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I think that most new online players just lack of patience and knowledge about the game... anyone withouth HM or PT3 is just no competition to those that use it and go through their own hands from time to time.

Posted by Administrator:
The topic for this Poker School & Strategy thread is:

Poker Beginners' Mistakes

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Poker Beginner's Mistakes

Playing the wrong starting hands: This is the most common mistake for beginners - they play poker without knowing the starting hands, and very often this will result in them playing too many hands, and from the wrong positions. If players take a little time to study this, they will have a much better chance of winning.

Playing at the wrong limits: Most beginners play way too high compared to their skills. This means they won't win often enough to learn the game.

Not knowing the pot odds: When players have to decide to call a bet, or fold, it�s very important that they know the pot odds. Most new players don�t pay attention to this.

Running out of patience: Most beginners don�t have enough patience, and will play hands in wrong situations. They will very often play too many hands when they have lost some money.

Playing out of position: If players don�t know the importance of position play, they will make very many expensive mistakes. Positions are everything in poker, and most beginners undervalue this.

Playing on tilt: Many new players play when they are on tilt, and don't play very well. This can often happen if players have lost games, are tired, lose their rhythm or have bad cards. This is very important to avoid � shut down and go for a walk, or go to bed 

Having too much ego when you win: Some new players are very lucky when they start, and they think they are born poker superstars. Their ego will never allow them to cool down and focus on the essentials of being a good poker player, like learning math, discipline, study and 100 other things.

Not quitting when you lose: A lot of players will play on and lose their entire bankroll when they have a bad session with many unlucky losses. It�s very important to take a break, and avoid losing too much of your bankroll.

Playing too many tables: Novice players very often want to play many tables. This will affect their results, because they will make too many automatic decisions. It�s much better to play 1 or 2 tables, and have everything clear in your mind so that you can maximize profit and minimize loss.

Playing when drinking alcohol: Alcohol has a very bad impact on your poker game. Your decisions will be bad, your playing style will be inconsistent, and in the long run you will lose if you mix alcohol and poker.

Playing too much: When beginners learn to play poker, they often play too many hours, and will lose their concentration without realizing. Take a break, sleep an hour, or walk around for a few minutes.

Playing predictably: If you play the same way every time, your opponents will very quickly read your style, adjust their play accordingly, and you will lose money. When you have good cards, they will fold, and when you have bad cards, they will jam you. So try to think about varying your game, so the other players don�t know what kind of hand you have.

Ask the better player for help: It�s very hard to play perfect poker without getting help from others. Try to find a winning player who can spare a little time to discuss the game and teach you some tricks. If you can get him to look at your hand history, or you can sit behind him when he plays, you will learn a lot. BUT please remember he's helping you, so don�t disturb his play or try to be clever, because then he will NOT invite you again.

Bluffing too much: The bluffing aspect is a little overvalued in the poker world. Most new players think it�s all about bluff. IT IS NOT. New players will often put their money in the pot on a bluff that the better players will see right through.

Superstition: Very many players believe in this, and think they can change their luck factor. This is impossible; you can only take good decisions and hope this is enough. If you believe in luck, and that leads you to take a seat on the left side of a player, even though his playing style says you should prefer the right side; you will make a costly mistake in the long run. TOP PLAYERS DON�T BELIEVE IN LUCK, THEY BELIVE IN SKILL.

Bluffing a weak player: DON�T try to bluff a weak player, he will never fold.

Emotional feelings: If you have some problems in your life away from poker, be very careful not to let this affect your poker as well. It can be very hard to give the game full attention when other things are preying on your mind.

Playing with much stronger players: If you play offline poker, be aware there are some very good players out there, some of whom are playing for a living and will keep raising the stakes. It can be very difficult to quit when other players are okay with a higher limit, and suddenly you're playing twice as high as you can afford.

Don�t go after one player because he has upset you: This can just cost you more money. If you don�t like a player, just keep your cool - don�t go after him. Instead you should focus your energies against the weakest player by the table.

Suited Hands: Don�t put too much value in suited hands. Very many new players want to play mostly suited hands, and this will be costly. If you play the suited marginal hands, you should do so from the late positions.

Blinds: Don�t try to protect your blinds with marginal and bad hands. You are in a very bad position, and in the long run this will cost you money. When a player has raised in early position, he probably has a very good hand, and a second pair can be very expensive here. Take care.

Continuing in a good starting hand: Even if you had a very good starting hand, if the flop does not fit your hand and the action is getting heavy, fold your hand, otherwise you will pay too much in pots where your chances of winning are very small.

Now it's your turn - please share your information, knowledge, theories - anything you might know about this thread's topic!

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is a good mail, unfortunelly for me is too late, i lost all my money(which i had on poker) and now im trying to understand why and whow, and try to learn something about poker and some lessons.Thank u for this message

Two more tips:

1) Don't play scared poker
2) Do not be obvious when bluffing

- Especially in the later stages of a tournament, don't get in the situation where your stack is run down, by people stealing the blinds. Pay attention to your opponent's playing styles, and don't be scared to play back, or bluff sometimes, when a certain player is stealing too much.

- When bluffing, know what hand you are trying to represent, and be consistent. If all your bluffs are different from your continuation bets, it becomes very predictable. A lot of people bluff too small, afraid of losing too much when someone calls; this is obvious, and relatively cheap to call, so you will lose (either fold, of bluff without giving off a tell). Bluffing too big is also obvious, but is less likely to be called, but when they do, you loose a lot.

i suggest you guys should start playing rebuy tournaments.. satelittes... 0.33 to 2$

they are also easier to win,, and if ur not good heads-up.. its also very ok,, because you get
1rst place reward with other players..and dont have to wipe out the whole field.

in these tournaments you can learn al lot about what hands win and what lose..this is very helpfull when u are shortstacked..the position you dont want to be in and get out asap,, if the cards let you ..once you have a stable stack,,, adjust and play ur A-game..

before you do this i suggest you read all written over here in this thread,,,lol

Posted by mishu2009:
is a good mail, unfortunelly for me is too late, i lost all my money

same hear . good post i know i make the same mistakes i not that good a player not played that long. I know i have to change my play stile or lose a lot. i love the game Smile

Posted by BarcaOleOle:
I think that most new online players just lack of patience and knowledge about the game... anyone withouth HM or PT3 is just no competition to those that use it and go through their own hands from time to time.

sorry for been so dumb but what is HM or pt3. please don't take the piss cos i dont know that's why i am hear to learn. there are a few more terms i keep hearing but don't know them ether.

Edited by jomull57 (13 May 2012 @ 14:02 GMT)

woah! thats a long list. i wasn't surprised that I do commit most of these mistakes and it usually costs me my tourney or cash buy in LOL gotta bookmark this post

thnks for the advices.. Blink i supposed to read this posts early.. Big Smile
i wish not to waste my small stack any more ... Aww crap!
thnx and GL for newbie ..

Really usefull posts. My problem is being pacient. If i learn to be pacient my game will improve a lot. Maybe when i lose my pacients i most stop playing poker for that day.

very good thread
Thumbs Up

PAtience for me is the loser..... well not the only loser, but perhaps the one I need to overcome most. Its not just poker either...LOL

new a few of your pointers, but as a relatively new player myself will definitely take on board your tips and suggestions. what would be your advice on low pocket pairs, personally i hate them but when would you fold?

Poker Beginner's Mistake(s): Start playing poker and hoping to win every day/win (almost) every tournaments and thinking that...that wil be so easy Big Smile Big Smile

Muy bueno consejo hay que tener mucha paciencia en el poker sino no sirve de nada Cool

Playing too much is really my problem hahaha.i paly to much poker all the time....

if I play only premium hands often (especially in pokerstars) lose hope with hands like AA or KK or AKs. A2O because any gain or 910s with either straight or flush, so that that you play too many hands hasa degree this is true. if you only play premium hands or just have the most to lose. I do not understand that room. sucks.

when possible make notes about other players style ...if he is a caller..if he is tight..if he play a lot of hands but raises a lot only with a good flop..or if he raises alot anyway...
this usually helps..

this way you can avoid those situations when you raise with a not that strong hand like A10s at dealer after every body fold ..and one of the blinds call with a 72os and flop A72...while against good players you would probrably fear only a 77 ,a 22 and sometimes a AK .. callers could call with a A7 or A2...
the most part of players i find are like these :
call every hand specially if there is a Ace or a K..and are likely to go allwin with a top pair..

and sometimes you can avoid lose to those who never raise even with AA..

playing too many week gands early is the problem but in fact i think the site is run by bots most admittedly is stars . they cheat you over and over good luch yall have fun at the table.

For new Players I suggest: at first, read at least 1 book about Poker, begin to play with play money and after, when you know combinations, smth. about outs, then you can start play on real money.
But remmeber participate in tournaments with entry fee, which you can afford to lose, in any case, do not play their entire bankroll Blink Smile

And more, if you dont have account on P*********** then do it now, click here http://www.p*********** sign up! And start learning poker rulles and other things about poker. Smile This site is really good, because they give for players a lot of nice bonuses, and cash too! Dollar

Edited by Kavaleits (26 December 2012 @ 01:03 GMT)

Posted by mishu2009:
i i lost all my money(which i had on poker) and now im trying to understand why and whow, and try to learn something about poker and some lessons.

Well you got your lesson learned in the hard way
First learn the theory,than practice for a while on virtual money and than sit with the men at the real money tables.
This will not guarantee success instantly but you make less mistakes and maybe win some bucks
Good luck

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