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My progress at Bigbetpoker!  0   
Hi everybody. Im one of us all that has taken part of Bigbetpokers No depositbonus together with Bankrollmob.

I want to have a thread about my progress and it can hopefully motivate some of you guys.

IVe been playin there for some time and I really liek the software and the extremly fast help from Bigbetpokers support, thumbs up! The players is in my oppinion extremly fishers. Thats REALLY GOOD in the long terms of playin.

I play mostly 8 tables @ 25 NL

IM at level 7 right now ( trying to realease the 100 Dollar bonus ).

Atm my bankroll is 1109.64 Dollars

My points is 5545.34

I hope everybody take the offer that Bankrollmob and Bigbetpoker is offering us here. Its a GREAT bonus!

I will update my progress here on daily basis and hopefully I will be able to realease the complete bonus FIRST OF ALL PLAYERS here at BRM. Thats my goal and also reach atleast 1500 USD.

Also Im going to ask john about the Bigbetpoker record about playin the most hands in a 24hour period, I really want to beat it!! Smile

Good luck everybody! IF you want to talk with me, you can always find me at the 25NL tables at Bigbetpoker Big Smile

May the pokergods be at youre side!!!!


Smile Smile Cool Cool

Congrats man, althoug I had congratulated you already on another thread I do it again.
Always good to hear that someone like us could make a great profit from the inicial $10 dollars.

Keep us updated and I hope to follow your steps Big Smile

good roll Smile on 10$

really awesome

wow wtg dude wat games did u start of playing ? Smile

wow very nice job!!! That's really impressive to start with 10$ and turn it into 1000$! Congratulations once again and hope now u ll turn that 1k into 1M Big Smile

You`ve made 1000$ + from 10$ ? How come ? How much time did it took ?

hopefully with the freeroll October 31 may win a few dollars and start over in bigbet. I was fine with the free money first: (.
but I see you been very good to you. then congratulations Smile

BBP is gorgeous. full of fishy players Worship

i turned 10$ into 75$ in 3 days Big Smile
(im still level 2 Tongue)

Congrats on the big bankroll boost.
but wow, alot more positive comments about BBP.
Defintley think im signing up to BBP in that case.
Btw jw, how is there fairness/variance? Ive noticed on FTP and Pokerstars & to some extent Ipoker networks, that it can be pretty brutal sometimes, how does BBP compare?

HI guys! Done for today. I actully started out on 25 NL directly, gamled Tongue it worked of. And Im still only playing 25 NL but 8 tables total on 2 screens. It went pretty good today.

Wallet: 1188.30 USD

Points: 5798.95

Gl guys!

congrats very nice work.

Awsome sucess, you guys from scandinavia got some skills in poker Big Smile
And dude use your points to buy in to most off scheduled tournaments and bountys or dont Big Smile cause you made some serious cash good work

HI guys! Ive been playin 2 sessions today. THe first went really well and I went upp to over 1250 USD. THe second session laster for around 1 hour and I had som beats. FOr example KK busted againt Aces. Flopped set with pocket 5, allin on flopp, he gets runnerunnerflush. I had AA cruched by pocket 8, allin preflopp he hitted flush. ANd the most horrible beat was my AA against AK. Allin preflopp 85 dollars, flopp 10Q4 turn 5 river J lol Tongue NOthing to do.

Wallet: 1189.11
Points: 6026.21

After todays short session due other activities my numbers are:

Wallet: 1221.73 USD
Points: 6150.56

GL at the tables guys!

so how much can you withdraw right now ?

how many hand did you play until now ????? Big Smile Big Smile Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

wow, $10 to $1.2k? great job, it really takes alot of money management and good plays to maintain the rolls, well done nastyfrog..
mind if you share some tips or guides? hehe

Very nice work NastyFrog!!

Glad you're doing well out of this promo.

# of hands per day record I'm looking into so you have something to aim at Smile

Best of luck and I want to see the $1200 bankroll turned into a $12,000 bankroll! Smile


Hehe thanks John,!!!! I really love this site. Very good Smile I want to give it a try!!! 12.000 USD might be to hard Big Smile Cool

See you guys on the tables!!

HI guys, IM havign a complete nightmare at the tables. HOrrible beats after eachother.

Pocket jacks, hits my set, we go allin, he calls with 89 ( I reraised pre ), flopp J69. TUrn 7 river 5 Sad

I then had KK, 3 way allin. One have AK the chipleader called with Q2 ( 25 dollar allin from both me and the guy with KK) THe chipleader manga to hit a damn flush with Q2, truly amazing..

WEll guys, feels like im stuck, doin my best, almost favorite at all allins but manage to loose them with unluck. I will try later today. GL GUYS

Wallet: 1205.93
Points: 6300.19

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