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WOW, just hold tight dude & you'll come out of the downswing! Btw, as a positve , even tho u aint cracked the $1800,,, u also havent dropped below $1700, obviusly managng the bankroll well! Worship
Btw how long u been on this challenge? considering startin my own challenge too at Big bet!

HI MAsterkrush Big Smile I played a session now. 4 HU tables @ 25 NL against same guy on all tables. Went REALLY Good ! Made it over 1.8 K Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

YEa Bankroll management is SOOOO IMPORTAT! IF you start there, you need to have that in considuration.

AFter the HUmatches:

Wallet: 1803.01 US Dollars

Poins left on last lvl : 4262
GL Man! Big Smile I hope to see you one day at my tables Big Smile Cool

Nice grinding. Plan to play in any tournaments with the VIP points you've saved up? BBP shop uses reward points not vip points though unless BBP changes that somehow. You've surpassed my bankroll long time ago. I guess its time for me to play a lot more so i can catch up

Very nice result. Smile Congrats on the growing bankroll! Smile

Yeah, bankroll management is sth basic, I know it from my painful experience. Sad

Anyway, good luck! Dollar Dollar Dollar


So nice !

Your story is so exciting to follow Smile !

Everyday, I come here to check your thread Blink .

Really good things in Dollar .

Have a nice day nastyfrog Cool .

PS : I wonder how had you start with your $10 as a nice BRM indicate to have 20 buy-in (20x [100x0,25] equal to 500).

Some explanations would be so useful to me (I'll have my first $10 in few days I think).

Thanks very much.

Kinda great success. Smile

Happy for your performance.

Posted by nastyfrog:
Hehe thanks John,!!!! I really love this site. Very good Smile I want to give it a try!!! 12.000 USD might be to hard Big Smile Cool

See you guys on the tables!!

HI guys, IM havign a complete nightmare at the tables. HOrrible beats after eachother.

Pocket jacks, hits my set, we go allin, he calls with 89 ( I reraised pre ), flopp J69. TUrn 7 river 5 Sad

I then had KK, 3 way allin. One have AK the chipleader called with Q2 ( 25 dollar allin from both me and the guy with KK) THe chipleader manga to hit a damn flush with Q2, truly amazing..

WEll guys, feels like im stuck, doin my best, almost favorite at all allins but manage to loose them with unluck. I will try later today. GL GUYS

Wallet: 1205.93
Points: 6300.19

I wait

Bonjour Nothem Big Smile I actlyy gambled in the beginning ( took my 10 USD on 25 NL table, lucky to win and there I just kept on playin.) Havnt had time to play last days, but played a sessiona few hours ago

To nadetoo: You playing 25 NL? Smile Would be fun to play against you Smile Whats youre nick ingame? My is the same here as there.

Session went pretty well.

Wallet: 1825.44

Points left to complete no deposit bonus: 3997 Points

Hi guys! Im sorry that I havnt updated my progress at all for a long time. I just wanted to tell everyone that Im done with the promotion sucessfully.

Ive spend really many hours in total on 25 NL and Ive managed to get a really nice bankroll.

Bankroll: 2702.00 USD ( From that bankroll I cashed out 2000 USD, and BBP Was REALLY fast and did a great job, cause I got the money on moneybookers the SAME DAY like 2 hours later! Great!! )

I really like the site, And I will definetly stay there and play. The software is amazing and the players the opposite ( not all of them ). I really like to see that the merge network is growin, its been easyer for me to join many tables and that they gets filled up quickly.

So now I have alittle more than 700 USD left after cashing out, and I will move up to 50 NL cause I think I can handle it.

I wish you all best of luck att the tables!

nice bankroll all from $10 Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship
are you making aliving from poker?

it's a really nice performance you did last months and iwisg you keep going that way this year and keep us informed of your progresses. good luck Blink

Thanks guys! Im 19 years old, and I havnt found a job yet, so yea I make a living from it but im living at home, so I dont have so much to pay for each month Smile

Hehe man i like to see you grinding this bankroll ^^ im 19 year old too, and this just give me motivation to grind my bankroll too Blink
im actually at 255, ill try to reach 1000 before june.

GG mate and good luck (next target : as jonh say some time ago : 12K $ !!!)

good deal keep it up Big Smile

nice Big Smile keep it up!

congratulations nastyfrog, keep it up. Keep us informed when you hit the magical 5K or even the 10K mark. You could receive a medal for this achievement. Worship

Cool ... maybe would be a good chance to increase my bankroll Blink

Just think about all that lovely rakeback you could be getting if you hadnt take the no deposit bonus.

More to the point, think of hte money you could have earned BRM...

The no deposit bonuses are nice, but if you are seriously going ot play at high stakes like 50NL then you need to get on a rakeback deal or at least a forum that will give you a % of what you rake back into your account..

It just so happens i run such schemes, and if you want to ever talk about it, then just let me know

Big Smile Big Smile

( I know its naughty, but a businessman has got to make a living )

HI there fcumred. I have a nice rakeback on bigbetpoker. SO I wont quit there Smile I know that the rakeback is important Smile BUt anyway, thanks for the advice Smile

Congrats! Nicely done!

Posted by nastyfrog:
I actlyy gambled in the beginning ( took my 10 USD on 25 NL table, lucky to win and there I just kept on playin.)

Has anyone achieved this kind of growth without gambling it up at the beginning? I know I did not gamble, but I had 50$ to begin with, not 10...

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