrys president....same skills same intelligence
Ziigmund: trex?
Ziigmund: so u ask lets play hu and only game what u play is no limit,right f
trex313: i already told your muppet @[email protected]
trex313: 1 2/4 PLO and 1 3/6 NL
trex313: i don't even play PLO
Ziigmund: R u typical american.....fat ,lazy and totally idiot?
durrrr: ziig jus fyi
durrrr: those insults dont really bother any competent person
durrrr: =)
trex313: i'm playing you cuz you're just that bad
durrrr: the american ones i mean
Ziigmund: durrrr
Ziigmund: u r nice i like u
durrrr: hahaha i had to
Ziigmund: but that f moron trex is totally tiltretard
trex313: c'mon zig, let's play HA then
trex313: You're a stupid fish
trex313: the one hand you win you outdraw me
trex313: go sit, 3/6 HA
Ziigmund: heh
Ziigmund: everybody
Ziigmund: come to look when stupid lazy american lose his money in mixed game 300 600
Ziigmund: everybody come to look

Ziigmund: trailpark trash
Ziigmund: call to dr phil f moron
trex313: where do you get your insults
trex313: they're kinda bad
trex313: and not funny
Ziigmund: in my mind
Ziigmund: could i ask 1 question trex?
trex313: no
Ziigmund: just 1?
trex313: save it for your mom
Ziigmund: r u f totally retard american?

Ziigmund: as gay as u look
Cole South: lol
Ziigmund: lucky ***
Cole South:
Ziigmund: come to 200 400
Ziigmund: i was favourite
Cole South: looks like uve been havin a good month
Cole South: hows it goin
Ziigmund: im losing like 800k
Cole South: good to hear
Ziigmund: coem to 200 400
Cole South: maybe learn some manners
Cole South: and karma wouldnt bone ur &%#
Ziigmund: gay boi

ICallSoWhat: sick
Ziigmund: ehh
Ziigmund: im so f done
Ziigmund: do u remember i have won 1 pot like that?
ICallSoWhat: have that feeling too when i play durrrr
Ziigmund: when we move all in
Ziigmund: this is f horriböle
Ziigmund: and u r always behind
Ziigmund: fcuk i hate u
Ziigmund: wait few min
ICallSoWhat: ok ok
Ziigmund: fcuking 40 pot
Ziigmund: and i have won 1
Ziigmund: tell me 1 pot like that
Ziigmund: and im always leader
ICallSoWhat: i run good vs u ziigi
Ziigmund: i have won like 1/40
Ziigmund: and have been favourite like 75pros
Ziigmund: he is hacker

You forgot the classic

Luck123: Hi everyone Smile
Ziigmund: f u luck

LOL Cool Big Smile

Hmmm I remember the news topic "Ziigmund is in a very bad mood..." and now this thread is just the proof... wow Thumbs Up thanks for sharing lol

very instructive talking from pro's
now we know how to insult each other Smile

fu Big Smile

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